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© 2007 During the past 30+ years that I have been writing for the various bodybuilding magazines I have received letters and e-mails from the readers requesting answers to their bodybuilding problems. Of all the letters & e-mails, at least 75% are from those who want to get "Huge & Freaky" and powerful as fast as possible. It then seems that gaining muscle weight is still the foremost concern of the average bodybuilder. A majority of you began training because you were below that certain muscular body weight that you personally considered ideal. From my 45 plus years of active involvement in the iron game both as a former bodybuilding and powerlifting competitor and as a contributing consultant to many of the bodybuilding magazines, my observations lead me to the conclusions that bodybuilders are perpetually on a ceaseless search for greater muscle size and want to "Huge & Freaky”, no matter what their body types dictates! Most bodybuilders also reach a point when they feel their power would go up in a big jump if they could just add a few pounds of muscle body weight. Gaining muscle body weight should be a relatively simple process, yet, it has always been given the status of a major problem! The down-to-earth concepts of gaining muscle body weight has suddenly been dignified with a lot of technical jargon. It has now become a deep science complicated with sophisticated advertisements and articles about metabolic programming. Frankly, I find it amazing! You, the average bodybuilder who is underweight or who simply want

more Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass, needn’t be frightened by these seeming difficulties. Like the vastly over-inflated "science of bodybuilding" itself, most of this concern is totally un-necessary. Except for the very few advanced bodybuilders who might lie awake at night worrying about a blurred "cut" in his left pectoral, gaining muscle weight can still be a simple, quick and sure process. What I propose to do is present to you a unique but basic 4 Phase Program, that will accelerate your muscle body weight gains and double your present power, but first let’s review a few crude, basic, unglamorous facts. A normal health body maintains its average body weight by consuming a certain number of calories per day. If you continue consuming that number of calories but reduce the amount of your daily physical activities, your body over a period of time will become heavier. By the same token when you increase your daily calorie consumption but maintain your daily physical activities you will also gain weight. It seems pretty simple when I explain it this way, doesn’t it? Why then, do some bodybuilders fail to gain Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass as readily as others? That’s not quite as simple but is still not a big mystery. Some bodybuilders have a faulty metabolism that prohibits the assimilation of use of food (nutrients) into a muscle weight gain. Others have peculiarities of body chemistry that causes shortages of iron, copper, B vitamins, enzymes or trace minerals that are vital to the gaining cycle. Other bodybuilders have such a faulty nutritional program that they do not consume the vitamins and natural elements they need; instead they are merely shoveling down "empty calories". Still others have digestive difficulties that allow the food they have consumed to be passed off as waste without being fully utilized. With rare exception, each of these conditions responds to regular exercise with heavy weights eating correct foods in sufficient amounts, and the use of natural supplements. Being a free-lance writer, in the fields of bodybuilding, powerlifting, anatomy and physiology, etc. I have had the unique opportunity to observe the techniques for gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass and power from many of the worlds elite bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongman. The champions that I have talked to about the subject of building Herculean muscle mass and power universally agree that its success is based on a 4 phase program which consists of the following: 1. Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Workout 2. Nutrition & Supplementation 3. Recovery & Sleep 4. Positive Mental Attitude In This Age Of Bodybuilding Sophistication, I Realize That This Proposed 4 Phase Program Will Seem Too Easy, But Be Assured That It Does Still Work.

The 1st Phase For Gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Is The…

Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Workout One
thing I have observed during my visits to various weighttraining facilities in the lower 48 is that all the super systems, the pumping approaches, the growth-forcing principles, the bombs and blitzes, are generally used by individuals who have never built a solid foundation for the later years of great muscle gains. Contrary to my way of thinking, most bodybuilders try to increase the muscle gain factor by adding more sets and reps to their present training routines and in some extreme cases, increase the frequency of their training. They do not change their basic concept or approach to training. Sometimes, they are fortunate enough to stumble on the upward path to great muscle gains. More often, they fail to solve the problem, try something else, finally panic, and take a layoff from training that may become permanent. Yet one of the simplest ways to jump start muscle gains is by returning to the “old fashion” basic programs of just a few exercises which work large groups of muscles rather than the detail ones which work smaller groups of muscles. Working out on a simplified training schedule two or three times a week, getting plenty of rest and recuperation and good solid nutrition and supplementation will often be all that is necessary to derail a sticking point. After six weeks of training on a basic program of a few exercises, the powerlifter or bodybuilder who has experienced a sticking point can usually resume their advanced training schedules with the assurance of continued progress for a long time to come. For the basic schedule of training, I would recommend the following proven exercises: Barbell Back Squat, Calf Raises, Barbell Bench Press, Conventional Barbell Deadlifts, Barbell Bent-Over Rowing, Barbell Shrugs Standing Barbell Press Over Head (no illustration shown), Standing Barbell Curls, and Crunches (no illustration shown). The exercises should be performed in the order listed above, and in this way they are worked in the order of their relative size from the largest muscle to the smallest. Naturally, leg training is important in one’s training due to its role in blood circulation through the body as


well as its dramatic indirect effect on other muscle groups, so it is included as the first exercise in this particular training schedule. It is an established fact that leg training can contribute to a one-inch increase in the upper arms in many cases. Now that’s what I call a classic example of dramatic indirect effect! The exercises suggested on the previous page are also sequenced so that the muscles which function as a synergist or stabilizer in one exercise is forced to function as a prime mover later on in the schedule. A couple of examples of this would be the spinae erectors of the lower back, which serve as a synergist muscle in the Barbell Back Squat but later these same spinae erectors are the prime mover muscles in the Conventional Deadlift. The triceps on the back of the upper arms serve as a synergist muscle and the lats as a stabilizer in the Supine Bench Press, but later on in the workout the triceps are the prime mover muscle in the Barbell Press Overhead, and the lats become the prime mover in the Barbell Bent-Over Rowing exercise. The exercise plan is "set-up" on a 45-day schedule by which you will work 7 muscle groups of the body (thighs, chest, back, deltoids, biceps, calves, and abdominals) on two non-consecutive days per week. These muscle groups are the important ones for gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass and power fast. The calves and abdominals are structured into the schedule more for the intended purpose of improving your muscular shape and bodily proportions which may have previously been unresponsive or neglected. Depending on your past training experiences and capacity for hard work you can either work all 7 muscle groups in a total body workout but if you don’t have the time necessary to give in a day to complete the entire training schedule you could go with a split training schedule where you utilize the popular PUSH/PULL system, where you train pushing and pulling muscles in the following manner. For example, during week one you might train thighs, calves, and abdominals, on Monday. Chest, and delts can be trained on Wednesday. Back and biceps are trained on Friday. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are total rest days. General & Specific Warm-Ups and Stretching: I strongly suggest a careful general warm-up for the body be taken before tackling this workout. Begin with 5-10 minutes of “high octane” aerobic work (to break a sweat), such as stationary cycling, Versaclimber, X-Country Skier (Nordic Track), stair stepper, or rope skipping (start with a slow cadence and work up to a relatively brisk pace the last minute or so); then do some PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching, hold each stretch for 6-8 seconds, for 3-4 reps.


I do not mean using cheating movements. and the Standing Barbell Curl. If you begin your exercise schedule as advised earlier. using the techniques of concentration (which I’ll discuss later on). cover every major (and some minor) muscle in the body and there is no need to add anything else to round it out. Barbell Bench Press.5-2 minutes between these sets. and add poundage as often as possible without sacrificing technique. You must plan your training in a positive way and this means doing the prescribed number of sets and reps. you will begin with the Barbell Back Squat for 6 sets of 6-8 reps (whenever I mention 6 sets or 3 sets. this workout is not intended to prepare you for a bodybuilding contest. 6-8 reps (except for the Calf Raise and Crunches. for a change. and constantly push for more. "STIMULATE not annihilate!" Work as heavily as possible! By that. Remember. One or two sets with 50-60% of your hard work set maximum will suffice. Barbell Shrugs. Barbell Bent-Over Rowing. resting 1. 6-8 reps for the Barbell Back Squats. but rather it is planned out to give you the solid and brutal man-building work the body may need. Moderate Rep. Heavy Poundage Principle: I am going to recommend that you do 6 sets of each exercise. without exaggeration.As well specific warm-ups are a necessary factor for each of the exercises in this workout schedule. for 6 sets of 6-8 reps in the Barbell Bench Press. 5 . Your two warm-up sets would be 150-180 lbs. for 6-8 reps. although brief. An example would be if you are doing 300 lbs. and 3 sets. just for the sake of handling the Huge poundages. Standing Barbell Press Overhead. Conventional Deadlifts. these constitute the “hard work” sets for a particular exercise and do not include the one or two specific warm-up sets). Low Set. The following progression formula will help you in this respect. former 8 time IFBB Mr. do 15-20 reps per set). pausing for a breath or two between each rep (Weider Rest/Pause principle). Olympia has said on many occasions. strongly. Use as much weight as you can while doing this. and you will continue to improve. The number of work sets may seem low but this is one of the best ways to avoid "Self Destruct Training. Perform each repetition completely. Work slowly." As Lee Haney. You’ll notice that the exercises in this basic non-glamorous training schedule.

YOU MUST CONTROL THE WEIGHT. but with perfect motion and precise form (never jerky).Rep Contraction Tempo: Generally. not with momentum. Positive (+) phase speed-reps should take approximately 2 seconds each or less to complete. However. then accelerated high-speed positive (+) phase reps is a good option. two times slower (called slow negatives) at around 6 seconds. As mentioned the negative (-) phase. DON’T LET IT CONTROL YOU! HUGE & FREAKY Exercise/Rep Factor Chart Muscle Group THIGHS CALVES CHEST LOWER BACK Exercise Selection Barbell Back Squats And/or Barbell Hack Squats One-Legged Heel Raises And/or Donkey Heel Raises Barbell Bench Press And/or Incline Barbell Press Conventional Barbell Deadlifts And/or Barbell Cleans Barbell bent-over rowing And/or Medium Palms Up-Grip Pullups Barbell Shrugs And/or Dumbbell Shrugs Barbell Press Overhead And/or Barbell Upright Rows Barbell Curls And/or Dumbbell Curls Quarter Ab Crunches And/or Leg Raises Rep Factor 5-25 15-40 5-12 6-15 LATS 6-15 TRAPS DELTOIDS BICEPS ABDOMINALS 6-15 5-12 5-12 15-40 6 . Each and every rep in the positive (+) phase should be completed as fast as possible. Here is how it works. should be at least two times slower at around 4 to 5 seconds. For many bodybuilders. if your desire is to build Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass coupled with equally huge reserves of power. the time allotted for an exercise set is the calculated number of seconds it takes to move the weight in the positive (+) and negative (-) phase of a full exercise range of motion repetition(s). the positive (+) phase of a rep will take 3 seconds to complete and the negative (-) phase.

