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Published by: Dimitris Sparos on Mar 31, 2011
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A credible business should let their visitors know exactly what their
policies are in regard to the personal information they collect.

A great way to disclose your policies is to create a "Privacy" page. Your
"Privacy" page should include all of the following that apply:

• How do you plan on using your visitors information?
• Is your visitors information sold or shared with a third party?
• Why do you collect your visitors email address and how will it be
• Why do you track your visitors IP address?
• Let your visitors know that you're not responsible for the privacy
issues of any outside web sites you may be linking to.
• Do you run contests and what do you do with the information?
• Do you have a discussion forum or message board? Let your visitors
know that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes
public information and caution should be taken.
• Do you have security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse
and alteration of the information under your control? If so, let your
visitors know.
• Let your visitors know how they can opt out of your mailing lists.
• Provide your visitors with your contact information, should they have
any questions in regard to your privacy policies.


Many times, your potential customers will have questions in regard to
your products and services. To further build your credibility, provide
your potential customers with an easy way to contact you. Create a
page on your web site called "feedback." Place a form on this page to
enable your visitors to contact you.

It is very important that you answer any questions you may receive as
quickly as possible. Your personal response to your potential
customers can literally determine whether or not you're going to make
a sale.

A feedback form will also enable you to gather testimonials and
receive suggestions to assist you in improving your web site, products
or services.


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