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THE WHITE CRATER Lake white cauldron placed on mountain of patuha, west java. On the height 2,194 dpl. It used to covered by coldy cloud. On july and august, its temperature could be 10 degrees Celcius on daylight and could be decline to 5 degree Celcius on daynight Admisnistratively, this site located on Ranca Bali region, about 44 km from Bandung city, on Sugih village, District of Pasir Jambu Word patuha came from words of ³Pak Tua´ or ³Patua´ (Oldman). Localman used to said as ³Gunung Sepuh´ (Oldy mountain). Past, local people consider region of Mount Patuha and Kawah Putih as a sacred are, where none courage to went there. Even birds are reluctan fly over it. The beauty of white crater was discovered by Dr. Franz Wihelm Junghuhn (1809-1864), an Dutch Botanist from German. He did research over that area. He did not believe the legend as local people said. When he did his research he found a beautiful crater lake. As volcano mountain it contain a lava and strong smell from sulfur. Then he found high density of sulfur that make birds avoid that area to fly. After that Dutch build sulfur mine, Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih, that operated until Japan came in. in japan era its named Kawah Putih Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey and directly under control Japan military government. Until now, tunnel sulfer mine still exit. There are hatch to hind people come in because its dangerous inhale sulfur too long Around the area of white crater, there are some ancestral grave like Eyang Jaga Satru, Eyang Ronggo Sadena, Eyang Camat, Eyang Ngabai, Eyang Barabak, Eyang Baskom, dan Eyang Jambrong. One of the top of Mount Patuha is Eyang Jaga Satru. Allegedly, on this area some white sheep, local people named ³domba lukutan´, appear mysteriously Since 1987 PT. Perhutani (Government¶s Plantation Company) unit III developed region white crater as a tourism site. Entrance ticket are Rp. 12, 000, including insurance. Opened between 7 am to 5 pm, every day. With favorable facilities such as information centre, mosque, and café. Public transportation to ciwidey from Bandung could be found on Kebon Kelapa Station or Leuwi Panjang. After reach Ciwidey, the journey continue by village transportation to

Public transportation to ciwidey from Bandung could be found on Kebon Kelapa Station or Leuwi Panjang. According to geologists. a mountain located in West Java. Route to Situpatenganan accross tourism object Ciwidey area such as Strawbery garden. Crater of Mount Patuha made this an attractive toursm objecst with the name of the Kawah Putih. because the route is climby and far.1200. Ranca Upas and hot spring Cimanggu. . And go on to Soreang. This mountain height is 2386 meters. It¶s need more a day to explore the beauty of Ciwidey To reach it we can through highway Cipularang and out in Kopo¶s entrance. the journey continue by village transportation to SituPpatengan. The crater was discovered by a Dutch-German botanist and platation estate owner Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn in 1837. this crater lake was created as a result of Mt. About 20-30 menit from Ciwidey. Crater of Mount Patuha made this an attractive toursm objecst with the name of the Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih is located in Mount Patuha. Kawah Putih is located in Mount Patuha. You suggested use vehicle. about 6 km or about 10-15 minute by car. Patuha volcanic erruption in the year 1000 . There are adequate park area for vehicle.SituPpatengan. southern Ciwidey. seem entrance gate to white crate. Route to Situpatenganan accross tourism object Ciwidey area such as Strawbery garden. This mountain height is 2386 meters. After reach Ciwidey.434 meters above sea level). Ranca Upas and hot spring Cimanggu. a mountain located in West Java. It is located about 46 kilometers south of Bandung on Patuha mountain (2. and quite probably in the Indonesian archipelago. either big bus or small one. It¶s need more a day to explore the beauty of Ciwidey Kawah Putih is arguably one of the most beautiful crater lakes on the island of Java.