“x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. Intensify The 6 Sets/6-8 Reps By Using One Of The: 14 Power-Reps Workouts Increment Charts. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500lbs. “x” 500 lbs. the following 14 workouts power-reps increment chart(s) reveals how to Intensify the 6 Sets/6-8 Reps Option No. “x” 500lbs “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. Using a hypothetical power poundage of 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs.Let’s assume that you have decided to perform 6 “hard work” sets of 6-8 reps for the… …Barbell Back Squat. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. 1 1 Workout 2nd Workout 3rd Workout 4th Workout 5th Workout 6th Workout 7th Workout 8th Workout 9th Workout 10th Workout 11th Workout 12th Workout 13th Workout 14th Workout st 6 sets/6 reps 1 set/7 reps 5 set/6 reps 2 set/s7 reps 4 sets/6 reps 3 sets/7 reps 3sets/6 reps 4 sets/7reps 2 sets/ 6 reps 5 sets/7 reps 1 set/6 reps 6 sets/7 reps 1 set/8 reps 5 sets/7 reps 2 sets/8 reps 4 sets/7 reps 3 sets/8 reps 3 sets/7 reps 4sets/8reps 2 sets/7 reps 5 sets/8 reps 1 set/7 reps 6 sets/8 reps 6 sets/6reps “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. in the Barbell back squat. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. 7 . “x” 500 lbs.

“x” 500 lbs. “x” 500lbs “x” 505-510 lbs. and on the exercises for deltoids and biceps. “x” 505-510 lbs.5-5% and decrease your rep scheme back to 6 and begin a new progression formula as outlined. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. You can easily see from the charts above how the power-reps progressions are made. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500lbs.5-5 lbs. poundage increases can go from 2. “x” 500 lbs. you will increase your poundage by 2. “x” 505-510 lbs. Continue on with the progression formula in the manner outlined until you are capable of performing 6 sets of 8 reps with 5 to 10 pounds more than your base weight at the beginning of the program. “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. 2 1 Workout 2nd Workout 3rd Workout 4th Workout 5th Workout 6th Workout 7th Workout 8th Workout 9th Workout 10th Workout 11th Workout 12th Workout 13th Workout 14th Workout st 6 sets/6 reps 1 set/7 reps 5 sets/6 reps 1 set/8 reps 5 sets/6 reps 1 set/8 reps 1 set/7 reps 4 sets/6 reps 1 set/8 reps 1 set 8 reps 4 sets/6 reps 2 sets/8 reps 1 sets/7 reps 3 sets/6 reps 2 sets/8 reps 1 set/8 reps 3 sets/6 reps 3 sets/8 reps 1 set/7 reps 2 sets 6 reps 3 sets/8 reps 1 set/8 reps 3 sets/6reps 4 set/8 reps 1 set/7 reps 1 set/6 reps 4sets/8reps 1 set/8 reps 1 set/7 reps 5 sets/8 reps 1 set/8 reps 6 sets/8 reps 6 sets/6reps “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500lbs “x” 505-510 lbs. 8 . “x” 500lbs “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500 lbs “x” 505-510 lbs. chest and calves you can increase your poundage 5-10-15 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500lbs.Option No. On the exercises for the thighs. “x” 500 lbs. using a hypothetical 500-pounds. back. “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. “x” 500 lbs “x” 505-510 lbs. “x” 500 lbs. At this point. “x” 505-510 lbs.

) and 126 pounds (174 lbs. Keep moving steadily through your program and do plenty of deep breathing. But don’t take a siesta or enjoy a gab session between sets by taking longer rest/pauses than what I have recommended here. it takes another 35 seconds to regain an additional 12% of the starting strength loss. calves. at the 35-second mark 84% of the lost strength is regenerated. In the first ten seconds of the rest/pause. as 42% of 300 lbs. The internal structure of our moving body has an amazing recovery rate. Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Momentum: One way to keep the Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Momentum is to alter your exercise performance bio-mechanically. From here. but you’ll notice other beneficial effects. bar placement. Put in simple terms. and chest. your momentary starting strength loss at the completion of your first all-out set of 6-8 reps is now between 60 pounds (240 lbs. Use dumbbells in the place of barbells. True. Rest between actual exercises should only be long enough to allow you to change the poundage. and abdominals rest 2-3 minutes between sets. this program can be tough. speed of the movement in the rep itself as well as periodic use of a different exercise altogether. it is possible at the completion of your first set (reps done to momentary failure) you may experience a startling strength loss of 20-42%. 56% of the decreased starting strength is recouped.Optional Duration of Rest Between Sets: You must also consider what the optimal duration of rest should be between each and every set. etc. So at the 70-second rest/pause. Rest 5-6 minutes on each exercise set for the thighs. biceps. It then takes a continued 2 minutes and 50 seconds to gain the final 4% or near-100% recovery. You’ll steadily become stronger. have more 9 . you won’t have that “pumped-up” feeling you may be used to. grip.). as 20% of 300 lbs. For the deltoids. back. 96% of the decreased starting strength is recouped. Going back to the 300 pound barbell bench press for 5 sets of 6 to 8 reps that I mentioned earlier. If you exercise properly and continue to handle those heavy poundages. You can do this by altering your stance. the movement itself.

and have not had an active cardiac stress test. Don't use this high-low intensity method of aerobic conditioning if you are over 40 years of age. Using a treadmill or stationary bike. *As with any aerobic training session always begin with a 5 minute warm-up and conclude the “20-10 x 6 System” with a 5 minute The bottom line is that you can improve your Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass and power no matter who you are. and Saturday if you are performing the above program on Monday. When you return to your usual training programs after six or so weeks on this basic training schedule. and big old wide hips. 10 . Repeat this (sprint-run system) 20-10 sequence nonstop for a total of 6 series. Best of all. you will feel better physically. I suggest you do what is called Aerobic 3 Minute System (aka"20-10 x 6 System”): Here’s how it works. On the other hand. Genetic Potential: Genetics plays a major role in gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass and power. etc. but you can improve your physique no matter who you are. sedentary. you’ve got guys with sunken chests. desire and discipline are important as well and that is something that most people don’t have. shoulders like a pear. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your renewed enthusiasm for training.. While genetics is the main thing. and best of all. It’s a shame because while they will never be great as a bodybuilder or power lifter. I’ve personally seen guys in the gym with great genetics who train maybe once or twice a week if that often and when they train. You will probably notice an improvement in your appetite (better do some concentrated abdominal work on your non-training days: Tuesday. simple work at a sprint pace for 20 seconds (80-90% of your target heart rate) and then without pause coast for 10 seconds (at about 60-65% of target heart rate). they have the really awesome desire and discipline. they’re training with their mouth more than they are training with their body. though. hard. Thursday. and Friday). Basically. Wednesday. capable look that will please you. and some muscle bodyweight gains. Aerobics’ are terrific for developing the cardio respiratory system. two nonconsecutive days a week. your body will take on a more rugged. Aerobic 3 Minute System”: When training for HUGE & FREAKY MUSCLE MASS it is important that you don’t do extended periods of aerobic’s (30 minutes and more) because it will burn up hard earned muscle mass. I’d say that about seventy to eighty percent of the people who train can enter a level three bodybuilding contest.

the late. John Grimek who was never defeated in any amateur or professional bodybuilding contest that he entered. Still others have digestive difficulties that allow the food they have consumed to be passed off as waste without being fully utilized. It was shortly after this narrow defeat that Bill decided to get Huge & Freaky. This was the absolute extreme in eating for the purpose of gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass that I ever observed. All of the top champions in competitive bodybuilding recognize the value in obtaining Herculean muscle mass and power. 60" shoulder circumference. an average of 12-18 eggs per day. Bruce gained this huge muscle mass and power as a means by which to try and break some of Paul Anderson’s lifting records. enzymes or trace minerals that are vital to the gaining cycle. Bruce Randall. and did so by increasing his muscular body weight to 255 pounds. strength and endurance. Others have peculiarities of body chemistry that causes shortages of iron. a former Mr. by following such dietary measures as drinking an average of 8-10 quarts of milk per day (though one day he drank 19 quarts of milk). My good friend. It was at this new body weight that he had a 55" chest. Perhaps you may be wondering at this point whether adding Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass is good for one’s physique. for it has allowed them to make gains in muscle body weight. once increased his muscle body weight to a Huge and Freaky 250 pounds at a height of only 5’8 ½". Some of the top physique champions of yesteryear have gone to some real extremes nutritionally to gain Herculean muscle mass. each of these conditions responds to eating correct foods in sufficient amounts. of meat per day. along with 7 lbs. Universe by Jack Delinger. 11 . measurements. Universe winner once reached a body weight of 400 lbs.The 2nd Phase For Gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Is… Nutrition & Supplementation Some bodybuilders have a faulty metabolism that prohibits the assimilation of use of food (nutrients) into Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass. and 21" upper arms. instead they are merely shoveling down "empty calories". B vitamins. copper. I will let you be the judge of this as you consider the following: Bill Pearl was beaten in the 1956 NABA Mr. With rare exception. Other bodybuilders have such a faulty nutritional program that they do not consume the vitamins and natural elements they need. use of natural supplements and regular exercise with heavy weights.

2 cups of nonfat dry milk and a 2” x 1” x1” piece of American cheese. If you’re still hungry eat whole wheat toast or 12-grain bread with it. About five minutes before this is finished add a half cup of diced dates. For the omelet. Serve with a liberal supply of cream. Other Breakfast Options: Whole Brown Rice: about five minutes before it’s finished. Also you can add unsalted natural peanut butter in large amounts on it. with cream. Pour this into a hot buttered pan and fry it like a regular omelet with cheese broken into small pieces or melted on top. make up the oatmeal with whole milk instead. honey and wheat germ stirred through it. blend in the powdered milk and a bit of liquid milk if needed. of orange juice and 3 oz. eat yogurt. lean beef patty.If you want to make FREAKY progress. Instead of going the doughnut route at coffee breaks at work. which is to be eaten with an omelet made of 5 eggs. stirring it in. Next eat a 4 oz. of Familia Swiss Museli mixed cereal. add a half cup of raisins and a half cup of dairy cream. Better yet you might have a pre-mixed blender drink.5 quarts of whole milk 12 . and unsalted sunflower seeds. beat the eggs. honey. and a cup of cream. Add a half a cup of raisins or diced dates (sometimes both) and top it off with a ½ cup or dairy cream and a liberal supply of honey. Cooked Oatmeal: rather than combing water with the oats when cooking. peanut butter tiger milk bars. It is important to never skip a meal when you are attempting to gain additional FREAKY MUSCLE MASS. start out the day with a big breakfast. You might start out with 8 oz. A couple of these drinks which come to my mind are as follows: Drink #1 4 raw eggs (boil for 15-20 seconds) ½ pint heavy dairy cream ½ cup mountain honey 1 cup non-fat powdered milk 1 cup Beverly Milk and Egg Protein Powder Add 1. with milk or maybe cooked oatmeal made up with whole milk rather than water. and sandwiches and blender drinks as well. protein tablets by the handful. Serve as above. tablespoon of safflower oil and raw embryo wheat germ flakes stirred through it.

