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The American Dream

The American Dream

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Published by: Arjumand Zakkee Muhammad on Mar 31, 2011
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[Type text] Arjumand Z.

Muhammad 3-30-11 Eng090-18 Definition

When I think of the American Dream, I envision a beautiful home, nice white picket fence, and a family with a small dog that resembles lassie. We have been fashioned to idolize behind this distorted 50 s personification of what the American dream was, but what exactly can we define the American dream as now? In this essay I will illustrate what my personal definition of the American dream is based on the economic climate that we currently live in. The American Dream for everyone is different, some value economic stability, others just want to live comfortably, most want to just live well below their means, but then there is me. I imagine the American Dream as being someone who is self sufficient, someone who has his own business, his own many, and has utilized his success for the advancement of others. If I had the opportunity to live out my American Dream I would own and invest in multiple companies and generate a economic system to aid the underprivileged without losing success myself. If my job title could be placed into a word I believe it would be what I learned in my communication class author Eric Greene defines as a servant leader. A servant leader is defined as someone whose primary obligation is to help and aid others in their own development and in turn finds success and power from doing so. Based on the economic hour we now live in, how much have the American Dream changed from what it used to be? The U.S. National debt clock has stated that America is currently in 4.08 billion dollars of debt. It says therefore, each citizen has inherited 45,923.82 of this debt and the number continues to grow. I believe that this factor has heavily affected not only the ideal but the

etc. and once you have graduated. Muhammad 3-30-11 Eng090-18 Definition blue print of what the American Dream entails. Most people believe that the dream means we grow up in a middle class home. Some others may believe the dream means to own a home. but it s the active practice of helping others while in the midst of helping myself achieve prosperity.[Type text] Arjumand Z. but the ability to live the dream as well. It isn t a vivid picture or some of money I visualize in my mind. go to a college to pursue the career of your interest. and a good paying job that allows you to cover all monthly expenses and still have leeway to do other things such as traveling. and jobs have been scattered or even lost. major banks have had to receive bailout assistance. I believe the vision of The American Dream was much different because jobs and more opportunity were available to citizens and everyone apparently envisioned or had the same reality of what it actually was. . Our American economy has fell so deep into debt that there are no longer any jobs. In conclusion. get a job and become successful in that field. or similar to the model definition and ideal. Now I believe the American Dream is just to make it through the year. graduate and finish high school. It was when people became greedy an imbalance formed which distorted not only the ideal of the dream. a car. I don t believe my opinion or personification of the American Dream is like most.

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