The water also cause smell of sulfur. which is now known as White Crater. Water color can change depending on the-sunlight. At this resort. The trees are mostly only the stems are dry and helped create a different atmosphere. We can be a bit up the surrounding mountains. With the same cause.Our hearts will immediately amazed at the overall chuckle from this place from the stairs above. the white crater located exactly on Mount Patuha peak with an altitude of about 2300 meters above sea level. A similar phenomenon occurred in the White Crater in Bandung. there are some mountains are dry but there is also a still-green trees. The eruption throws the mountain peak and turn it into a crater. West Java. Land surface is not flat so resemble dirt mounds. there are several points on this crater is fitted with a warning not to get too close to avoid the fumes of sulfur poisoning. ranging from 5-20 degrees Celsius. Based on geological history. In Ende. the White crater formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Patuha in the tenth century. All around. we were able to be close to being in the crater of the mountain we could even touch the water. Thus. the white crater offers cool air. Large craters and the water is bluish green to make us as if it were on the beach. the smell of sulfur can pierce our noses and make us cough. The beauty is what makes this place became a favorite place for brides to make prewedding photos. We seems to be in the snow because the ground is white. White ground consisting of sulfur is the reason why the crater is called the white crater. The smoke from the sulfurous water that sometimes arise blocking our view. the changes of the mineral content in it. Crater large enough here. Water greenish craters also attact attention. The lake water color changes from time to time. On this mountain you will find dry trees and many branches that fall with small stones. Its'unique to see a White ground of this. So. That also depends on weather and natural conditions in the area sourround it. There is also a large stone beautiful. there is the three colored Lake at the top of Mount Kelimutu. When the wind was blowing. Like mountains tourist attraction. . East Nusa Tenggara. These craters will give us a different experience.

it¶s all worth the struggling. The location near Jakarta. One moment it can be green apple. CILEMBER WATERFALL Wana Wisata Curug Cilember a panoramic hill with pine carpet merkusi there are sources of water and waterfalls. in Wana Wisata this Curug that there are seven height ranging from 1700 meters from sea level to 800 meters above sea level. White crater has a width of about six hectares. is located on the left lane road Ciawi . specifically in the Village area Jogjogan Cisarua district. Lack of infrastructure and supporting facilities are the cause of the rarity of tourists there. Once you arrived on the crater lip. with its natural air and feels fresh and natural. One hectare area surrounds the crater is white pebbles.Peak. you¶ll need to climb the winding mountain slopes. Around the lake. plus the beautiful natural panorama. Even to set up a tent seems to be rather difficult. about 20 km from the direction of Bogor. In fact. at certain moments it turned dark brown. you can already feel the nuances of freshness and coolness.It needs a little struggling to reach the location. There are only three bathrooms and two musala as facilities for visitors. Approaching Curug Cilember ecotourism. precisely in Cisarua ± 15 km from the toll gates Gadog (Jagorawi). Sulfur water that fills the crater lake changes in accordance with the levels of mineral content in it. . The color of the water on the crater surface is not always white. The hole were previously the location of sulfur mining. visitors can find big holes with a depth of about five meters. But the white crater isn¶t. but that¶s precisely the challenge for tourists who love some adventures. When you use your car can travel about 1. It is said that the name White Crater came from the color of gravel surrounding the crater. Even this waterfall Cilember has its own charm. accompanied by the sound of the rush of water and other natural sounds merge in the melodious natural music.5 hours drive from Jakarta. Curug Cilember waterfall coming from Bukit Hambalang with a height of about 2000 meters above sea level. CUrug Cilember (cilember waterfall) is located in Bogor. Many do not know and realize the existence and beauty of this Curug Cilember (Cilember Waterfall). There are no accommodation facilities for tourists who want to stay and linger to enjoy the exotic sights White Crater. But overall. The smell of sulfur sometimes spread from those holes. a crater is surrounded by a sandy beach or grassy. Generally. at other times it looks like a blue sky. white crater is a nice place if you plan to go there just for sightseeing or relaxing your mind. even the domestic ones. The exoticism of white crater also added with the rising smoke from the surface of the lake.

natural hospitality. invite your friends and relatives Family try natural adventures cascade Cilember This visit.. you¶ll be treated to the natural landscape is very beautiful forest pines and an unforgettable experience. we offer a camp for those who want to relax before going to the principal object of Curug Cilember. Not only that. It is a very nice place to visit. The animals are kept and very well preserved. Please be careful. with very clear water and fresh river flows Cilember. One of the attractions here is the presence of seven (7) (waterfall) waterfall that order. you can also see the beauty of animals of 12 species of butterflies in the garden of flowers. You have to hike to reach the other waterfalls. especially when it's rain. we must take about 3 hours walking. . There are seven waterfalls in this area. The first waterfall you will find is the 7th Cilember Waterfall. But it's worthy to see the beautiful views there. but here there is also a laboratory reproduction of butterflies that will complement your knowledge about types of butterflies of all kinds. The air is really really fresh. In addition. The wood is quite slippery. decorated with beautiful orchid flowers are very natural and cruciferous hasi also seems to welcome you on arrival there. It's so peaceful there. was available accommodations that are among the pine trees that shade. For those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night here. For those of you who have a hobby of hiking and followed in the wake of the seventh waterfall before you can continue your adventure by climbing the pine forest. the pine wood is very beautiful. good luck . Cisarua. To reach this place you have to walk and climb on the sidelines of a pine to reach the waterfall of the seventh.

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