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HR Innovation at MMHRC

is committed to comply with applicable requirements for developing and providing world class health care at an affordable cost. MaduraiMadurai-based 650-bed multi-speciality 650multihospital .MMHRC   Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre.

.Problems in the Case  Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre was facing challenges in getting skilled manpower and retaining them.

Strategies of Employee Engagement     Obtain & Retain Appraisal & Training Addressing Aspirations Employee Welfare Schemes     Addressing Grievances Permission to fail Train the Leaders Humor at Work .

The hospital has been recruiting most of its doctors. .Obtain & Retain    Mass interviewing of the non-clinical noncandidates. The forum. makes a good platform to recruit through various resources. known as Federation of Hospital Administrators. technicians during conferences & through word-of-mouth word-ofpublicity. managers.

whereby employees can give their suggestions about different functional issues.Appraisal & Training    A µtraining need chart¶ based on the 360 degrees performance appraisal of each staff. The hospital has started involving the employees in the decision-making decisionprocess. The suggestion schemes had been floated in the hospital. .

. High performance & High caring culture was inculcated as core values among the staff.Addressing Aspirations   All staff is empowered so as to decide on their own.

This year they have even sponsored the entire expenses for employee¶s children admission in the medical college. . Initiatives for family welfare like appointment of spouse and educational allowance.Employee welfare schemes    Welfare benefits like the festival bonus. educational allowance for their children etc.

and in case of any issues.Addressing grievances  CFT (Core Functional Team) has been established. . they are settled either then and there or by a methodical approach. which keeps a watch on the grievances of key performers.

Permission to fail  Giving the employees µpermission to fail¶ and learn from their mistakes is as important as empowering them to take crucial decision .

Train the Leaders  Periodically motivate. train. teach the team leaders about the importance of affection towards their staff .

.Humour at work   In Dr Sethuraman¶s words. earlier HR meant horror. A pleasant atmosphere at work is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. which can bring great results for a company. as it allows employees to think creatively. but now in MMHRC it means humour at work.

000 per child/per year. Education Allowance: Maximum of Rs 3.Initiatives for employees    Family Medical benefits: Free medical treatment to all employees and 50 per cent concession to their dependents. Crèche: Crèche: The hospital runs a crèche for the employee¶s kids on free of cost. Free medicines worth Rs 500 (maximum) is given to an eligible employee who is admitted as a patient in the hospital. .

    Employee¶s Welfare fund: It caters to urgent needs of the employees who have completed one year of service. Other benefits: Hospital gives loyalty bonus and various types of incentives to eligible employees.ESI and gratuity benefits are offered. . Funeral benefits: It extends to the spouse of the employee in case of death. Statutory benefits: PF .

in spite of industry-wide high industryattrition in the nursing staff. . the hospital claims to have successfully retained 45 per cent of its nurses. ³Almost 70 per cent of the staff and almost 40 per cent of the doctors have been working for more than 10 years´ .Conclusion    Such well-thought strategies have helped wellthe hospital to retain talent. Thus.

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