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Bina i eke) eae LY Pro J2ME Polish Open Source Wireless Java Tools Suite Robert Virku: Apress Copyrighted mater CONTENTS (CHAPTER 4 ExtemalTools J2ME Polish Sample Applications 15 ‘Testing the Sample Applications 18 ‘Troubleshooting Sample Apolication Errors ET Summary... ee - 1 Integrating J2ME Polish into IDEs 19 Recognizing Common Integration Issues . eeeeeee eee 19 Using Eclipse 20 Integrating Eclipse with Ant... a woes 20 Troubleshooting Integration Issues . nr Installing the J2ME Polish Plug-ins 22 Using NetBeans... eececees eoreie 28 Using JBuilder 24 Using IntelliJ enn BM PART 2 Using J2ME Polish (CHAPTER 5 Getting to Know J2ME Polish ... . 29 J2ME Polish from 500 Miles Above Managing the Application Life Cycle with J2ME Polish 22.80 Designing the Architecture at Implementing the Application 32 Building Your Application ............. pees. 32 Testing the Application... . 32 Optimizing Your Application 33 Deploying Your Application 33 Updating Your Application 2 eee 38 Summary ag (CHAPTER 6 The Device Database... Understanding the XML Format... poses 38 Defining Devices eevee AO Defining Vendors 44 Defining Groups... coe Defining Libraries ss . 45