It is better to eat small feeding every 2-3 hours or so. all nuts. corn. fresh figs. Add a little cream or raw embryo wheat germ flake. and keeps the stomach from stretching or distending. Five 1000 calorie feedings are easier to digest and assimilate rather than three 1500 calorie meals. Two tablespoons per day of wheat germ or other blended germ oils. plus plenty of cheese. black bean or lentil. Vince Gironda "The Iron Guru" told me many years ago about a rather unique muscle weight gaining trick where equal parts of Ginger Ale and half and half is used between main meals. take one at each main meal. Use 2-4 bromelain (Bromelain/Papain Digestive Enzyme) tablets AFTER EACH MEAL OR SNACK THAT YOU EAT. with sliced fresh fruits and puddings. Let me say that a more extensive supplement program could be used with benefit. potato. Above all as an active bodybuilder be sure to include plenty of water packed (sodium free) tuna. Vince Gironda’s Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Secret: Make use of heavy cream or at least half and half..Drink #2 1 cup whole non-fat milk ½ cup heavy dairy cream 2 tablespoons Brewer’s Yeast powder 1 tablespoon flax seed oil ½ banana 2 raw eggs (boil for 15-20 seconds) 1 tablespoon unsalted natural peanut butter 1 scoop natural ice cream. You can also use half and half on yams. bananas. raisins. potatoes. Also have a big bowl of soup with at least one meal a day. dates. fish and chicken breast in your daily eating regimen. Three high potency multi-vitamin/mineral tablets from natural sources (www. Brewer’s yeast in powder or flakes can be added to blender shakes and you should get 2-4 tablespoons every day.bodybuildingworld. Daily Supplementation: The supplementation in your daily diet is an important issue but not as complicated as you might think. unsalted peanuts. but use only split pea. 13 . and beans.

I’m not talking about living in the fast lane of night clubs. It has been my experience that you can get away with eating “junkie” if you are taking a good regimen of vitamins and supplements (Beverly International is an excellent choice) throughout the day along with your food intake. Only then will you reach your new bodyweight. The bodybuilder who wants to bulk up another ten or twenty pounds of FREAKY MUSCLE is not interested in technicalities nor pseudo-scientific nonsense about cuts and striations. The 3rd Phase For Gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Is That Of… Muscle Recovery and Sleep Muscle mass and power increases during the rest cycles and not during the workouts themselves. movies. Kick back and slow down your pace. rush. eating fast meals. As a result. etc. Television.I will be the first to admit that the eating regime I have talked about is unbalanced for normal living. with the tempo stepped up so high. drinking. day after day. loaded with Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass. and attending sports contests. they try to sleep a little later in the mornings and from then on out it’s a race against time: rush. Using this nutritional program you’ll get those extra additional pounds if it is combined with the other three phases detailed in this eReport. I suggest a minimum of 8 hours sleep and night and I myself try to get nearly 10 hours. To insure proper nutrition. are more exhausting than beneficial and no profit will be shown from it. In this modern life. These types of conditions. and parties every night in the week. and Sunday for rest will allow your muscles and nervous system to recover completely from the workouts. if you’re consuming the wrong foods take in a quality vitamin & mineral packet each day plus some type of protein supplement. The way I structured the heavy and light push and pull training days and having Wednesday (optional if you work your legs on a heavy pull day. Saturday. Tuesday). It is swimming in fats. You must rest completely between workouts and especially on non-training days and get a good night’s sleep each and every night of the week. it is NOT recommended for use throughout the year. can keep most folks up later in the evening than is good for them. rushing through a workout (weights feel heavy and the bodybuilder feels shaky and has to push himself to continue). Few bodybuilders or powerlifters relax enough. It’s intended for bulking up the body and will do exactly that.. and swarming with nasty carbohydrates. 14 . it’s easy to fall into a pattern of fast living. rush all day long – nerves on edge.

It will aid you in your training in the gym as well as your personal life. by bringing images into the mind. and bright lights). Get rid of the fast pace. Arrange your workouts so that they will fit into your daily routine and you will not have to rush through them." Mental Imagery-Rehearsal: Mental imagery-rehearsal and its application to the iron athlete is a thoughtful and intelligent two-stage event consisting of pre-workout and one-set interval preparation. one has a happy outlook on life. positive attitude will improve your body and help make you a better person. all the simple and complex elements associated with the forthcoming workout. Stage I: Pre-Workout Imagery Rehearsal Simply stated. About 15 to 30 minutes prior to your workout. and I know Ted Arcidi takes a 1 ½ hour nap each afternoon. Here's a brief look at each. You should think positively about all your daily activities. ticking clocks. Your body and mind will benefit from this greatly. Sit in a comfortable chair. go to a place of solitude (void of ringing telephones. The 4th and Final Phase For Gaining Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass Is That Of A… POSITIVIE MENTAL ATTITUDE Bill Pearl once told me "A proper mental attitude plays a large role in your efforts to build size and strength. Relax several times a day. mental and moral. physical. you will mentally visualize (like seeing a series of pictures on a movie screen). Reading is a good way.Get to bed early so that you can get up in plenty of time to take care of your morning hygiene and eat a sound breakfast such as the one I described previously. people talking. When thinking positive thoughts. 15 . Leave for work or school early enough so you don’t have to rush. Close your eyes and begin slowly and deeply to breathe in and out through your nose and begin to relax (called relaxed breathing). A healthy.

close your eyes and take in and exhale short breaths of air as you mentally prepare (with selective focus) for the moment at hand. Become a master of training by mentally reproducing the tracking patterns of the exercises rep for rep. Drive away the nagging negative voice from the dungeon of your subconscious mind that might be telling you to skip your workout for one reason or another. a state of mind where only positive forces dwell. As you continue to progress into a relaxed state. recovered. 16 . flowing. open your eyes. see yourself at the conclusion of the workout with a bone-deep. intense desire. Mentally see yourself well rested. determined persistence. and powerful will to succeed moving. Begin by picturing in your mind's eye the bench. Your should now have an unyielding commitment. but don't let it. Stage II: One-Set Mental Imagery-Rehearsal This stage of mental imagery-rehearsal is conducted approximately 10-15 seconds prior to each set of a prescribed exercise methodic. what you are going to be doing after the workout. and stronger from your last workout a couple of days ago. growthproducing. Feel this sensation and how it gives you a special power to dominate the heavy iron. pulsing. the plates. You must go to that place in your consciousness where there is no pain. Your mind must be time-locked (cohesive) with the muscles in order to do battle with the heavy iron. Finally. no fear. Sometimes a remark that someone made that you didn't particularly like will pop back into your head. begin mentally to empty your mind of all thoughts that do not pertain to the workout. the bar.Now. Imagine this so intensely that you can smell the sweat. vein-choked pump in the muscles of the upper arms. no negative influences. hear the plates rattle. This could be any thought such as what you did yesterday. and so forth. It's time then to get up out of the chair and step into the hardcore trenches of the gym. however you feel most comfortable. and surging through your entire being. set for set. visualize the collective atmosphere of the training energy in the gym that is being generated by the other iron warriors. When the mental pictures and related sensations that you expect to see are clear and vivid in the mirror of your mind. While standing or sitting. Repeat this process several times in your mind. feel the knurling on the bar. Don't let intruding thoughts attract your attention.

recreate all of the exercise mastery techniques that are necessary for the successful completion of each gut-wrenching rep of the set. as a total body workout. you will begin to feel torrents of unleashed fury and your heart will beat in a manner that reflects your ability to dominate and prevail in the moment. Thursday. would do well to train the total body twice per week at most. play your own favorite high-energy music to trigger strong energy responses. Think of how organized and detailed the ritual of mental imagery-rehearsal would be if it related to making love to a beautiful woman. Wednesday. You will probably notice an improvement in your appetite (better do some concentrated abdominal work on your non-training days on Tuesday. this program can French Foreign Legend tough. and Friday). the better chance you will have for training to the outer limits of muscular size and strength. Adopt the attitude of a champion by developing a positive self image of yourself. *Only work the Conventional Barbell Deadlift once and at most twice per week. As the magnitude of mental imagery-rehearsal for the upcoming set becomes more and more vivid. The details are never slippery or vague. Open your eyes. Saturday and Sunday if you are performing the above program. Go for it! It's time to lift the HEAVY IRON! Tip: During your workout. on Monday. for example. When you return to your usual training programs after 6 weeks on this Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass training schedule. Here's another way to explain it. your body will begin to take on a Huge & Freaky look that will please you. set some specific goals both short and long term. You are now 100% mentally focused and psyched. The more organized and detailed you can make this ritual of mentally focusing in one-set intervals. They're always clear and vivid. Above all have that burning intense desire to succeed and THINK Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass!!! Final Comments: If you exercise properly and continue to handle the HEAVY IRON. Best of all. Note: Hardgainers who lack decent recovery ability and find 3 non-consecutive training days overwhelming. 17 . perhaps on a Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat schedule. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your renewed enthusiasm for training.If you are going to be performing the classic standing two-hands barbell curl.

18 .

Once you are standing begin to walk some definite distances. This can be done 1 to 3 times separately with each hand. the plates may escape your grip. One exercise I did which increased my gripping power was the “Sliding” Pinch Grip. I experienced the same situation myself years ago. I was still lacking that gripping power I desperately wanted and it wasn’t until I wised up and started doing direct exercises that increased my gripping power. I have about 12 years of extreme hardcore training under my belt. Some individuals do the “Sliding Pinch Grip exercise immediately after a deadlift session. I did a handshake type test of strength with a slightly built oriental guy at work and I couldn’t believe the amount of gripping power he had. Once you have a firm grip established. It will be during this walk that a “sliding” will occur between the two plates (hence the name “Sliding” Pinch Grip) so you must harness your mind to access the reserve of untapped strength within your body and grip the plates even tighter. This is very likely to happen since you will not be enjoying the benefit of a resin or chalk application to the palm of your hand and fingers. stand up. keeping the lifting arm perfectly straight while doing so. Neither one of us was brought to our knees and I nervously laughed when we finished up. If you attempt to lift the weight with the arm bent. and stand them edgewise between your feet. The thumb and fingers should be pressed as flat as possible against the plate. Proceed to bend over and pinch grip the plates at their highest point (with a forcepslike grip of the thumb and fingers).Vice Like Gripping Power Q. I am a heavy boned guy with thick wrists and pretty darn good forearms strength wise. So you let a “button head” oriental almost best you with his forearm strength eh? You didn’t mention it but I’ll bet that “slope head” had forearms that looked like a couple of buggy whips compared to yours. At least I thought so until recently. not wanting him to know how surprised I was with his gripping power. placing them together with the smooth surfaces facing out. You can measure the progress you make in the “Sliding” Pinch Grip by the distance walked or by adding more weight (perhaps in the form of MICROLOAD magnetic weight plates) and walking a set distance (not to change). 19 . I could do barbell wrist curls for multiple sets of 20+ reps with a 175-200 pound barbell and as a result my forearms grew in size and strength. I don’t want this to happen ever again and am wondering what you might suggest to increase my gripping power? A. I am shocked and a little embarrassed by what I am about to tell you. Take two Olympic plates (not the ones with rubber bumpers). There are many forms of pinch-gripping exercises but there is one in particular that is favored above all the rest.

