Istikhara: 1.

Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gujmuradabadi(rehmatullah) has said : start istekhara with reading awaal akhir(before and after) durood sharif 7 times then read sureah fateha 7 times with "Bismillaah hir rehman nir rahim" in the start of sureah fateha, then read " Ya alemo ilamni Ya khabiro akhbirni" 25 times and go to sleep without talking to any one u will get ur answer with in 3-5 days do every day till u get ur answer. If u see green or white light means it is a go head but if u see red or black colour means that dont go for that thing. 2.Istikhara Qadriya (Devine Guidance) Pray 2 Rakats of nawafil in each Rakats recite after Surah Fatiha 303 times Surah Ikhlas. After praying face South and recite this Ism AL NOORO AL ZAHIRO AL BASITO ُ ‫ النور الظا ِھر ا ۡلباسط‬reciting until one goes to sleep inshalla one will receive the َُ َ ُ Keep َ answer in dream 3. Istikhara (Devine Guidance) There are different methods of doing Istikhara here i will show some different methods of Istikhara One method is to write the holy name AL RAHEEM ‫ ال رحیم‬on a piece of paper and to place under ones pillow and then recite: ALLAHUMMA ARE'NE BEBAR KA'TE HAZEHIL ISME FIL MANAME MA OREEDO ٰ ُ ِ ُ ِ ََ ‫ا لل ُھم ا ر ۡنی بب ۡرکت ھذ ِھ ا ِل ۡسم فی ا ۡلمنام ما ار ۡید‬ ِِ ۡ ِ ِ َ َِ ِ ِ َ َ َ Keep in your heart the reason you seek guidance After reciting the dua go to sleep and one will see if his decision is good or not, If one does not see then it will happen after a long while ________________________________________ Istikhara Ghous Paak (Devine Guidance) First recite 15 times darood shareef and send the sawab on Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Jillani Rahmatullahi Alahi then recite AKHBIRNI BEHALI 1100 times and go to sleep. ‫ر ن ۡی بحا ل ۡی‬One must remember that it should be done on a Thursday and having a bath, َ ِ ِ ۡ ‫ا ۡخب‬ َ clean clothes, applying some Atar (Islamic fragrance) and one must also fast on that day. ________________________________________ Istikhara (Devine Guidance) First recite 11 times darood Shareef and then recite YA BADEEHAL HAJA'IBE YA KASHIFAL GHARA'IBE ِ ِ َ َ َ ِ َ َ ِ ِ َ َ ُ ِ َ Recite for 1100 times and go to sleep. Again a bath, clean ‫یا بدیح ا ۡلحجاءب یا کاشف ا ۡلخراءب‬ َ clothes and attar should be applied. ________________________________________ Istikhara (Devine Guidance) This Istikhara is for things which are going to happen in a few days time to that person which are told in a dream recite 7 times morning and evening after reciting for a few days one will start to see things which are going to happen in dream. inshalla. ALLAHUMMA KHIRLI WAKHTIRLE WALA TOKILNE ILA IKHTIYARI ‫الل ُھم خ ۡرلی وا ۡخت ۡرلی ول تک ۡلنی ا ٰل ا ۡختیار ۡی‬ َِ ِ ِ ِ ِ ُ َ َ ِ ِ َ ِ ِ َ َ

