Human Resources Management Plan Summary
The human resources which have been made available to the project team include Dr. Lipsett, the project manager (Shannon MacDonald), the project team, laboratory technicians, a cleaning service, and research students under Dr Lipsett. Each individual group of human resources has various constraints which were considered. The constraints include: minimal available time, non-project related commitments, labor agreements/regulations, and the need for advanced notifications. The risk associated with the human resources from a management perspective is small based on the nature of the project. Working conditions, risks, work durations, and breaks all conform to the rules and regulations set by Occupational Health and Safety as well as University of Alberta. To promote a sense of ownership for the project, tasks have been delegated to those individuals who volunteer for them. This allows individuals to work within their fields of interest making the work more enjoyable. Sufficient human resources are available for the project and all human requirements have been filled.

13. Cost Management Plan
Utilizing available human resources to the fullest extent is crucial to ensuring the project is completed within schedule and budgetary requirements. Many human resource assets have been provided through the University of Alberta at no cost to the project. The total budget for the project is $10 000 dollars. This sum includes contingency funds and is the absolute maximum available for this project. The cost risks associated with this project are minimal due to the project team being provided with adequate funds. The budget has been divided into two separate accounts, the primary account and the contingency account. The primary account will amount to $7500 leaving the remaining $2500 as a contingency which further mitigates the cost risk. The project team will be utilizing bottom-up estimating due to the high level of accuracy inherent to this method. Any work that has been completed which has an associated budgetary expense is to be documented on an expense sheet. The expense sheets will provide a clear picture when used to conduct an earned value analysis.

14. Project Cost Estimate
Due to the nature of the contracts between the project team, the University of Alberta, and the client Dr. Lipsett, all labor expenses excluding the cleaning sub-contractor have been obtained at no cost to the project. The total cost for the project has been determined to be $1,330.00. This estimate is good for 60 days after the date the report has been accepted.