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A study on effectiveness of Human resource practices

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I. Strategic alignment of HR HS S N DS HDS

1. Clarity over the Vision of the organization
2. Clear chart of Targets & measures for employees
3. Automation of HR in Core areas of business
4. Man power Planning for the present and future
5. Core areas have been identified and talent pipeline is
maintained for Succession

II. Facilitation of HR in Decision Making and operations

1. Accurate Manpower statistics is available
2. Transparency of decisions regarding employee growth
3. Traceability of current employee status
4. HR processes are based on the HR best practices
5. Effectiveness of succession planning

III.Transparency in performance appraisal

1. Transparency in the process of performance based
2. Trust about the tools available to track the progress of
3.Usage of MBO as performance appraisal
4. Timely completion of appraisal
5.Understanding and accomplishment to policies of the

IV. Employee Empowerment

1. Development plan for the employees
2. Counseling given by managers
3. Initiative for team work & Integrity
4. Usage of competency mapping
5. Initiativeness in leadership development behavior of
6.Recognition for Innovativeness

V. Process of Recruitment & selection

1. Methods used for recruitment
2. Time taken by the organisation for recruitment
3. Mode of recruitment through referrals
4. Effectiveness of recruitment through referrals
5.Frequency of recruitment and selection
6. Importance given to talent rather than experience
1. Encouragement for training & Development
2. Usage of best practices during training
3. Effectiveness of -on the job training
4. Updation of training programs
5. level of communication given by the superiors
6. Self appraisal received before and after training