On the other hand I have know some Big Guys who had difficulty handling two 25pound Olympic plates at the beginning. Reverse the movement just described and allow the triceps rope to travel between your legs past your heels as far as possible. The “Sliding” Pinch Grip was a popular favorite of the late John C. Cable Pull Thrusts Q. I personally knew one guy who had a naturally strong hands and was able to pinch-grip two 45 pound Olympic plates (smooth sides out) in each hand and walk a distance of 90 feet with them. On the reserve side you might start with a couple of 10-pound plates just to get a feel for the movement.How much weight should a person use when first beginning the “Sliding” Pinch Grip exercise? This question does not have an exact answer. Next select a weight stack poundage that you will be using for a pre-determined number of reps. Yeah as a matter of fact I do have a novel idea for the development of the lower back and it involves the use the cable cross over unit. Assume a shoulder width foot stance and bend your upper torso forward from vertical (taking care to keep the lower back flat or slightly arched) so that you can reach down between your legs (kind of like the posture if you were going to hike a football) and firmly grasp each end of the triceps rope (palms of the hands should face each other and the arms slightly bent). 2. Now it’s just a matter of pulling on the rope and bringing your upper torso to an upright position. Make sure that the cable is taut (you will have to adjust your distance from the floor pulley) as this will allow you to support the weight stack throughout the full range of the exercise motion. Begin by attaching a triceps rope to one of the (base floor pulley) cable stations on the cable-cross over unit. hyper extension bench. Repeat for the desired reps. Keep a very slight bend at the elbow joints meaning that you never lock-out or straighten the arms. The exercise I am going to describe is called “Cable Pull Thrusts” and has been popularized over the past few years by Louie Simmons and the powerlifters at the Westside Barbell Club in Columbus. I want to develop a strong back but to be honest with you “Herc” I am burned out on doing deadlifts and hyper extensions. leg curl machine and whatnot. If you do this correctly your hands will be positioned near your groin (it will mimic the lockout of a sumo deadlift where the arms are inside the thighs). Ohio as an assist movement for garnering more strength in the lower back. The exercise goes like this. Now turn around with your back toward the pulley cable. Grimek. I do all my training at our local health club here in town. It has all the usual stale equipment like the cable cross over machine. You can do this exercise with the knees locked (emphasizes the lower back involvement) or with a “soft” knee bend (initiates gluteal 20 . Do you have any novel idea’s for developing the lower back? A. Points to remember: 1. This dude didn’t weight over a buck sixty.

Dinner should consist of meat and a salad. Here’s a look at some of the cream and protein formula’s he was recommending to the top physiques of that era. fresh orange juice or carrot juice. that was way back in the 60’s. Steroid Like Muscle Gains? Q. Blair had a nutrition program that could produce steroid like muscle gains. Champions such as Dave Draper.involvement). but some of the old geezer bodybuilders at the gym told me that Rheo H. I’m not old enough to remember him. Rheo’s secret to producing steroid like muscle gains in the physique champions was the use of dairy cream in combination with his special milk and egg protein powder. and Frank Zane would go to Rheo’s white stucco house in Los Angeles and load up on his wildly popular and result-producing milk and egg protein powder and other Blair supplement formulas. Blair. Rheo H. His protein was formulated in such a way that the cream would be efficiently metabolized in the body. Today a bodybuilder has the opportunity to mix a protein such as Blair’s with a noncaloric (sugarless) non-cola bottled drink such as diet orange soda or Fresca. I liked all the tips on “how not to take it in the shorts” when ordering bodybuilding books but what really rocked my boat was your story about a guy named Rheo H. Larry Scott. Other proteins (even the ones formulated today) are not formulated in a way to help use the creams or fats. Yes it was true. Rheo said the key to using his special milk & egg protein supplement for all bodybuilding goals is what you mix with it. 21 . Blair supervised the nutritional programs of top physique champions from all around the country. Vince Gironda. Was it true? Was it? A. Sometimes he would have bodybuilders forgo the use of whole milk and whipping cream and mix the protein with unsweetened grapefruit juice (not grape juice. Back in the 60’s the late. Rheo went to say that there were other more specialized ways to use his special milk & egg protein powder depending on one’s body type and offered the following “3” recipes: For Maximum Definition and Fat Loss: Substitute breakfast and lunch with a protein drink made of one-third cup Blair’s milk & egg protein powder and 8 ounces water. because it is too high in sugar). Don Richard Howorth. I just recently ordered your e-book titled “Buyers Beware” off your website. Even though you are after more back development you may want to switch from a locked to soft knee position from workout to workout for variety sake.

This drink will allow a bodybuilder to maintain optimum muscle size while on a low carbohydrate definition diet. I always thought that the bodybuilders here in the U. fowl and protein-rich dairy products such as cottage cheese. Olympia. Sweden. Have another liquid protein feeding at 4:00 p. the 1994 IFBB Masters Mr. Finland and even in Scotland they are training like crazy. I’ve been out to the Mecca of Bodybuilding myself and have noticed the same thing and thought it kind of odd since the mainstream bodybuilding magazines are always pushing how brutally hard the bodybuilders train out at Golds and World Gym. I had the opportunity a few years ago to go out to the Mecca of Bodybuilding in Venice.S.m. Then it dawned on me that I usually made these observations when the top guys were in the off season. Breakfast. one hour before training. 22 .” Bob went on to tell me that If the official Mr. New Castle in England. Come to think about it a story comes to mind that Robby Robinson. He was over in THE HAGUE. O or the Arnold Classic when I surmise that the guys were training “balls to the wall. Sip this slowly at 10:00 a. fish. California and see how the champs trained. and another one hour before retiring to bed. What’s up with that? A. Olympia title was given by the intensity of effort that the people in these countries put out. European Bodybuilding Q. 6 ounces of water and one-third cup of Blair’s milk & egg protein and one egg yolk. It seemed like they were just unintense. They’d do a set and then yak or walk around for 15 or 20 minutes etc. the owner of Muscle and Fitness Gym.m. always trained the harder than those in say the European countries. they’d all be Mr. Netherlands (Holland) many years ago and had the opportunity to train with Wilhelm Jungman. cheese and eggs..A. I couldn’t believe that the champions I saw weren’t even training hard.For Muscle-Density Gains (for the underweight bodybuilder): Mix one-third to one-half cup Blair’s milk & egg protein powder and two eggs in 8 ounces of certified raw milk.” I have never personally traveled over sea’s so I can’t tell you first hand how the bodybuilders train but I talked to Bob Kennedy about it and he said that “Yes in France they don’t train hard at all but in certain places like Eastern Canada. Olympia’s. once told about the training of his legs –Dutch Style. I never had the opportunity to make any observations say two or three weeks out from the Mr. lunch and dinner should consist of meat. For A Gradual Muscularization of The Body: Always have a protein drink with 2 ounces of certified raw cream.

for 8 sets. After the Barbell back squats it was on to Barbell front squats for 4 sets up (400 pounds) and 4 sets down. sweet hamstring blast. You know what you sound like to me? A fool! Another cry baby wannabe bodybuilder. adding weight and decreasing reps. After a two or three day rest they would come back to the gym and do a Light Workout for the quads and hamstrings. Then they would pyramid back down in weight for 8 descending and brutal sets. Next up was Leg presses for 4 sets of 20 reps.Robby said that he and Wilhelm trained quads and hamstrings twice a week.” Here they would do Stiff legged deadlifts for 4 sets of 10 full and strict reps with 325 pounds and then Leg Curls for 4 sets of 12 reps. This was the warm-up segment of the workout. Barbell back squats was the core exercise in this training session and Robby and Wilhelm would start with a 135 pounds and pyramid up. The ground based finisher of this workout was a super-set of Leg extensions and Leg curls for 4 sets of 15 reps for an outrageous muscle pump. Again they pyramided the poundage. No matter how hard I try. Leg training-Dutch style is just one evidence of proof that the hardcore European bodybuilding community train as intense or even more so in some cases than bodybuilders in North America. Staying Anabolic Q. I would venture to say that if I told you to do heavy barbell squats and deadlifts to help create an anabolic 23 . Smith machine squats were done with a variety of foot spacing to stimulate the inner. who makes up excuses for a lack training intelligence.m. increasing the reps when they could. Maybe I am just not tough enough or not training intensely enough. A. holding each rep at the peak contraction for two seconds. This particular morning workout was concluded with a super-set consisting of Leg extensions and Sissy squats for 4 sets of 15 reps. The a. 185 and 225 pounds. session begin with Leg Extensions with a medium weight for 4 sets of 15 reps. The first training day was a quad blast Heavy Workout performed in double split style. They would then come back at noon for what they called the “short. Next to work not only quad isolation but ham-glute tie-in they would do Barbell lunges for 2 sets of each with 135. progress almost seems like impossibility some times. I am a natural drug free bodybuilder and it seems to me that I hit sticking points in my training a heck of a lot quicker that some of my buddies who are on the “juice”. outer thighs and glutes for 5 sets of 12-15 reps. The goal of the 8th set was to get at least 4 clean reps with around 500600 pounds. I know that you have trained natural all of your bodybuilding/powerlifting career so what are some of the secrets you have learned for making continued progress.

The BIG SECRET is simply drinking 6 ounces of half and half or certified raw cream mixed with 6 ounces of ginger ale. The positive influences for staying in the anabolic (muscle gain) environment includes and is not limited to: Proper training. The students at Vince’s Gym in Ventura. poor nutrition.m. Sometimes to trigger the anabolic or growth mechanism of the body further yet Vince would advice adding 2 ounces of a milk & egg protein powder. Secret #2 Another of Vince’s Anabolic Secrets that has proven to be beneficial in the promotion of muscular weight gains was to eat 1 boiled egg every hour that you are awake. nutrition. 70’s and 80’s it was common to see many bodybuilding competitors take as many as 60 Liver tablets a day in the off-season and 100 tablets the last few weeks prior to a competition). Vince Gironda “The Iron Guru” revealed to the bodybuilding world the Euro-Blast Weight Gaining BIG SECRET that the European muscle monsters were using to gain muscle density. Vince begin using it on his students to increase their body weight by as much as 40 pounds.effect you’d whine and tell me that you couldn’t do these kind of exercises because you have bad knees and a weak back. To begin with you want to avoid at all costs the negative influences which create a catabolic (muscle robbing) effect on the muscles such as: Over-training. 24 . – 2:00 p. not enough rest and emotional stress. Secret #3 Back in the 1960’s the late. Here are “3” of his secrets. California enjoyed this drink as a daily inbetween meal pickup at 10 a. (Liver contains a red protein pigment called Cytrochrome P-450 which accounts for the endurance factors that many hard training bodybuilders receive from taking it.m. With regard to proper nutrition the late. Vince Gironda always seemed to have some natural anabolic secrets in his bag of goodies.m. Back in the 60’s. and 4:00 p. I am in a particularly good mood because I have just made a load of cabbage selling ereports off my website so just this one time I’ll reveal some of the secrets for making progress. Secret #1 Vince used to suggest taking three to four amino acid tablets and 3 to 10 liver tablets every three hours to help keep the body in a positive nitrogen state between meals and during those times when a person can’t eat a normal meal or snack. rest and a positive mental attitude.

