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CFN 2010049926, OR BK 6131 Page 942, Recorded 03/17/2010 at 03:59 PM, Scott Ellis, Clerk of Courts, Brevard County Prepared by: Robert S. Kahan Record & Return to Kahane & Associates, P.A. 8201 Peters Road, Ste.3000 Plantation, FL 33324 Telephone: (954) 382-3486 Telefacsimile: (954) 382-5380 Loan No,: 0021639182 , Es ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT: THAT SAND CANYON CORPORATION, F/K/A OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION, A FLORIDA CORPORATION Residing or located at: 3 ADA, IRVINE, CA 29618 herein designated as the assignor, for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 Dollar and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does hereby grant, bargain, sell, assign, transfer and set over unto WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., AS TRUSTEE FOR, ABEC 2006-OPTI TRUST, ABFC ASSET-BACKED CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2006-OPTI. residing or located at: 101 8. CHICAGO, HOT SPRINGS, SD $7747 herein designated as the assignee, the mortgage executed by DANIEL CLEMENTS, recorded in BREVARD County, Florida, at Book 5657, and Page 1573, encumbering the property more particularly described as follows: LOT 22, BLOCK 224, PORT ST. JOHN UNIT SEVEN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 23, PAGES 60 THROUGH 69, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA. together with the note and each and every other obligation described in said mortgage and the money due and to become due thereon This document has been executed and is being recorded in order to formalize and memorialize an assignment of the subject mortgage which took place prior to February §, 2010. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said assignee, its successors and assigns forever, but without recourse on the undersigned, In Winess Whereof, te suid Assignor has hereunto set his hand and seal of caused these presents to be signed by its proper corporate officers and is corporate seal io be hereto afixed this “Y- day of "EID, 2010. Signed in the presence of SAND CANYON CORPORATION, F/K/A. OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Titied CORPORATION PRINT NAME: MiC)ne\le _Haluard retary and Vice President ATTEST: ‘TITLe,_Assistant fine: Qs HE Cen Avner WITNE: warvesh Print Name: ___Linda eS STATE oF Florida. ___ COUNTY or ia — a PERSONALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority in and for the aforesaid county and = state, on this the wo. he-within.nanyed <2 = Ware Baie == Tah aekniowledged to'me that (s)he is Assist Soren and Vice Redantdhet for ‘and on behalf of SAND CANYON CORPORATION, F/K/A OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION, S A FLORIDA CORPORATION, and as its act and deed (s)he executed the above and foregoing instrument, after first having been duly authorized by SAND CANYON CORPORATION, F/K/A OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION, A FLORIDA CORPORATION to do so. WITNESS my hand and official seal in the County and State last aforesaid this DOX day of Fen 2010 Tints < Gla FBLIC ee TAMERA SANDOVAL My connassion # ODS ANIM 10-04930. G1, “exes Coster 08 210