• One goal of a raw Food v€getarial1 is to nouri.

sh the body, allowing quick absorpuon or nutrients and rapid elimindtion of waste

• Even 11 Lhe diet is purety living rOOd5, the combinaUon or teeds eaten alone sitting can either help or hinder th!:s process

• lining a WEt of t<lW end 6vlng food autom<JtlCd I mpfOV6 health, :>Iows aging, ~ to mFnl<ll clarity, .'ilr-eng thens bones, <lnd buo:st!i immune paWN

• Otf!~ recornmerrded I~e improveml'lnl..5 are (<Ireful food combrning, fasting, relon tisnYng, eXl;rrIDng, and dry 5kin bru~hlng, as weU dS Improving mental outlook and the UU' of ilfDrn<llherapy. saunas, steam baths, whirlpools, mass<lgf, electrical ITl:Wency. and oxygen therapy

• MonolithIC Eating l.seal:il1g one food at a time; this enrourapes lull digestion


• Protein food~ require the acidic ,uices tnrrned in the' sternach to break them dQw,n

• Wnen the acidic juices mix with the alkaline juicl!.s they tend ttl neutralize each other

• Thus, when starches ijnd protein roods art; eaten ill the serrre meal, tile digestion of both is oowed down and Indi9{'~tiOn nccurs


r t n

IVW Down ood That I I,

e Foods digest at a. dlfferent rate in d[frerenl acJdfalkaline environrnen ts

• When a' food that breaks down quickly in the digestive system is behind a food [hat breaks down slowly, tile digestive process i~ impaired

• This cau:!;es indige.~tion, bloating, and

poor aSsimilation

• I


• Proteim go well With vegetClble-s end c,JrQohydrates go well with vegelable!, but never mix the two

n Eatln

l.n .,.

• Fru'l ix otten pil:c~ed unripe to extend its shelf life, but if eaten, unripe fruit lakes what il n~Eds to ripen from lhe body

• r=ruit mrltairu sugar, and allsuqar leem disease

• St.gar i~ hard on the pancrea~. and if the pancreas does nut wo~k well, the sugar goes mID (he blool:KtrBllm and feed:!. dIsease

• Oruce vou hllVeadlieved optimum health, 15% or yom diet may be fruft

• \> hen dnn I'Ig lnnt Juice, ddd 75-90% water

rE • frufb iIDd vegernbles dlge'St at dfffereN rates

CDfI~ loq!!tner, they can cause a bMkup in the d!ge.l"lfve system end proeuce 9M arlO bIoat"'g

Ion or L ve

rDiO tooth C2:i !hi! Cfnt' s~em fl~

~ c:lXJiM ~~ mme


• EnzymI!!i ail! protl!ll1S U1iJl iru& II:l ........... a rnactJoru; wfthout ~ O! if. I'D. ~

• DigestiVE enzy!'1leS hElp 10 brEa dowoi molecular bonm In food and

help Wilh digestlO(1

.. Raw, living leeds COnliilln thefT 0Wl1 ~" enzymes, so !.he- body dees not hE,,£, to uso; hs own supply

.. Whell raw food is chewed or c~. ~ enzymes are rElea100 and they break ~ lhP pia n l materi<ll with which tIley CIlJ!'J1iO ., COI1I.aCt this promotes healthy digestion

• When starches and protein Ioods <Iff' eaten at lhe sam!' meal, the digestlDrI 0 both 5 slowed crewn and indigeslion occun;


.. A diet high in alkallne food!. neutralize; the btced and decalcifies the body

.. Spmu15 • leafy amj gTef!f1 vegetable.s • v.ne--rtpe!'1ed vegetables .. Herru

.. Cayenne pepper

.. Carlic and oniom

• T ree- ripened fruits

• Small grains .. ~ea vegetable! • Fresh beans and com" Seserneseeos • Some nuts such (IS almonds end pine nuts

.. Some fruils such as

blueberries, cranberries, p!um~. and prunes

.. Some large grains sucn as

buckwheat and rye

.. Dry unsprouted beans

.. Most unsprouted nUU • Most unsprmrted seeds


~ ~ ,~ 1. '-.... \P.o --; • ~ ~ ~ • ,'~ :or .... -:. ~'. '. ~ • ~

- """""fh<Jin .' \io- " ....' " h.- - _ . , .