Three(3) times. and "Astagfirullah 10 times.followed by 'Ayat-al-Kursi'.In the remaining Rak'at/Rak'aat he recited Surah Ikhlaas and Surah Naas both once. la-ilaha illa huwa aalimul-ghaibi wash-shahadati huwarrakmanur-rahim three(3) times. Huwal-lahul-lazi.In the second cycle. Salaat-al-Haajat(Prayer for help in time of need OR Prayer for Desires) Prayers for fulfillment of Desires are known as Salaatu 'l-Haajat.followed by recitation of.alhamdu lillahi rabbil'aalameen.Hazrat Huzaifah(RadiAllah hu ta'aala an) narrates that:"Whenever Hazrat Muhammad (SallAllaho Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam)faced any difficulty he offered two or four Rak'aat of prayers.requires Allah's help or he has an important work to be done by another.He should then offer two or four cycles of Salaat. He should then recite Durood three times.three'aluka moojibaati rahmatika wa 'azaaema maghfiratika wal ghaneemata min kulli birriun was salaamata min kulli ismil laa tad a'lee zamban illaa .In the first Rak'at he recited Surah Faatihah once and Aayatu 'l-Kursi three times. Subhan-Allah-i-wal-hamdulil-lahi wa la ilaha il-lal-lahu wal-lahu akbaru wala hawla wala quwata illa billahil ali-il-azim. 4th Kalma 10 times.In the first cycle he should recite the opening Surah of the Quraan.[ABU DAAWOOD] If a person needs something desperately.If one wants to recite for a special reason for himself or someone else to find out something then one must recite for 1021 times and go to sleep where one has recited the dua.he should recite: Qul hu Wallahu(Surah Ikhlaas) after Al-Fatiha followed by Qul awuzubirabbil falaq(Surah Falaq) In the fourth cycle he should recite Qul awuzubi rabbin-naas(Surah Naas)After pronouncing the salution he should recite.he should perform full ablution with due care.Durood should then be followed by the following supplication: Laa ilaaha illal lahu alhaleemul Kareemu subhaanallahi rabbil'arshil'azeem. If done on a empty stomach is more beneficial Remember one needs to have the intention in heart for whatever reason you are reciting it for in all Istikhara ________________________________________ KHAZANA-E-MAGFIRAT: After Every Namaz read "Ayatal Kursi" 1 time.

Surah Ikhlas 75 times. A 4 rakah nafil with one salam with the intention of fulfilment of need. 1st Rakah Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas 10 times 2nd Rakah Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas 20 times 3rd Rakah Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas 30 times 4th Rakah Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas 40 times After saying Salam don't talk to anyone and recite Darood 75 times.. and Istaghfar 75 times and then ask for the fulfilment of your need. In any case with humility and respectfully with a pure heart and you are halaal in every manner then your prayers are sure to be answered Insha'Allah.. After the Isha prayer on Monday. -this is done between the night of Jum'a and Jumaraat . with fresh ablution and in privacy say a 4 rakah prayer with one salam with the intention for seeking the fultilment of a need.ghafartahu wa laa hamman illaa farrajtahu wa laa haajatan hiya laka ridhan illa qadaitahaa yaa arhamar raahimeen. 1st Rakah Surah Fatiha and then Ayatul Kursi 3 times 2nd Rakah Surah Fatiha and then Surah Ikhlas then Surah Falaq and Surah Nas then Atayat 3rd Rakah Surah Fatiha and then Surah Ikhlas then Surah Falaq and Surah Nas 4th Rakah Surah Fatiha and then Surah Ikhlas then Surah Falaq and Surah Nas and then end your prayer the usual way. Another one is done on Thursday or Friday night after Isha prayer. Now after the Salam recite darud 11 times and raise your hands in invocation and (read DUA from punj surtah) To see Rasool (pbuh) in dream After Namaz-e-Isha and before sleep.