The noted difference in this stage and the stages to follow are varying degrees of rest between each cycle. Crunches. One-Leg Heel Raises. no macho man). Dips between two chairs. Now rest for exactly I0 seconds.. for a total of 10. desperately. increasing to 20 cycles by day six. 4. then take another 10-second rest. Pushups. Do you think this is what I should start again?? Can push ups help as well?? Could you please suggest some great freehand exercise to get lean and toned I'd say…not too bulky (I'm a car designer.Exercise/Rest Principle Formula Q. This was a long time ago. Within this stage (2) you will perform 15 seconds of exercise and take 10 seconds of rest per cycle. STAGE 2 This stage. begin by performing this exercise for as many ultrastrict repetitions as possible within a 10 second time frame.... immediately begin to perform some more Pull-ups for I0 seconds. as well as stages 3. I don't have access to a gym.. I have a simple yet complicated problem. “a CLEAN neat back”. On each of the succeeding five days you increase the number of cycles by two.. STAGE I Using the Pull-up as an example. The formula is based on the Exercise / Rest principle and it goes something like this.. and PhD in exercise science and physical education respectively) developed a unique formula as it applies to bodyweight only exercises. Awaiting your reply. As a starting point you must pick out a non-apparatus exercise such as a bodyweight only Pull-ups (any non-apparatus exercise will suffice: Pull-ups. I wanna a CLEAN neat back. There is one thing in particular that I can think of that will help you get into some kind of shape using just bodyweight only exercises to help you get leaned and toned and develop as you say. Katch and his brother Victor (both of whom hold EdD. A. I'm 23 yrs old. and 5.. Actually I love freehand exercises (without weights like push up/ pull ups). I'll try being as brief and comprehensive as possible. after the 10 second rest.Thank you very much for your time. Is there any way I can build the back specifically making those shoulder blades disappear in the back. 25 . I do my Cardio religiously 3-4 times a week. Continue this pattern of I0 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for 9 more complete cycles. My back when seen in the mirror shows my Shoulder blades sticking out. Greeting from Italy.. consists of 6 workout days and begins with 10 cycles of work and rest... Frank I. Leg Raises. I used to do pull ups both with palms facing me and more-than shoulder span pull'ups with the bar ending in the front to the chest! My wings are still visible. A few years ago a Dr.. One-Leg Squats and Sissy Squats).. feel like a famished boy.

more than likely bodybuilding is an important part of your existing lifestyle. Saturday and Sunday. STAGE 5 In the last stage you do 30 seconds of exercise and take 5 seconds of rest per cycle. Rest days include: Tuesday. Wednesday. I know that the importance of strong abs can’t be ignored or overlooked so I have a couple of quick questions. If you are like me. It is not uncommon during one’s training career. 3. My abs are fairly well developed now and I don’t want to turn into a cheese gut during my down time so I am wondering if you could outline a very brief but effective ab program that I could do 2 or 3 days a week. First I keep hearing about doing stomach suctions which act as sort of an internal massage for the abs. But you know what? No body ever seems to describe in much detail how they should be done. here are the steps for successfully completing the five stages of the exercise/rest principle. Abdominal Vacuum & Routine Q. then on each scheduled workout day thereafter be sure to add 2 nonstop sequences (as in the detailed stage 1 example). 26 . Begin each new stage on day 1 by doing a minimum of I0 nonstop sequences of the exercise/rest principle. Friday). Thursday. The workouts could be performed on a (Monday. 2. Follow the Exercise/Rest Formula as described and you discover a renewed interest in performing Bodyweight Only exercises especially as it applies to Pull-ups and Pushups and the development of the musculature of your back. STAGE 4 Now you do 30 seconds of exercise and take 10 seconds of rest per cycle.STAGE 3 At this stage you switch to 20 seconds of exercise and take 10 seconds of rest per cycle. to find themselves cramped for gym time that makes full-length muscle fiber-alerting workouts impossible. Thanks! A. I. Always do as many ultra-strict repetitions as possible during the work phase. To summarize. I know you are very detailed in your writing so I am wondering if you might describe stomach suctions for me? Second my training time in the gym is going to temporarily come to a screeching halt soon. Each individual stage (I-5) consists of 6 non-consecutive workout days in a two week time frame.

27 . Bend forward at the waist (hump the upper back). From my own experience and those of others who I talk to.When a lack of the customary training time in the gym becomes evident. Second. Bend the knees slightly. usually the muscle group to experience the most neglect is the abdominals. twice per day. Let me address your two questions. as much air as possible from your lungs. As you become more adept at abdominal vacuum. Avoid lifting the rib-cage. stomach suctions or the Abdominal vacuums as I prefer to call them are managed in the following way: Abdominal Vacuum Perform this exercise on an empty stomach. unduly. Suck the abdominals (stomach) in-and-out several times (a minimum of 10 times or more till the abs ache). Inhale and then begin the procedure all over again. then the other. with both hands on the tops of the thighs. as you will soon experience. An even more advanced version is to alternately press your hand on one thigh. until you can once again return to your previous optimum abdominal workouts. mentally trying to pull it into and behind the rib-cage. Repeat the described series 5-10 times. Relax the abdominal muscles. Don’t become one of the statistics. This results in a single isolation effect of one side of the abdominals. This will cause the abdominals to move from one side then the other. here is a training routine for the abdominals that will maintain their existing level of development. First. Place your hands on top of the thighs and press downward and outward. gradually press downward and outward with only one hand on your thigh. Expel. or expanding the chest. sharply. Place your chin on the chest. it should never become an excuse for procrastinating or missing workouts completely.

Without swinging your body.Floor Crunches 1 set x 25 reps – Hold 5 seconds 1 set x 20 reps . 2 . This completes one set. Do 10 more reps and hold in the (“up” position) for a 10 second count. Slowly lower your trunk (butt) to within 1 inch of the bench surface. Do two more sets in the manner described. 1 .Exercise No. Do 20 more reps. - Floor Crunches Standard crunch After performing 25 reps.hold for a 5 second count. Breathe in and begin again doing 4 more reps. 3 .Reverse Trunk Curl 3 sets x 15 reps – Hold 5. 28 . hold the (“up” position) for a 5 second count. Upon completion of the 5th rep (“up” position) hold for a 5 second count. This is one rep. use your abs to lift your trunk (butt) off the bench approximately 8 inches. Breathe out at “up” position. This is considered the “up” or “contracted” position. then 10 No. Do 15 more reps – hold for a 5 second count.Alternate Elbow to Knee Twisting partial Crunch 2 sets x 40 reps each side Technique-Emphasis Reverse Trunk Curl Lay back on a flat exercise bench Reach overhead and grip the end of the bench Cross your legs and bring your thighs so they are perpendicular to your body.Hold 5 seconds 1 set x 15 reps .Hold 5 seconds No.

Always try to do more each workout! In other words don’t settle for less than one additional rep each set per workout. do as many reps as possible. Upon completion of the second set strip the bar completely of all poundage and position it securely on the floor (use some type of wedge on either sides of the collars to keep the bar from moving). Micro-Burst Chest Workout Q. What would I do if I were you? I’d go stick my head in a bucket of water and take ten deep breaths. The training tips I have provided. no magic formulas. You will experience a tremendous pump from this micro-burst chest workout but even better. You sound like a big puss to me. Now do one to two sets of the bodyweight only for as many reps as possible. however. no shortcuts to abdominal perfection. There are no secret abdominal exercises. Like the character Martin Burney said in the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy” “Think Chloe!” “Think!” That’s exactly what you should be doing. Man you know what sucks the big one? I am working on an oil rig for the next 3 months or so and the only equipment for working out is a lousy 100 pound barbell and a pathetic flat exercise bench. For a period of three months and twice per week on non-consecutive days do Flat barbell bench presses with the 100 pounds for no more than two sets. at the end of three months. thinking! Since you’re obviously not thinking here is what you can do with that so called worthless 100 pound barbell. Do as many reps as possible on each set and try to desperately add one additional rep to each set each workout. Rest two to three minutes between the first and second set.- Rest Alternate Elbow to Knee Twisting partial Crunch This is simple a Floor Crunch with an alternating elbow to knee sequence thrown into the mix. Again mimic the instruction given for the barbell bench press. you will hold most of the previous gain factor on your 225 x 8 and may even make an increase in poundage or reps on it. What would you do if you were me? A. will definitely be a help in your quest for maintaining rock-hard abdominals. I like doing bench presses big time (225 x 8) but that is going to go to hell in a hand basket with nothing more than a stupid 100 pound barbell. Get into a regular pushup position and grasp the bar with your regular bench press hand spacing. 29 .

5-18 inches all the time. For determining triceps potential for building muscle mass simple take a steel measuring tape and measure the distance between the elbow tip and the top of the inside of the horseshoe shape of the triceps. 3-4 inches your triceps are above average with good potential while 4-6 inches is just average with regard to length and potential. Remember there is always the concept of shape training or cosmetic illusion that Bob Kennedy and the late Vince Gironda harped on respectively for years. If. you find that you are on the lower end of the potential for building muscle mass on the upper arms don’t go running off in search of a phone to call the Suicide Prevention number. people used to estimate it visually at 17. Like unto your triceps you can kiss your biceps good bye if the measurements fall to 1 ½ -2 or more inches because the length is below average or short and the potential is poor to very minimal. I am kind of wondering if you might have a formula tucked away for determining a measurement for the triceps? A.dennisbweis. Heck Running Dummy just by applying a technique such as shape training you might reveal an arm which looks like it has great muscle mass. This doesn’t mean that you are destined to have really small arms because there is still the biceps potential for building muscle mass. 30 . Here’s what I have in my bodybuilding archive file regarding this. I have visited your website (www. If the triceps length is 3 inches or less that means you have a long triceps head and your potential is great. I should call you Miss Cleo because you must be psychic. I should mention that years ago when my arm measured 16 inches often and one thing I notice is that you are into charts in a big way far more than anyone else on the web. God forbid.Arm Mass Potential Q. the operator would put you on hold anyway. Here we go: ½ inch or less means that you have a long biceps length and your potential for building muscle mass in this area is great. For the biceps you simple measure the distance between the inside of the elbow joint and the edge of a contracted biceps. The Strength and Measurement Chart for Men revealed some numbers for figuring the potential for the biceps but not for the triceps. After listening to your muscle head story about having really small arms. ½ -1 inch you are still above average and the potential is good while 1-1 ½ inches is average to length and potential. You can kiss your triceps good bye when the measurements start reading in the 6-7 inch range because the length is below average or short and your potential is poor to very minimal. When your e-mail arrived I was just walking through a couple of rediscovered formula charts which have been successfully used to compute the potential for building muscle mass in the triceps and biceps.

