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Published by: Sushilkumar Sonar on Mar 31, 2011
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SUSHILKUMAR SONAR CFD Engineer 13.02.1985 C/o, R A Jadahv, Renuka Apartment, 409, Shaniwar Peth, Pune- 411 030, India.


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(Mb.) 9371033313 sushilkumar.sonar@gmail.com

EDUCATION: BE, Chemical Engineering Shivaji University, 2006– 67% Diploma in Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (DACFD) from Centre for Computational Technologies, Pune, August 2007 – 78% H.S.C. from S.R.V.M. high school & Jr. College, Jath; Kolhapur Board. February 2002, With 1st class – 74% S.S.C. from S.R.V.M. high school & Jr. College, Jath; Kolhapur Board. March 2000, With 77.6% - 1st class with distinction. Short Courses/Certifications: Fluent Advanced Training - Multiphase Simulation & UDF; Business English Certification (Preliminary)


: MWH Global India Pvt. Ltd. (Pune) : CFD Engineer : Involved in activities like understanding CFD Requirement, Project Estimation and Proposal Making, Pre-processing (model & mesh generation using GAMBIT), Simulation Setup (FLUENT/FLOW 3D), Post-processing (FLUENT/ FLOW 3D), Results Analysis and Report Writing for UK, US, AUS & Europe Clients. TOTAL YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 3.5


EXPERIENCE RECORD: Coundon Service Reservoir Client: Severn Trent Water Coundon new service reservoir was a proposed twin cell buried reinforced concrete tank on the site of an existing reservoir which was to be demolished. It was constructed over the base slab of the existing reservoir. The operation of the reservoir was expected to be as typical service reservoir, so as filled at night and emptied during the day. The CFD modeling was carried out to investigate the hydraulic performance of the reservoirs for any dead spots or low velocity zones, resulting in water quality deterioration. Residence Time Distribution (RTD) analysis was carried out using the particle track model. (2010-11)

Sushilkumar S. Sonar

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CSO Client: Northumbrian Water The non standard CSO was analyzed for the possible recirculation of solids in the tank. This has been done to determine the effect of short-circuiting on removal of solids. The mixing siphon was useful to maintain the uniform quality of the effluent to the plant in order to get the efficient treatment. facilitating the easy sludge handling at only one point (PST) in the plant. A number of methods to improve the solids retention have been investigated and the best suitable option was suggested. UK The newly installed Humus tank at Kilndown WTW has a poor performance which did not comply with the standards of the consented flow discharge. (2008 – 2009) Alameda Mixing Siphon CFD Analysis Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) CFD Analysis was carried out to check the performance of the mixing siphon at Sunol Valley WwTW. CFD helped in improving the performance of Humus tank to comply with the standards of the consented flow discharge. It was then decided by MWH to undertake a computational fluid dynamic modelling (CFD) work on the Kilndown humus tank. (2010) Silver Lake Treated Water Reservoir CFD Client: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Silver Lake treated water reservoir was a huge reservoir to be constructed. Choosing inlet and outlet arrangement was a crucial decision. (2009) Sushilkumar S. Studying the flow patterns in the chamber. The modelling analyzed the velocities achieved and the containment of the flushing waters within the flushing lanes and the tank’s sumps.Curriculam Vitae Gibson Island Advanced Water Treatment Plant (GIAWTP) Client: Western Corridor Recycled Water Project A free surface Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model was constructed to analyze the mixing performance of the Gibson Island Advanced Water Treatment Plant (GIAWTP) lime mixing chamber. The purpose of the model was to understand the flushing gates performance and assess the proposed installations by two potential gates suppliers. suitable baffling option was suggested to eliminate short-circuiting and to achieve uniform mixing of lime. Scalar model was used for modeling the Lime and particle track model was used for RTD analysis. A suitable and cost effective solution was suggested using CFD. CFD helped in choosing best alternative for inlet and outlet arrangements and also to get better mixing in the reservoir to avoid water quality deterioration. (2009) Cambois WwTW . The baseline scenario was simulated and the Residence Time Distribution (RTD) analysis was carried out to understand the mixing performance of the chamber. (2010) Cradley Forge Storm Tanks Client: Severn Trent Water A free surface CFD model was constructed of the proposed Cradley Forge Storm Tanks flushing gates using Flow3D. (2009) Small Dole PST Client: Southern Water The primary settling tank was analyzed for the performance and suitable alternative was suggested in order to treat excess load from humus tank. (2008 – 2009) Kilndown WTW .Humus Tank Client: Southern Water. Sonar Page 2 of 4 . (2009) San Antonio Backup Pipeline Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) The mixing pattern of the chemicals was studied and the suitable injection location was suggested for better and faster mixing.