‫ ُھوالغنی الحمید‬and after Isha ُ recite HUWAL LATEEF UL KHABEERO 100 times. ‫ُھوا ۡلحی القیوم‬after Zuhr recite HUWAL ALIYUL AZEEM 100 times.W) in ur dream between the two Thursdays if your prayer and love is sincere and keep doing this until you see His Highness.A. read Surah Al Ikhlas 35 times. -After finishing Nawafil read this Durood "SallAllahu Alaihi Muhammadun-Nabiyyil Ummiyyi" 1000 times -After finishing Durood make sincere du'a to Allah Subhan for him to show you His Beloved in your dream and be very sincere. ‫ُھوا ۡلحلی‬ َُ ُ ُ َ ‫ الحظیم‬after Asr HUWAL AL RAHMANO AL RAHEEM 100 times. -After praying this du'a go directly to sleep. after Surah Al Fatiha. ‫ ُھوا لرحمن الرھیم‬after َ Maghrib recite 100 times HUWAL GHANI UL HAMEED. cry a sea during praying this du'a. Protection Prayer Hadrat Sheikh Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Ajmer has said the one who recites this Dua frequently will be protected by Allah subhana wa ta'ala inshalla. Inshalla within 3 Fridays one will see the Beloved Hadrat Muhammad peace be upon him . ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALA MUHAMMADIN NABIYE WA ALEHI WA SAHBEHI WA SALAM ‫ا لل ُٰھم صل ع ٰل محمد النبی و ٰال ِھ و ص ۡحب ِھ وسلم‬ َ ِ َ َ َِ َ ِ َ َِ َ ٰ َ One must first get ijaza from a Qadri sheikh to recite this wazeefa. This holy dua is of Hadrat Harun Alai Salam and Hadrat Khidr YA MUBDE'AL BADA'HE LAM YABGHA FE INSHA'HEHA OWNAN MIN KHALKEHI YA MUBDEHO ُِ ُ َ ‫یا م ۡبدع ا ۡلبدا ء ل ۡم ی ۡبخ ف ۡی ا ۡشا ء َھا ع ۡونا م ۡن خ ۡلق ِھ یا م ۡبدع‬ َِ ِ َ َ ِ َ‫ِ ن‬ َ ِ َ ِ ََ َ ُ َ ________________________________________ Hal Mushkilat ( Halting Hardship) If one has extreme hardship then one must recite after Fajr 100 times HUWAL HAYUL QAYYUM. dont loose hope! To see the Prophet Muhammad(sal lal laho tala alaihi wasalm) in Dream. ________________________________________ To see the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in dream.Pray 2 Nafl Salaah[mention no 'waqt' in the niyyat] + In both of the Rakaah. Recite on Friday night Surah Kausar 1000 times and any Darood Shareef 1000 times inshalla one will see the beloved in ones dream To receive Knowledge and Wisdom One must read 99 times this dua for 40 days inshalla with Allah azawajal mercy one heart will open full of knowledge and wisdom and will continue to flow of knowledge. .InshAllah u will see the Prophet(S. This Wazeefa has come from Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Jillani qudas sirra Rahmatullahi Alahi Whoever after Friday prayers prays 4 Rakats nawafil and in every Rakat recites 11 times ayah Kursi and 11 times Surah Ikhlas after praying 4 Rakats recite 100 times darood shareef .‫ُھواللطیف ا ۡلحبیر‬ ُ ُ For 21 days without missing any days inshalla by the sake of Allah's holy name one hardship will diminish. HASBIYALLO WA NEMAL WAKEELO NEMAL MAWLA WA NEMAN NASEERO .

. Reciting the darood Shareef Kabir e ahmar has the effect of creating radiance and lights in one Inner and Outer body inshalla ________________________________________ Dua for Children. Recite it 70 times or blow unto one who is ill. inshalla SURAH WAQIYA. Recite it frequently or recite it 11 times after every salat. Reciting this dua frequently one will meet Allah's friends inshalla INAKA JAME'ONASE LE YAWMI'LARAYBA FIHE INALLAH LA UGHLIFUL MEHAAD Surah Ale Imran ‫انک جا مح الناس لی ۡوم ل ر ۡیب فی ِۡھ ان ال ل ی ۡخل ُ ا ۡلم ۡیحاد‬ ِ ‫َ ُ ِف‬ َ ِ ٰ ِ َ َ َ ِ َِ ِ َ ُ ِ َ َ َِ ________________________________________ Enlighten ones Inner and Outer body. ________________________________________ Enlighting ones Inner and Outer body. One should also do the same and frequently recite every day also in dua after salat. SURAH AL RAHMAN. SURAH WAL SHAMAS SURAH WA LAIL AND SURAH ALAM NASHRA ________________________________________ Desire in meeting Allah's Saints. Hadrat Sheikh Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Ajmer has said the one who recites these 5 Surah daily will be protected from the punishment of the grave and will be in peace. By the sake of this Dua inshalla one will have children soon by the grace of Allah azawajal. RAB E HAB LI MILA DUNKA ZUREYATAN TWAYE BATAN INNAKA SAMEEHU'DUHA'AH ُ ِ َ َ َِ َ َ َ َ َِ ُ َ ُ َ ‫رب َھ ۡب ل ۡی م ۡن ۡلد ۡنک ذریت طیبت انک سم ۡیح‬ ِ ِ َ َ َُ ‫________________________________________الدعاء‬ Dua for Children. WALLAHO AHLAMO WA ILMOHU ATAMO َُ َ ‫و الُا ۡعلم و ع ۡلم ُھ ا تم‬ ُ ِ َ َُ ________________________________________ َ Taking Hardship away It is the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him that whenever the prophet felt any hardship. problems. Reciting this dua 3 times after every salat will inshalla help in having children. Reciting Allah's name YA MUGHNI 1100 times ‫یا م ۡغنی‬and Surah Muzamil 40 times ِ ُ َ every day will help enlighten ones Inner and Outer Body and creates lights inshalla If one cant recite Surah Muzamil 40 times then one can recite 11 times One must remember that Surah Muzamil is spiritually beneficial for all seekers on Sufi path its rewards and spiritual benefits are numerous. Reciting this dua will inshalla help in removing one bad health.‫________________________________________ال و ن ۡحم الوکیل ن ۡحم ا ۡلم ۡو ٰل ونحم النصیر‬ َ َ َِ َ َ ُِ َ َ َ َ َ ‫حسبی‬ Protection from the punishment of the grave. RAB E LA TAZAR NE FARDAWA ANTA KHAIRUL WARISEENA َ ِ َ ُ َ َ ََ َ َ ‫رب ل تز ۡر ۡنی ف ۡرداو ا ۡنت خیرالوارث ۡین‬ َ َ َ ________________________________________ ِ َ Cure for Illness. and difficulties he would do sajud and recite YA HAYYO YA QAYYUM BE RAHMATIKA ASTAGHEESO.

Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Haq mudis Delvi Rahmatullahi Alai have said that the one recites this wird it will make ones heart glow and creates light in the heart inshalla. Remember to recite Darood Shareef before and after Wazeefa. 111 times YA MUGHNIYO 3 times Surah Muzamil and Lastly 11 times Darood Shareef. After salat Fajr and salat Isha read one tasbeeh everyday. ‫ُھوا ۡلحبیب الذ ۡی ت ۡرجت شفا عت ُھ‬ َُ َ َ َ ۡ ُ َِ ُ َ ِِ َ ُ ِ َ ‫لکل ُھول نما َل ھول م ۡقت ۡحم‬ ۡ ِ َۡ ِ ُِِ Remember to recite Darood Shareef 5 times before and 5 times after. BISMILLAH IRAHMAN IRAHEEM HUWAL AWALO WA AKHIRO WA ZAHIRO WA BATINO WAHUWA BEKULE SHEYIN ALEEM. ________________________________________ To stop Shaytans Whispering. LA ILAHA ILALLAHO LAHUL MULKA WA LA HULHAMDO WA LA ILAHA ILLALLAHO WA LA HAWLA WA LA QUWWATA ILA BILLAHE. If ones get pestered by Shaytans whispering then reciting this Wazeefa will make a stop to this. BISMILLAH ILRAHMAN IRAHEEM LA ILLAHA ILA ANTA SUBHANAKA INI KUNTO MINAZWALIMEEN. inshalla HUWAL HABEEBOLAZI TURJA SHIFA'ATAHU LE KULE HAWLIME NAL AHWALE MUQTAIME. ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحیم‬ َ ‫________________________________________َٰھ ال ا ۡنت س ۡبحانک انی ک ۡنت من الظال ۡمین‬ َ َ ِ ُ ُ ِ ِ َ َ َ ُ َ َ َ ِ ٰ‫ل ال‬ َِ To fulfil ones Wish Reciting this couplet from Qaseeda Burdah Shareef 1100 times in one sitting and then make your Dua it will become fulfilled. Recite 3 times and blow on right hand same on left hand then put your hand on head and inshalla it will go away. After salat Maghrib pray 2 Rakats of nawafil after reading nawafil one must read 11 times Darood Shareef. After seven days make your dua and inshalla it will become fulfilled by the mercy of Allah.ُ َ ‫________________________________________ی یا قیوم بر ۡحمتک ا ۡستغ ۡیث‬ َ َِ ِ ُ ُ َ َ ُ ‫یا ح‬ َ َ To increase ones Rizq. َ ِ َ َ ُ ‫َ َل‬ ‫ال ول حول و َ قوت ال‬ ََ َِ ‫ل الٰٰھ ال ال ل ُھ الملک و ل ُھ ال ۡحمد و ل الَٰٰھ ال‬ َِ َ ُ ََ َ ُ َ َ ِ َ َِ ‫________________________________________بلله‬ To Make ones Dua fulfilled For seven days reciting this Dua 1100 times daily will inshalla guarantee your Dua being fulfilled. (zaraal mutaqeen) ُِ ُ َ ‫________________________________________یا مغنی‬ To makes one heart full of light. ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحیم‬ ِِ َ ِ ‫َک‬ ‫ُھوال ول وا ٰلخر والظاھر وا َۡبا طن و ُھوب ُ ۡل شیء‬ َ ُِ ‫ُِ َ َ ُ َ ل‬ َ َُ َ َ ‫عل ۡیم‬ َ ________________________________________ To create the love of Allah in ones heart. . Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Baqi Rahmatullahi Alahi has said that to increase ones Rizq one can do this wazeefa and benefits will be seen within a few days inshalla.

