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Babylon And Baghdad

Mitt Jeffords

I saw Babylon in all of it’s glory, and beauty, and prosperity; and all of it’s
people seemed to be living the illusion of the “good life”; and I saw that it was
this illusion that was their idolatry. I then saw present day Baghdad, which is
only about 50 miles north from old Babylon, and it was all war torn, burnt out,
battered, desolate, and destroyed; and all of it’s inhabitants were walking
around dazed, helpless, confused, poor, and hopeless. The contrast between
these 2 cities was so great that at first I thought that I had 2 separate dreams;
but the vision of both cities were part of the same dream.

Then the Lord said, “That which you see happening in Baghdad is that which
is about to come upon all cities of this world who have glorified themselves
and who have walked contrary to me. Those who have set their hearts to seek
after the "good life" are those who have had no delight in me.
The "good life" is only an illusion of lies whereby men satisfy their own
desires, do that which is right in their own eyes, and who walk after the
counsels of their own thoughts. Repent, and delight yourself in me”,

says the Lord. “For the judgement of this world is at hand; the judgment when
all things which are not of me, but are of this world, shall be judged. In the day
of my judgment, there shall nothing stand that is not of me. For when they
say, “Peace and security”, then destruction shall come suddenly.

Now I say to you all, that this is the day of recovery; the day that I am going to
recover my creation from the powers of darkness that have ruled over my
creation with corruption and mortality. This is the day when all those who have
exalted themselves shall be humbled, and all those who have humbled
themselves shall be exalted. For this is the day that men shall fear and dread
the revelation of Jesus Christ, and not the manifestation of antichrist. Is it not
written that I said that the spirit of antichrist has already been in this world,
and for generations there have been many antichrists? Yet, whose hearts
have trembled and feared for seeing the evil? The hearts of those who are still
in the darkness shall melt for fear and terror when they see the signs of my
coming”, says the Lord. "Awake, repent, arise from the dead, and I shall give
unto you the light of life which is incorrupt and immortal because it is of me".

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