Afrikan 365 1797: Olaudah Equiano Remembrance Day; dies at age 52 in York, PA 1901: George "Mule" Suttles is born

in Blockton Junc, Bibbs County, AL (Negro Leagues; 2006 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee) 1915: Felix Delgado is born in Caomo City, Puerto Rico (Negro Leagues) 1929: Melvin Duncan is born in Ann Arbor, MI (Negro Leagues) 1951: Phil Cockrell Remembrance Day; dies in Philadelphia, PA (Negro Leagues) 1979: Tony Yayo is born in South Jamaica, Queens, NY 1980: Jesse Owens Remebrance Day; dies at age 66 of lung cancer (uncle of Chris Owens) 2006: Jackie McLean Remembrance Day; dies at age 74 in Hartford, CT 2010: Eugene Allen Remembrance Day; dies at age 90 in Takoma Park, MD

March 31

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