Transition words for essays

ADDITION Moreover, furthermore, in addition, by the way, in the first place, in the second place, lastly, finally CONTRAST In contrast, on the other hand, on the contrary, nevertheless, in spite of this CAUSE, RESULT, PURPOSE Therefore, consequently, after all, with this in mind, by this I mean, in this way CONCLUSION Therefore, hence, in final analysis, in final consideration, indeed, As a result TIME Meanwhile, in the meantime, at the same time, today, nowadays, to begin with, finally, initially REASON The first/second/third reason, the first/second/third effect, one cause/another cause, one reason, one effect, another reason, another effect, the main reason, the most important reason, the most important effect, the final/last reason, the final/last effect DEFINITION PARAGRAPH One meaning, for example, for instance, another example, another meaning, a final example COMPARING Both, also, too, have in common, share the same, another likeliness, another similarity CONTRASTING By contrast, on the other hand, unlike, instead of, but, another difference, the most important difference

• • • •

Rather than Nonetheless In addition to Also furthermore additionally and besides that in the same way following this further pursuing this further It is easy to see that obviously undoubtedly unquestionably generally speaking in general