,...-:::~.....!! - '- .. - - ~. -.:___ . - - -


• Fa'Sting has a powerful healing inlhrenceon the body, mind, emotions, and splrit

• There has never been a major culture or religion mal did not include filling among its lene1s and practices

• Arnold Ehret a 19th century pioneer who used fasting as an adjunct to self-healing,. sald, "Fa~li1ig i5. nature's surqkal table"

• Although many people fast With only water, fasting with liquid nourishment is recommended

• Fasting with liquid neurlshrnern is the drinking of raw juices such as green drinks, watermelon juice, and whole Inuit juices d.uring a: fast

• While faHjng, green drinks should be the primary drink; these drink.'; can be supplemented by water, herbal teas, watermelon or cucumber drinks, and small amounts ef dilu ted Irvil drinks (but never consume fruil if ill)

• Consume at least two quarts of water (eighl 8-ownce gl.a.sses) during the day and have the last drln k at least ] hrs before retiring for the night; this. will minimize bathroom vf,itl during sleep

• One-dayfasts can be S3fely done once a week to cleanse the body,_ mind, and spirit

• At the beginning, farn on dllYS that are not busy; eventually, you will become more eJlecuve during your fasts

• Fasting one day per week i 111 P roves your !uncLionin-g du ring the other six

• Research shows that you can add 20 yrs t-o yGur fife if you fast one day per week

• Stored texms will be releil:'ie-d from cellaand eliminated from the body

• This may rasult in a tired, achy, and irritable feeling ror mort of the day

• Increa.sing the inl-ake 01 liquids, €-"pedally green drinks, minimizes discomlort

'\ co r

• The lir51 meal should be very

Ii 9 ht; tree-ripened 1 ru it or a few Sprouts an d I wing veger-dble.

• Allow the digestive system to awaken gently

• This meal can be consumed as soon as 30 min after

the msmlnq drink

• Fur lunch and dinner, resume regular eating program

• The dily sftera hut Is ideal for improving e~tin9 hifbiu


B~a'kfast: Watermelon or cucumber juice (diluted but seeds and rlno included) or diluted juice of apples,grapes, pears, berries and/or all other Iruits » Use only tree-ripened, organic Fruit. Dilute

all fruil juic€!> except for watermelon juice (1 pert juice with 2 or more parts water)

Betwe .... Bre'l'kfast and lundl.:

Purified water and lemon-water or herbal tea as often as needed

Lunch: Green drink or

vegetcble juices

Between 'Lunch and DiDn...., Puriflftl water and lernnn-water or herbal lea as Often as needed

Dinner: Green drink or vegetilble juices (try net to drink after this "1l'Ii'iII


• 50% jujae from sprouts, baby greem, or edible weeds (dandefK>f1, purslane, sorrel, aruqula, etc.)

• 50% lulee from green vegetable (kale, collard, cucumber. >-plnach, Gelery, dark green lettu"CI~, cabbaqes, etc.)

Note: You may add ht!rb5 slJeh en freih parsley, tikmuo, basil, dill, IX mint or add noturot medicine such as garlic or ginger

Avoid; jaices Df [Ormes, beeu, and rJther sweet vegetoble5; tbe averoge body can no longer lolero/e sugar when mixed with ;uiced forms of these liege table,

