Everything from toothpaste to processed foods and health drinks to body care products comes from . y www.ABOUT FMCGy Starting from one cup of coffee in the morning right up to that relaxing malt beverage at night. we rely heavily on FMCG.a2zmba.

com . financing.WHAT IS FMCG ? y FMCG industry. Those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a marketing.a2zmba.etc is called FMCG. y www. purchasing. alternatively called as CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).

com .a2zmba. www.Common FMCG Product Some common FMCG product categories food and dairy products. y Glassware y Paper Products y Pharmaceuticals y Consumer Electronics y Packaged Food products y Plastic Goods y Printing and Stationery y Household Products y Photography y Drink etc. .And some of the example of FMCG Products arey Coffee y Tea y Dry cells y Greeting cards y Gifts y Detergents y Tobacco y Cigarettes y Watches y Soaps etc.

com . www.SECTOR OUTLOOK IN INDIA y FMCG is the fourth largest sector in indian economy with a total market size of Rs. y FMCG sector generates 5% of total factory employment in the country.000 crores.a2zmba.60.

Low operational . www.Analysis of FMCG Sector Strengths: 1. 2. Presence of established distribution in both urban and rural areas. Presence of well known brands in FMCG sector.a2zmba. 3.

www. Low exports levels. Mee-too . 2.a2zmba. which illegally mimic the levels of the established brands. 3. Lower scope of investing in technology.Weaknesses: 1.

a2zmba. Large domestic market. Raising income levels. Untapped rural market. 4. 5. Export potential. . High consumer goods spending. 3.Opportunities: 1. www.

Threats: . Removal of import restrictions resulting in replacing of domestic brands.a2zmba. www. 2. Slow down in rural demand.

com . www.1 billion in the fourth largest sector in the economy.a2zmba.Scope of the Sector y The Indian FMCG sector with a market size of US$ 13. y FMCG sector is expected to grow by over 60% by 2010.

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