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CFN 2010240967, OR BK 6295 Page 1796, Recorded 12/09/2010 at 03:35 PM, Scott Ellis, Clerk of Courts, Brevard County N QQ. PREPARED BY & RETURN TO M.E Wileman ‘Assigned Code 145 Ono Fmt Group, ne 20 achnge BaF 100 Soubiate, T1692 Assignment of Mortgage Send Any Novees To Ase For Vahl Cnndraton te ndenged, COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, A. 1800 TAPO CANYON ROAD, MSW SVG, SIMI VALLEY, CA 9803 (sia) by tee presen oe sg ad et ‘ver, tho reuse to DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TROST COMPANY Fick BANKERS TRUST COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, I-A, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE VENDEE MORTAGE THUST 21019, UNITED STATES DEPT OF VETERANS AFVARS, GUARANTEED HEMMIC PuSS THROUGH CERTIFICATES 1757 TAPO CANYON ROAD, SIM VALLEY, C4 93063 (Antgne te dese rz, onee wd eam uc ecb oh ret ‘en ay pit da teamed ten, att by DAVID HORVATH, A MARRIED MAN o SECRETARY OF VETERANG AFFAIRS, AN OFFER OF THEUNTTED STATES OF AMERICA’ Sd margge Dated 4/2001 ‘eon te Ste fF, Cauny of Brevard n 17200), Bok 4269 Page 1589 AMOUNT: 8 L120 Dopey ‘ares 33,0 OSCEOLA LANE. COCOA BEACH FLS2531 IN WITNESS WHEREO tgs cramp has eased Is stun! be exe a see sent by A070) {ANA AA ‘COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, NA, HORVATH YMG *10040492 ent on (Ab LDrerrary wor tome, = ‘of for COUNTY WIDE HOME LOANS COMPANY OF fice act and MOT coun ot ontetatana scinowedged that hehe s CALIFORKIA, NA and hate My commission Expires ® 4101-N-2159 PL Brevard [NBS/ASMTIBAC