0 pea greens 0 summer squashes
0 radishes 0 winter squashes • Recreational foods ar~ foods that one eats to
0 sprouted bean mix 0 zucchlni support rnearcrles and emotions
0 sunflower greens
0 wheatqrass • The I-allowing items are not ideal, but they
Best: apples • grape5 are improvements on it£lm.5 normally
0 basll • krwi • lemons censurned by lheaverage American
0 chives • They should not make up more than 10%
0 beets 0 cilantro • p~pilya • pears-
0 anugula 0 burdock root 0 dill • red ch efries of your daily diet
0 bok choy 0 carroll 0 minl • watermelon (with • The starred lterns" below are the best choices
0 coBa rd grnens 0' dalkon radishes 0 rind) in each cateyory
[J chicory oregano
0 dandelion 0 gar:iic 0 parsley O(( •• ulonaJly:
0 garlic greens 0 glnger 0 sage • ilv.ocado • berrles Orqank :lo-rbet· • fruit bars • f~uit sticks • rice
0 leeks D .l'avory
0 kale 0 onlons sorrel • brown coconut "i~e cream" • tempeh • soydogs • tofu burgers
lettuces 0 pars-nips 0 tarraqen • canlste! • amllliOtJpe • bean pattles • rice crus-t pizza (with soy cheese)
0, mustar-d greens [J red Til d ishes 0 thyme • cherimoya • f,cozen organic vegetables • rnochl, pl(lin
0 scallions 0 rutabagas • grapfrfruit (cheese substitute) • low-fal rice soy chee~e
0 spinach 0 sweet potatos • honeydew melon • spell, rye or quinoa bagels
0 swiss chard 0
0 III rnip 9 ree ns turnips • peaches
watercress. 0 yams 0 alaria • persimmons
0 arame • pineapple » plums Essen~. rye bread • com tortilla • 1 00% sour
CJ dulse • 5apO~e • starfrult dough spelt, rye, and karnut • cream of rye
0 hijike • lafl-gerine cereal • buckwheat cereal • teff cereal • raw
asparaqus almond butler • raw sunflower butter. raw
1:1 bell peppers 0 kelp
0 adzuki (not green) 0 nori Avoid: banan~ • dates lahinl » baked sweet potato chips • baked
0 alf~lfa 0 broccoli CJ wakarne • dried fruit • mangos tortilla! chips • air-popped popcorn" • baked
0 buckwheat lettuce 0 cabbage •. oranges apple chips • baked carrot chips" Amazake
0 clover 0 • pomegranates (rice drink) • rice milk bevereqe > white
0 fenugreek cauLiflower
0 celery Nate: Tt:Jfu and other almond beverage • brown rice s['raps • rice
0 garbanzo 0 corn soyueafl pcoduas are cakes, plaln > maple syrup (65% ~UgM)
[J garlic 0 • stevla' • quick hummus • &rag9i Aminos
::J lentils cucumbers dfffio.ilt to digest; ovoid
::J mung beifn 0 green beans them cruse • qulnoa -flour • rom flour· rye flour. speJt
D mushrooms flour· tef! flour"" • amaranth ftou r • c anola oil
mustard 0 peas them • flaxseed oil • olive oll • sesame oil
CJ' onions sparingly l'l'mO'11f'1!i ..._'~.- ~ ~ ... I • -'-_ IN'~'. • tIII._* A _ S~l ~ ~ L~ . \_ - -. . ~ .of "'-oC"'_ _ _

- ""


o The best way to combine food 'il to rhoese fQod5 from the same group at each meal • If you do rnlx, remember these gllidelines

i- •• ~ II yeo tab~" 0"10

.' The suqars jlfld adds in fruits slow down the digestion of the carbohydrates in vegetables and can cause 'fermentation, blOilting, and gas

'0 Eat fruits and vegetables at differelll meals (otc~5ronally, a fruit dessert cOIn be eaten 2 hrs after iI. vegetable meal)


o .... 1 ...

r. I


• When well and on occaslen, suo-add fruits can beeaten with either acid fruits or ~weet fruits

• Umit lruit to under 15% of the diet; If you are sick or have 11 he<ll~h c.hlllleri-g,e, avoid all fruits

I .o't! 50 rr A VI. .. I 0ge _I u do

• Keep LO five or fewer different foods in combtnaucn

I :I

n e meal~ too complicated

• 'It Is better to drink] 5--JD min before ~ meal and/or 2-3 hrs after;vl.lrd than dLJring

• Drinking during meals dllules the dige~tive juices

.. Uving food5 _contain a lot 01 water, 50 it [5, unl'ikely that you wTU be thirsty during a meaJ


.. Cooked Iocd digesls slower and will delay dlqestion of the raw food. which wm begin to ferment and create gas in your syste.m

00 ,0 eat brealls, spreuten 9 ., 5, ur grain erlsps wi h fruits


.. II eating lruit, try toeat ones grown in your

own ctrnate

'0 Organic fruit is picked ripe ,0 Ripe lrurt ls easy to d1ge:st

'. Non~organically grown fruit is tre<lled with pesticides, and then picked befo.l" it is ripe

• Tropical fruit is usually highly treated and picked unripe

• If eatin-g dried fruit, remember to soak It in water For <I hrs; this helps in digestIo.n

na 0 5


It Fruit and starch

)I ~rLJ'it il nd vege'ta:ble It Fruit and prete in

It Starch and protein It S13n::h and avocado


Q juicer, noncel'1trifug<l1 typ.e

to r 'leg eta bte s and trum, or pressure- or auqer-press juicer

lor leafy greens Illll~!

and sprouts

o Dehydrator

o 'Blender or food processor

Q Sharp knives 01 Good rutting board

'Qvt ':ornt- at " II' Avocado and green,s;

,II' Avocado and sub-acid fruit II' Pwtein and sprout! and

leafy greens

V' Starch, sprouts, and ve.get~ble!


(4 hrs tD digest)

• Seeds (pump)<in, sesame, sunltower, -etc.)

• Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.)


I ..

(3-4 hr1\, If ripe)

• Bananas

• Dried Fruits (figs, dates, ra lsl n S, etc.}

• Persimmo.n.s

/drntes ... (2-3 hrs)

• Sprouted qrains (wheat, rye, etc.) .. Sprouted beam (chickpea'S:, etc.)

• