Messages are constantly being sent by people all over the world. They can be verbal through talking or written through mail. A form of communication used in inter-system communication, inter process communication, object-oriented programming, and parallel computing.

o Good News Message o Bad News Message o Neutral Messages .Types Of Messages There are three types of messages.

 These messages are generally organized by the direct approach-also known as good-news plan .Good-News and Neutral Messages What is Good-News and Neutral Message  A message that will receive favorable response or neutral reaction from your reader is usually easy to write because such messages tells your reader something pleasant or offer usual information.

Examples of Good News Messages y Thank-you messages y Congratulatory messages y Inquiries and replies y Requests and responses y Orders and acknowledgments y Routine claims and adjustments .

3. when appropriate: all necessary details.Organizational Plan for Good-News and Neutral Message 1. First: Best news or main idea Middle: Explanation. appreciation . friendly ending. educational information. with one or more following. 2. Last: Positive. motivation to action. resale. sales promotion. with a clear statement of action desired. willingness to help further.

and background  Present negative element(as positive as possible)  Goodwill ending .Format of Positive and Neutral messages According to my concern. clarification. Following points are feasible in writing a positive and neutral message:  Give any good news and summarize key points  Should build goodwill/ethos  Give details.

it is always more personal and meaningful to recipients to send a written note of appreciation.Emphasis On Point Goodwill Messages: Goodwill messages are different from the usual business documents in that they express feelings rather than information or persuasion. ( Although it may be tempting to send printed cards. and therefore are little bit different in writing. or sympathy) Types of Goodwill Messages  Letter of Appreciation  Letter of Congratulation  Letter of Condolence . congratulations.

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