(Gambit. Programming languages : C. : CAD Repair for Meshing.’ : Linux (Fedora Core). AutoCAD. unsteady flows. steady. Project work: ‘Fluidized Bed Incineration of Chemical Industry Waste’. Multi Block Grid. The objective of the modelling was. FORTRAN (Introductory). The objective was to get desired pressure drop across the Chlorine Contact Tank. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to assist the investigation of hydraulic efficiency of the Chlorine Contact Tank. EXTRA-CURRICULAR: Active member of ACEDS-‘Association of Chemical Engineering Department Students. for uniform loading of the screen. T-Grid. (FLUENT.Secondary Clarifier CFD Client: City of Indianapolis The existing Secondary Clarifier at City of Indianapolis. Won national level model competition in ‘PRODIGY 05’ at MUICT Mumbai. Unstructured Grid Generation. CFX & Flow 3D). : Office XP. to suggest the best suitable alternative to load the screen uniformly.Curriculam Vitae Sunol Valley WwTP Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) As a part of the preliminary engineering phase for Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant (SVWTP) project. Windows (XP. sponsored by Gharda Chemicals Ltd. India. Seminars: 1) 1D. Excel) Sushilkumar S. using the CFD Analysis. to determine the screen loading pattern. it had been stated that the Clarifier could be operated at this peak flow without any risk of failure. 2D and axi-symmetrical cases in CFD. Sonar Page 3 of 4 . With the help of 'State Point Analysis' of the results generated with CFD. 2007). The results of CFD analysis were validated after the actual test of the clarifier. C++. turbulence modelling and multiphase modelling. was tested for the critical loading of 300 MGD flow. ICEM CFD) : Incompressible flows. (2008) TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: CAD Software Preprocessing CFD Simulations : Introductory Knowledge of Solid Works. (2008) Belmont . The CFD analysis suggested the best suitable baffling option for the desired pressure drop across the tank without affecting the RTD of the tank. Office 2007 (Word. 3) Stability of Bio-catalysts. 2) Plasma assisted production of hydrogen from HC. Operating system Documentation CO-CURRICULAR: Secured All India Rank-967. which was designed for a peak flow of 150 MGD. Structured Grid.. (2008) Great Bridge CSO Client: Yorkshire Water The scope of work is to generate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model for one year flow condition for the proposed Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and to investigate the hydraulic performance of the CSO. in GATE 2006 exam with the score of 303. Chiplun. Maharashtra. PowerPoint.

Sonar Page 4 of 4 .. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Member of PDP (Personality Development Program) Committee at MWH Global India. for year 2008-09.. Worked as an Editor of an inter-company weekly newsletter ‘News Fri’. Pvt. Organized a funfair and competition for children on the occasion of ‘Gudhi-Padava’ in year 2006. Editor of wall magazine in Chemical Department for year 2005-06. first time in the department. Worked as head of stage decoration committee for ACEDS. Able to make day to day communication in Kannada. Sushilkumar S. Pvt. Ltd.’ Blood donation in a social welfare camp arranged in college. REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. LANGUAGES: Fluent in English. Cleared Elementary & Intermediate Grade exams in drawing. for year 2007-08. Being member of ACEDS organized ‘Alumni Meet’. Marathi and Hindi.Curriculam Vitae Member of organizing committee for ‘Technochem-05. Ltd. at MWH Global India.

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