My deltoids still are lacking. As I have mentioned in some of my Q & A’s. That’s good news so here is what I propose to strengthen and thicken your deltoids. regarding my training strategy that is. Can you help me out? I train in my own home gym which is well equipped. pressing the barbell from shoulder level to eye level 2. If you want to work the deltoids brutally hard. Diet. A. and in addition. shape training and or isolation movements have their place but none will stimulate the whole deltoid complex as completely as compound movements. There is no doubt that massive deltoids are the distinction of a man. 31 . pressing the barbell from eye level to 6 inches from a lockout position 3. such as yourself. “BODYBUILDING IS MERELY COMMON SENSE PROCEEDURE. and often meager in the observable development as you have personally noticed with regard to your own development. It has all the usually stuff. The 3 stages or positions are: 1. You mention in your letter that you have a power cage (rack). Rest and Relaxation. I have read your letter and let me digress as I declare that one maxim or truth that should be placed on the wall of every home and commercial bodybuilding gym. Actually successful bodybuilding isn’t that difficult. I had what I thought was really a novel idea about training my deltoids. All of the mainstream bodybuilding magazines go over these common sense rules every single month. I have to say though that the deltoids are slow-growing. even a power cage (rack). begin you first exercise with the standing Military press with a barbell. sometimes frustrating to train. possess a very basic knowledge of the working of the muscles and that’s all there is to it.Power Rack Attack Q. doing isometric stops and at 3 different stages or positions of limited movement.” I have been involved in the iron game for 40 plus years and I have never been able to understand why certain bodybuilders. Well just like the five women to whom I have been married to and divorced (I’m only 40 years old) I made some bad decisions. pressing the barbell from 6 inches from lockout to lockout position Do the most difficult stage of the isometric stop first. and finally the least difficult. I want the thick deltoids of a current bodybuilding champion. possess an immense faculty for making exercise difficult. All you have to do is observe the common sense rules of Exercise. This exercise should be performed in isometric style in a power rack. I figured if I did a bunch of different isolation or shaping exercises for them they would get bigger than if I just did Barbell presses over my head. Let me get onto answering your question. then the next hardest.

At the completion of the measured sustained contraction. My closing thoughts would suggest first that you concentrate on contracting the thighs and abdominals and by doing so you will be able to press more weight overhead. to increase growth hormone levels—naturally. you mentioned that you have been married five times. and this is easier to perform with a set of dumbbells than with a barbell. First. These are the pins that you will be pressing the barbell against. performed once only at each stage). A second set of power rack pins (called holding pins) should be placed at approximately 6 inches from the actual lockout position of the standing military press. you can begin to do seated Dumbbell presses for a total of 3 sets of 6 reps each. Secondly. begin applying a measured resistance of 3 seconds to reach a peak sustained contraction. My Lord.Let’s assume that the most difficult position for you is stage 2 of the standing military press. beginning with a poundage that is approximately 70 percent of your current one-rep maximum of unlimited movement (full extension and full contraction) in this exercise. Second. Now set up for the next hardest position (it could be #1 or #3) and finally the least difficult position. There are many factors which tend to increase growth hormone (GH) production and secretion. After you have completed the standing Military press (done in isometric style. you will want to use training loads of 80-90 percent of your onerep maximum. using the measured time factors described for stage 2. the deltoids are best exercised from a range of 45° below shoulder level to a range of 45° above shoulder level (after which the synergist muscles of the scapula. As your workouts progress. As the barbell makes contact with the holding pins. and the triceps muscles do the rest of the work). I favor the use of dumbbells for a couple of reasons. So I am asking you if this is a true statement or not? A. This completes stage 2. Place a barbell on the set of starting pins (where the movement will begin) at eye level. they develop a greater stabilization of the muscular structure of the deltoid region than the barbell. I have heard that rest is of vital importance and that a bodybuilder should get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Phil’s show and try to become a guest where you can talk out your losers approach to marriage.S. take 2 additional seconds to release the tension as you lower the barbell down to the starting pins. I know you have the reputation as a no B. type of guy. I am not going to get into frequency of this type of training as you should know that already. Begin the exercise by pressing the barbell off the starting pins. Hold this sustained contraction of 9-12 seconds. Geese! Sleep=Growth Hormone Increase! Q. Little know is that fact that GH release increases during short term fasting 32 . Press either the dumbbells from 45° below shoulder level to the top of your head in non-lock style. you need to approach the producers of Dr. but never more than nine. trapezius.

rest and do two more additional reps. Plus Fast Doubles: This is done on the last rep of a set. However some of the Pro bodybuilders have found unexplainable that by breaking their normal 8-9 hour period of sleep into two different 4-4. (and I don’t mean “before steroids”) life story and that is even after I have asked Bob Kennedy and Johnny Fitness to edit them for brevity or clarity. Realize of course that Muscle Mag is tops when it comes to retaining the spirit of each and every question.5 hours. There are six means by which to insure quality sleep and I cover them in detail within my e-report titled: Special Big Arms Report “Add ½ Inch in One Day. Here is a flashpoint answer to your question.pauses.” Visit my website (www. I have to tell you that I am impressed with you very concise and to the point question. Regular for the details. Plus Fast Doubles Q. It is these rest-pauses which allow a 50-56% recovery of the involved localized muscle (in this case the biceps). To address your question directly. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which occurs every 1. GH is preferentially secreted from the pituitary gland after falling asleep.S. put the barbell down. 33 . especially during the very important stage 4.dennisbweis. Example: Close-grip standing wall curl-when you complete the last repetition of a set. This is usually performed within the confines of the last rep of the last couple of sets of a select exercise. Growth hormone release is very essential for protein synthesis and the growth and repair of muscle tissue.(perhaps the 11th hour before a bodybuilding competition). If there is a secret when doing the Fast Doubles it is in the 3-10 second rest. the proportion of time in stage 4 (associated with GH release) somehow becomes increased.5 hour naps. Do you have an idea’s along this line? A. Sometimes you can do what is called Regular Sets. During a continuous 8 hour sleep pattern you cannot program an increase in the very important stage 4. As you may have noticed in some of my previous columns a few of the questions read like a yawner B. Growth hormone increase levels-when accomplished naturally not only add a spurt to muscle growth but it can directly lend it self to bodyfat loss as well. Reducing intercellular bodyfat levels can also lead to a GH increase as can elevated body temperature in the form of a sauna. Rest about 3-10 seconds and then do two more repetitions. rest again and complete a final two reps. I am always looking for a way to get a super pump in all the muscle groups whenever I happen to train them.

) and its effects on your muscular development. About 10 years ago I learned a couple of methods for determining optimal workout load (which in turn maximizes and accelerates muscle gains to previous unattainable levels) from a gentleman named Kevin A. and possible injury themselves. Pezzi suggests a person do to determine their optimal workout load when training with the heavy iron. If you have been performing 4 total heavy sets for this exercise and you think you may be under training try 6 total heavy sets for 2-3 weeks. etc. your upper body on the right side should be greater than the left ( 1-Limb Lifting such as one-legged squats. YOU…well I could get into a verbal pissing match but you’d be so down on your self after I finished my verbally assault you’d probable cancel your subscription to Muscle Mag. with adequate intervals of rest provided for. frequency of exercise. reps. Here are the two methods Dr. He for one was very adamant about his clients not changing what he had set up for them. M. Select an exercise for evaluation such as the Standing two hands barbell curl. Pezzi. Method #2: This concept allows a person to determine his/her optimal workout load and as well objectively evaluate such variables as (number of sets.D. From what I can figure out from reading all the bodybuilding magazines it takes about seven full days to completely recover from maximum overloads on muscle groups.Determining Optimal Workout Load Q. People like the late Mike Mentzer used to say that a workout program had to be designed to overload specific muscle groups on particular days. for example. onedumbbell curls. Here how this method works. That’s right I am not Mike Mentzer and you. The key is to avoid over training in order to stimulate the muscle and not annihilate it. If for example you are a right-handed individual. one-dumbbell [or barbell] press and squat). I wished I had hired him to train me because I would have asked him more about how to determine optimal workout loads. Method #1: This particular concept will give you an instant insight as to whether you are over training. 34 . as they might become over-worked. If you don’t see a strength increase on the dominate side of your body when employing Uni-Lateral or Asymmetric Training (and actually get weaker) after a predetermined period of time then this is a clue that you may be over training. Bob Kennedy wouldn’t like that at all so I’ll just get onto to answering your question ‘cause that’s what I am paid to do. To achieve the greatest muscle gains possible you must train with as high of intensity and volume of exercise as you can without over training. Hey I know you aren’t Mike Mentzer by any stretch of the imagination but what’s your take on this? A.

Dr. Increase the total number of heavy sets from 6 to perhaps 8 (and no more) and repeat the process as described. It is important to note that if at anytime your strength or size decreases while the evaluations of the effects of optimal workout loads (i. Have you ever heard of such a thing or experienced it yourself? A. Hey here is something I heard a while back. Yeah I can recall reading about what Larry said regarding the multiple sessions of dry sauna and its effect on growth hormone release. [intermediate. Continue to evaluate your response to the variable number of sets and reps. illnesses are of vital importance for making such comparisons). Pezzi suggests that it may take a few months to determine optimal workout loads. Dr. critical term recuperation] and miscellaneous factors such as lack of sleep. Generally when using the method described (above) for evaluating training responses the number of sets would in most all cases never exceed 8 to 9 total heavy sets per a select muscle group. performing a different number of sets and reps for each arm. Olympia named Larry Scott said something to the effect that if a person can spend some time in a dry heat sauna prior to working out and up to 3-4 more times during the workout. growth hormone release would increase. For example for the next 2-3 weeks you might do 6 total heavy sets of say 6 reps each for the right arm and 8 sets of 4 reps for the left. dates of workouts. muscle specific. etc. injuries. I never paid much attention to it simple because at the time I didn’t have access to a dry sauna. I just couldn’t imagine doing some 20 rep barbell back squats with say 405 pounds and in the back of my mind thinking “Oh great I have to hit the sauna after this set and then 35 . As a result you will only be using one exercise per a select muscle group.) are being studied you are over training and need to immediately REDUCE the workload on the biceps to previously accepted workout loads. number of sets/reps. I can’t remember if I read it in a magazine or on the internet but a former Mr. Pezzi’s espoused method (#2) will work not only on the biceps but on any other major or minor muscle group as well. 6 sets as compared to 4 sets. Dry Sauna Modality Q.Now compare the results during this time period with the results for an equal period of time on the previous 4 total heavy sets (keeping an accurate training log of exercises used. I am sure that it has merit or Larry wouldn’t have mentioned it but how many home gyms or commercial alike have a dry sauna where the actions mentioned could be carried out to a final conclusion? And further more think of the inconvenience of multiple sauna applications during a workout. Reverse sets and reps protocol for each arm after 2-3 weeks and continue on in the manner described for another 2-3 weeks.e. If you find that your progress has accelerated from doing 6 total heavy sets as compared to the previous 4 then you were under training. Another variable to the above described method would be to substitute the Onedumbbell curl for the Standing two hands barbell curl.

