Registration under Excise Procedure for Assessee


1. Form A-1: The applicant should file an application in Form A-1 to the jurisdictional Superintendent of Central Excise properly signed. 2. Ground Plan: The application should be accompanied by the ground plan of the premises of the factory. There is no necessity of clear demarcation of the boundaries, storeroom, production area as required under old rule 174 of CER, 1944. 3. Manufacturing Process: The applicant may also enclose a brief write up on the manufacturing process for his products starting from receipt to dispatch for future benefits and avoiding future confusion. 4. Documents: The copy of the partnership deed, board resolution, memorandum of association and power of attorney in case of application being made by person other than the proprietor, partner or director may be provided. [Neither the rule nor the form specifies this requirement] 5. Tariff Classification: The tariff classification of the excisable goods, which are going to be manufactured, is also required to be given in the form A-1. 6. Registration Grant: The Superintendent of Central Excise shall grant the Registration Certificate in specified form containing registration number within 7 days from the receipt of the duly completed application after conducting the inspection within 5 days from the receipt of application. 7. Certificate Exhibit: The certificate of registration or its certified copy should be exhibited in a conspicuous part of the premises. 8. Fresh registration: Fresh registration has to be sought in the event of change in premises or in case of change in the ownership of the business. 9. Surrender of Registration Certificate: The assessee can surrender his registration certificate by applying in the specified form after fulfilling his obligations under this Act.

10. . Lost Certificate: The assessee can give a written application for losing the registration certificate upon which a duplicate registration certificate will be issued.

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