BISMILLAH IRAHMAN IRAHEEM IRD KIRD AWLIYA JO PERE CHARE PER MUSHKIL MERI KARO AHSAAN YA JANAB E DASTAGEER . ________________________________________ If one has a wish. After seven days do dua. Then keep repeating this line with eyes closed and in meditation when you had enough then finish the Al Fatiha. it will inshalla become fulfilled very quickly. ۡ ِ َِ ُ َ َ ِ ‫اھدنا الصراط ا ۡلم ۡستق ۡیم‬ َِ ِ ________________________________________ If one wants to marry with ones own choice. ‫یا ال یا رسول میی اکیل منزل دور صدقا حسن حسین دا مدد میری کرو حضور‬ ________________________________________ If one has a wish or dilemma This Wazeefa is from Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Jillani qudas sirra Rahmat Alahi . BISMILLAH IRAHMAN IRAHEEM AGHISNI AGHISNI AGHISNI YA MOGHEESO ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحیم‬ ُ ُِ َ ِ َ ِ َ ِ َ ‫ؑا ۡغثنی ؑا ۡغثنی ؑا ۡغثنی یا مخ ۡیث‬ Remember to recite Darood Shareef 5 times before and after the Wazeefa. Reciting this Urdu couplet after salat Isha 303 times for 14 days will inshalla make your wish come true inshalla YA ALLAH YA RASOOL MEIN AKELA MANZIL DUR SADQA HASAN HUSSIEN DA MADAD MERI KARO HAZOOR Oh Allah Oh Muhammad i am alone and the place is afar through the sake of Hasan and Hussein help me oh holy one. Doing this everyday will create noor around the heart and love for Allah azawajal inshalla.This tasbeeh is what they used to recite frequently and have said this tasbeeh is recited at the arsh of Allah azawajal.00 Inshalla by the will of Allah the Rajiul Ghayb will help. ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحیم‬ ‫ارد کرد اولیاء جو ؓ پھرء جاری پھر‬ ِ ِ . If one has a problem or a wish then they must recite this tasbeeh frequently for seven days and fasting as well and one must do Iftar with salt. One must remember that the Rajiul Ghayb every night fly about helping people.One must sit in tashadud and read Al Fatiha and when you reach to IHDE NASWERA TAL MUSTAQEEM. ‫غ ۡیط ۡیغور ۡش‬ ِ ُ ِ ِ ________________________________________ To call upon the Rajiul Ghayb ( the unseen saints) for help Do ablution and at night recite this Urdu couplet 111 times every night at the same time every night e. 2. GHEYTWE GHOORISH Remember that one must be on Shariat and sunnah and not eat Meat for Seven days.g. After salat Isha reciting this Wazeefa 500 times for 21 days keeping the intention in ones heart will inshalla enable one to get married at his/hers choice.

‫________________________________________مشکل میری کرو اسن یا جناب دستکیر‬ َ Hizbul Autad Prayer of Ghous Ul Azam This prayer is from the king of all Saints Sheikh Abdul Qader Jillani. HASBUNALLAH WA NIMAL WAKEEL WA NIMAL MAULA WA NIMAN NASEER (REPEAT TWICE) WA KAFALAHUL MUMINEENAL KITAL (REPEAT 3 TIMES) AMIN AMIN AMIN AMIN AMIN YA RAABIL ALAMIN . Reciting this prayer protects one from calamity's and danger it also has barakah and success. Reciting this after every Salaat is beneficial ALLAHUL KAAFI RABUNAL KAAFI KASHADNAL KAAFI WAJADNAL KAAFI LI KULLIN KAAFI RABUNAL KAAFI WA NIMAL KAAFI ALHAMDOLILLAH.

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