I would guess as a means of trying to impress the very naked babes who might be in there. In fact lie on your back if possible and remain calm.) used to have their Olympic lifters use dry sauna frequently on a weekly basis. Use a dry towel to sit on when you enter the sauna. 4. then a hot shower (about 115º F) for 1-2 minutes. wrap a cool damp towel around your head. and be sure to towel dry immediately after showering. chemical and metabolic responses in the body. overly fatigued. ALWAYS follow the protocol of spending 6-10 minutes in the sauna and then leaving to do the cold/hot/cold shower sequence/series. Sit on the bottom level of the sauna for 2-3 minutes to acclimate your body to the temperature (165-175º F). or physically sick. It was a favorite post-recovery modality of the late IFBB bodybuilding superstar Chuck Sipes. 5. NEVER enter a sauna while intoxicated. This is an excellent time to rehydrate your body by slowly drinking an 8-12 ounce glass of cool water or electrolyte drink. Take a warm shower (100-100º F) prior to entering the dry sauna. 36 . as one of the restorative modalities to accelerate the necessary physical. NEVER get gong ho and exercise in a sauna. 6. Don’t get your head wet. After 2-3 minutes move to a higher level. I mention this because I have heard of macho guys doing pushups in the sauna’s. To prevent dizziness in the sauna. Stay in the sauna for 6-10 minutes max then leave and quickly take a cold shower (5055º F) for 20-40 seconds.come back out on the gym floor afterwards for another set of squats and then back to the sauna again!” However if you want to give it a go be my guest. Reenter the sauna. Towel off and take a 15 minute break before reentering the sauna. so necessary for the release and reduction of toxic metabolites and residual fatigue. Alternate the cold shower with the hot shower sequence for 3-4 more series but always conclude with the cold shower. 2. The temperature here will be between 195-205º F) so avoid moving around much. following tips 1-4 previously outlined. Regardless if you elect to use the dry sauna for the supposed growth hormone release effect or as a restorative modality there are 6 valuable tips you should be aware of for getting the most expedient use out of a dry heat sauna and here they are: 1. All in all if you don’t have access to a dry sauna you can always use the cold > hot > cold > hot > cold hydrotherapy shower (at the gym or home) after a hard workout. after a workout. 3. Regardless whether or not if a dry sauna application has a marked value with the release of growth hormone I don’t personally but I do know that many of the Eastern Bloc countries (Bulgaria etc.

I was down in Venice Beach. Begin by grasping a loaded straight bar with a shoulder width hand spacing. Here is a little bit of dialogue on the Wall Curl. This exercise will test the strength and power in your biceps like no other exercise. to detract from the maximum peak 37 . resting against the front of your thighs. decades ago. however. with only the minimal investment of a barbell. This is one of the first times in my life where I said “I can do that!” and so I would like to enter the competition the next time the opportunity presents it self. It was really a busy time when I arrived because there was a Wall Curl competition going on. power cage. You feel so inadequate eh? Your girlfriend told me the same thing about you last night. Yeah I have a tip or two regarding the “how to” of doing a Wall Curl for an upcoming competition and an outrageously brutal training program for increasing your strength in this exercise. Only kidding! It’s interesting that you would bring up the subject of the Wall Curl as that was one of my favorite lifts back in the 1970’s when I was competing in powerlift competitions. bench or a training partner to act as a spotter. This exercise was popularized by “Big” Bill Anton. Next lean back against a wall (a stationary post or door jamb is much better) so that you back is flat against it for support. Your legs should be straight with your feet slightly forward from your body (approximately 18”) with the barbell held at arms’ length. From here you curl the barbell (which is almost brushing the front of the body) all the way up to your neck and slowly lower the bar back down in the reverse manner just described… Your elbows will move forward and up very slightly which means that some deltoid action is taking place – not enough. Keep the elbows well behind the plane of your body with the insides of your biceps touching you rib cage. especially if you live in a rural area where there are no gyms. an E-Z curl bar is used rather than a straight bar. Do you have any “how to” tips and possible a routine that would help a 195 pound guy like me get ready? A. I’ve been to a few powerlifting competitions and I feel so inadequate because of the huge weights that are lifted but watching the Wall Curl competition I didn’t feel that way. The Wall Curl exercise it self can be practiced in the privacy of your own home. Unlike say Barbell back squats or Flat barbell bench presses the Wall Curl doesn’t require the use of a squat rack. If I am not mistaken I believe at the Wall Curl competitions at the Muscle Beach/Venice weight pen. 13th man in the world to bench press 400. Stay with the straight bar and you will find that there will be a marked increase of strength when and if you do use the E-Z bar.Wall Curls & One-Rep System Q. California sometime back and had the good luck to be able to check out that blue fenced outdoor weightlifting yard on the beach where a lot of the top celebs in bodybuilding hang out. bodybuilding shows and arm wrestling events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not increase the poundage until the EIGHT maximum SINGLE repetitions can be performed otherwise you may create an environment of over-training of both the localized skeletal muscle and central nervous systems. increase the specific warm-up. Build up the numbers by striving to add ONE additional maximum single repetition each proceeding workout until you are doing EIGHT maximum SINGLE repetitions. Perform five consecutive repetitions. decrease the weight so that FOUR sets of THREE CONSECUTIVE REPETITIONS with the most weight involved can be performed. Generally this will be about 30 pounds less than you can do in the Wall Curl for a maximum single effort. Perform 3 sub-maximum SINGLE repetitions (rest-pause 3-5 minutes between each single repetition) while increasing the weight of each proceeding sub-single so that a near limit weight that can be performed for the third and final sub-maximum single. Part Two: Maxi-Rep Sets Upon completion of part one of workout number one. Now here’s a very detailed workout that will get you ready for the competition. Take this poundage and do one maximum single repetition. It is called the “Blue Print” One-Rep System. Rest-pause 3-5 minutes between each triple rep set. When the EIGHT maximum SINGLE repetitions can be accomplished.squeezing and tensing effect. Rest-pause from 3 to 5 minutes. This select solid. Part One: One-Rep System Begin by loading a bar to starting weight you can do in the Wall Curl for five consecutive repetitions for a specific warm-up (use a weight you can do comfortable without straining). From here you advance onto single repetitions. sub-maximum. Consider this to be workout number one. and maximum single repetition weights by at least 5pounds and no more than 10-pounds. Each proceeding workout add one additional repetition until FOUR sets of FIVE CONSECUTIVE REPEITIONS can be performed. bold and mighty “blue print” One-Rep System is what the “late immortal” Doug Hepburn used exclusively back in the 50s to obtain a giant reserve of overall body strength and power and take his lifting strengths to a the world class level. This brief commentary should adequately take care of the “how to” of the exercise. 38 . Using the Wall Curl as an example here is how the One-Rep System is performed.

If this is the case temporarily eliminate part one (Single-Rep Sets) from the next 3 or 4 proceeding workouts but continue part two (Triple Rep Sets) doing SIX sets instead of FOUR. One last thing I should mention is the type of poundage you will need to be competitive in the Wall Curl at your bodyweight of 195 pounds. There was a time early on in my bodybuilding career when I could do a triple with the same poundage in the Barbell press overhead (225 x 3) that I could do while lying on a bench. It is no secret that I am perhaps one of the most disadvantaged iron heads ever when it comes to pushing up a big poundage in the bench press. in both. but what is one of the most poundage producing bench press routines you know of or have ever used that universally will satisfy the poundage conscious ego’s of bodybuilders perhaps worldwide? B. In some severe cases of over training I would suggest decreasing the frequency to once every 7th day. following the above outline (Workouts #1 through #9). when compared to many other lifts. Weird eh? It’s interesting to me that I have pretty much used all the assistance exercises for improving my bench and the poundages I was able to use in 39 . 140 pounds good and 155 pounds excellent. If at anytime you can’t seem to make the required ONE REP GAIN for two consecutive workouts (most generally this happens within the grid of the single rep sets) you may be experiencing a mild onset of the over training syndrome. 1 set x 5 reps. and I hope I don’t offend you. A 125 pound single attempt is considered fair. A 5-pound increase may not seem like much but remember that the Wall Curl is a low poundage lift. then the following workout. 6 Week Bench Program A. with a low poundage improvement. once again increases somewhat proportionately. This [Wall Curl for Poundage] workout seems to garner the most productive cumulative results in muscular bulk and strength when it is performed on a frequency of every 3rd or 4th training day. When you can do prescribed FOUR sets of FIVE CONSECUTIVE REPETITIONS increase the weights on all four sets by at 5-pounds and no more and begin a new series of FOUR sets of THREE CONSECUTIVE REPEITIONS. I have to ask.For example at your next workout you would do 1 set x 4 reps and 3 sets of 3 reps. continuing on in the manner described. 1 set x 4 reps and 2 sets of 3 reps. I have personally used this One-Rep System (as a part of my power-bodybuilding when I used to compete) and have to admit that the training sessions are somewhat lengthy but the investments of time is well worth the gains it will promote in upper arm strength. Your question doesn’t offend me in the least bit. You will have to recalculate parts one and two so that the progressive ONE REP GAIN. the next workout it would be 1 set x 5 reps and 3 sets of 3 reps. When you once again add part one (Single-Rep Sets) back into the program (beginning at where you left off previously) decrease the number of Triple Rep Sets back to four.

All in all though I never fretted over my performance in the bench press simple because I never felt that except for my ego and bragging rights the bench never afforded me any functional strength advantage in my day to day employment at hard labor. agreed almost to a man that is was more of an issue of me mentally holding back.… The intensity threshold of the Robbins 6 Week Power Bench Press Program requires only two workouts per week. I am aware of the value that the bench plays in sports disciplines such as. 225 (75%) /3 reps. The second training day of week number one consists of workout “B” where you will use 85% of maximum (300 pounds) for three triple rep “barometer” strength building sets. 40 . The first training day consists of workout “A” in which your stress loads for your “barometer” one rep sets consists of working with 95% of your current maximum single effort (MSE). 3-sequence (A. and 285 (95%) /4 non-consecutive single reps. Unless we are in the forest and a tree falls on us or we are doing some work under a car and the jack fails most of our day to day situations require use of the thigh and the back strength most exclusively.S. 185 (62%)/5 reps. usually on Mondays and Thursdays to avoid the overtraining syndrome. C) training method. I should also mention that in the bodybuilding communities over in Europe the bench press isn’t as big of a deal as it is here in the U. Assuming that you are a natural non-anabolic steroid-free bodybuilder who has a hypothetical 300-pound max bench press your workout will appear as follows: 135 (45%)/10 reps. The program involves a two-day.A. Think about it. Having said that. Workout B thus appears as follows: 135 (45%)/10 reps.these movements indicated that I should have been benching (without a bench shirt) 350375 pounds but it was only on a very rare occasion that I could barely go over 300 pounds. 255 (85%) /2 reps. In fact I have searched out every imaginable bench press program in existence as a means to “up my bench” There are at least three dozen or so excellent ones that would universally benefit the bodybuilding communities worldwide but one of my favorites is the 6 Week Power Bench Program that a bodybuilder named John Robbins used to blast his bench pressing strength and those of others into new growth. Judo and select gridiron applications etc. 185 (62%)/5 reps. Also the rotator cuffs are compromised somewhat when doing the bench press. and 255 (85%) for 3 sets of 3 reps. knowing I didn’t have a spotter if I got buried by the weight. The paltry 300 pounds would have been fine if I only weighted say a 165 pounds but that was not the case as I was nearly 220 pounds. Here’s how. I am only sharing these comments as my personal observations and not as an excuse to not perform better in the bench press. B. I trained alone (no training partners) all of my competitive career. and most of the top lifters I talked to about my sub par bench press performances. Powerlifting. 225 (75%)/3 reps.

all natural and without the use of a bench shirt. and C. Tri-Sets. and workout C on Monday at the beginning of the second week. cycling through as explained above where you end with workout C on Friday of the sixth and final week of this program. Rest-Pauses.185 (62%)/reps and 225 (75%) for 3 sets of 5 reps.Workout “C” is the third training sequence and requires you to use 75% of your critical threshold 300-pound maximum for two to three five-rep sets. workout B on Thursday. begin a new 6-week cycle. B. Forced Reps. You see these are the training 41 . Workout A begins on a Monday again in week number four. At the conclusion of the six week cycle you will accomplish approximately a 6-8% strength gain in the “barometer” sets of programs A. “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. For the first three or four months of training you want to avoid all of that. You’ve got. Giant Sets. To maintain a systematic strength progression in this 3-program training approach it is necessary that you strive to add five pounds over your previous training “barometer” one rep (workout A). the acorn does fall far from the tree!!! Intensity Progression Q. A brief overview of this program would show that on the first week you are doing workout A on Monday.” But in this father & son bench press scenario. doing forced or post fatigue reps. A disadvantaged bench press is not an inherited trait as my 33 year old son Billy at 195 pounds does 405 x 3 and 440 for a single. The list is endless. I am getting confused from reading all the bodybuilding magazines because there are so many training progression methods a bodybuilder can use. You’ve been in bodybuilding a lot more than some of the rest of us and I wonder if you know of some type of guidelines for knowing when to use the training progressions and when not to use them. From here you can test for a new maximum single effort (MSE) and after taking a oneweek layoff of active rest. 135 (45%)/10 reps. There is a saying when talking about a father and his son to the effect that. Don’t use negatives and very seldom would you ‘go to failure’. negatives and all the other ones you mention in your letter. Let me try and break down your question a bit. Super Sets. Going to Failure. Workout A is on Thursday and workout B on the following Monday of week number three and C on Thursday. or multiple rep strength building sets (workouts B and C) each and every workout if possible. I can tell you one thing and that is a newbie bodybuilder should take a simplistic straight set approach to lifting. Negatives. Maybe after that you can start delving into that. During the first 3 months do conventional training where you just go with straight sets and a split routine. You want to avoid going to failure. Double and Triple Split Workouts. especially for a guy like me who is just starting out? A.

dennisbweis. My question is this: I want my arms to be big! I train them at least twice a week.techniques that advanced bodybuilders use to bypass sticking points and I am far from convinced they are the best for great so you can see just how the training progressions should logical be used. I hear a sort of hysterical panic in the unedited section of your letter. and I have been training for over 40 years. Olympia contender from years past. My suggestion would be to just try it on one muscle group (such as quads/hamstrings. as far as adding great size and strength especially for the beginner. When this particular Q & A appears in Muscle Mag. your arms will always be embarrassingly small! Here is a triceps workout that will compliment the ratio of work you are doing for your biceps. Tell you what I’ll do. They just don’t seem to grow! I'll do whatever it takes! A. The techniques you mention may be good once in a while but not on a regular basis. I call it the “atomic” triceps workout. The exercise of choice is the Bent arm barbell pullover and triceps press (E-Z-curl bar). Universe and Mr. A friend of mine Dennis Tinerino. My biceps seem to have a nice peak but my arms are only 16 1/2 " on a good day! I do preacher curls. You can do bicep movements until your blue in the face. After the first 3 months of training and for the next three you might consider adding super sets. 42 . I just couldn’t imagine going to failure every workout. With regard to double split workout. This is a shock blast workout consisting of combining two exercises within the same set. and it will. When you’re six months down the road you might add in some giant sets for your lat workouts or even the abs. especially if done during the first year or two of training can hinder and detract from one’s training. I’ll post the Tinerino chart on my website: (www. but unless you do triceps work as well. Hope all this helps you out. I noticed that while you named several bicep exercises you didn't mention a single triceps exercise. which you are not. They are the enemy of progress because they will expose you to needless high stress and overload your adaptive mechanism. no way. I can help you my skinny armed friend. just ask Dave Draper. All in all many of the techniques you mention. Mr. published a very concise Logical Intensity Progress chart which revealed how to use many of the training progressions discussed here. Super sets are really good because they get you used to working opposing muscle groups. dumbbell curls and cable curls. unless you are really an advanced competitive bodybuilder. I'm not sure if I want to know what that’s all about. or biceps/triceps) and only once per week. Big Arms? Q. but I do know that having big arms is important to a lot of guys. a former Mr. America.

Then there is a third set of 8 reps. then driven back to lock-out. Is this enough? Everything I read tells you something different. Hypothetically if 100-pounds were performed for a single rep then the bar was loaded to 125-pounds. For the second set. you might as well have big arms!" And dude. relax! Your arms will grow. a ten-minute rest is taken while you massage the triceps and save your energy for the heavy work to follow. Bodybuilding Truth Q. with a barbell on the floor directly at the lower end of it. If you can read. the bar is loaded to 60% of a 10 rep maximum and 8 reps were performed. you can look at the pictures! They're worth the price alone! You know what they say. This book has some awesome arm routines to help you pack on size and keep it on. pick up a copy of Robert Kennedy's "Arm-A-Gettin". This is the completion of the first rep with fourteen more to go in this first set. This is repeated for eight reps. right? Most of the time I take off maybe a week every 6 months or so. pressed to full extension over the chest. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets one through five. While lying in a declined position on the bench reach back and grasp the bar (ref: Supine close-grip triceps press) and with the arms bent. I do a 3-1 split work out. Upon completion of the sixth set. the bar is now 150-pounds). "If you only go through life once. so I’m not so sure that I need to rest all that much. Now pull the bar in a semi-circle to the upper pectoral region. Bottom line! Try to keep up with me here. so I’m getting plenty of rest. contract the triceps and extend the forearms up to lockout in strict form. If you want the "Truth" go climb a mountain in Nepal! Seriously though. I'm not a pro level body builder. a forth set of 6 reps. The bar is then pulled to the upper chest region. and with a brief pause. The bar is next loaded with 25% more weight (using the hypothetical example above. What’s the truth? A. when you lift heavy and intensely it breaks down the muscle fibers in the part of the body 43 .Do the Bent arm barbell pullover and triceps press in the following manner: An adjustable sit-up (abdominal) board is set at a 30-degree angle. I constantly read and hear that rest is as important as the work you put in at the gym. Even if you can't read. and return it to the floor. Quality rest is as important as the quality work you put out. The bar is then loaded to 1 ¼ times the weight that was used for single rep on the sixth set. The barbell is loaded to 40% of his 10 rep maximum in the Supine close-grip triceps extension. lower the bar to the chest by elbow flexion. Seven to ten sets of 6 reps in the measured movement (six to eight inches) Close-grip triceps extension is the order of the day. then a fifth set for a triple and finally a sixth set where a limit single rep is performed. Now instead of lowering the bar all the way down to the chest as was previously done the bar is only lowered six to eight inches.

cardio. but it's my job so I suppose I will give you a few ideas. training and rest as it applies to the "Split" can be found in Robert Kennedy's new book "MuscleBuilding for EveryBody" Inside there are several awesome examples of various split routines and the explanations of when to rest and how much. You seem like a sincere fella' who really wants to train hard so I’ll help ya. I'll cut right to the chase. However I don’t think he is pushing me hard enough. My calves are too small! I could lie about it but that just won't do me any good. and stretching. 44 . DC) will know how to push their clients without injuring them. First off you should do more than just a couple of sets per leg workout.what should I do? A. I have in my employ a personal trainer. The key is to use as much weight as you can for as many reps as you can. I know what I’m doing isn't working. Any trainer worth his salt will have spent some time in the "Pain Zone" himself. The only way to get truly huge and truly strong is to push your self over the pain threshold! The last 2 or 3 reps of a really hard set aren't called the "Golden Reps" for nothing. Calf muscles are dense and as such need to have their butts kicked on a regular basis just to make them grow. including strength training. If you constantly keep taxing your body and not giving it proper rest. so could you recommend a few ideas to shock my calves into growth? Thanks. I am a 27 year old professional business man in a small town. Holy Crap!!! You waited 4 years to try to find out how to grow calves?! You deserve to have "long ankles" if you know what I mean! I shouldn't tell you how. your gains will be minimal at best and you may even and most likely will injure yourself! You say you use a split work out. He has me work out generally 4 times a week. I normally supplement my leg training with a couple of sets of standing calf raises. Whenever a set starts to get tough he has me quit! Now I don't know a lot about lifting. Maybe your current trainer is just out to make a buck. In order for your muscles to heal and grow. you have to rest. but they haven’t grown in at least 4 years. A quality trainer will know this. What is your opinion? I really want to get stronger . First off get a new trainer. Being able to do reps when your muscles are screaming at you to stop is when you will make truly magnificent gains my friend! Let’s Build Calves Q. Basically if you want to grow you need to train hard! But you also need to rest just as hard! Training Past The Burn Q. just worked. I don’t know what kind of split routine you use. but it seems to me that to get bigger and stronger you have to push harder. A good personal trainer (like my good friend Maximum Bob Whelan in Washington. but the best definition and total integration of nutrition. Maybe he doesn't have a clue.

The tone of your letter indicates you have been training for a few years which should qualify you as an advanced bodybuilder.dennisbweis. If you can’t find the times available to do the sequences then I would suggest you do just one set of bodyweight-only two-legged heel raise for as many continuous reps as you can. 30 reps Tu-Th-Sa a) Single-Legged Heel Raise: 5 sets. This might run into a hundred reps and more. 9-12 reps b) Donkey Calf Raise: 5 sets. He is also a frequent hard-hitting uncompromising freelance consultant to many of the mainstream bodybuilding magazines published All it takes is constant and persistent training. You will find that several weeks on this six day a week workout will do a great deal to promote the growth you are looking for in your calves. Alaska based power-bodybuilder. Remember to do this 25/20 sequence four more times during the day. Anabolic Muscle Mass and the exclusive author of 21 Master Data E-Reports (read about them at: www. With a shoeless foot and standing on a wooden calf block or stair step do 25 reps for each leg and then immediately without any rest do 20 reps for each. M-W-F a) Seated Calf Machine: 5 sets. He is the co-author of 3 critically acclaimed books. Do this a few hours apart from the exercises (a & b) listed above.) b) Five 50 yard wind sprints on your toes In addition to this workout do bodyweight-only one-legged heel raises at 5 other times during the day if you can manage it. Therefore here is a routine which will jump start your calf growth. each sequence done preferable an hour apart from the other. 15-20 reps c) Standing Calf Machine: 5 sets. If none of this works I guess you'll have to just get calf implants! Just kiddin'! Hope that helps you out Chicken Leg man! is a Ketchikan. Mass! Raw Muscle. 45 . 20 reps (This exercise is normally done with a dumbbell held in one hand while standing with one foot on a wooden calf block or stair step. the same ingredients you use for building big arms.

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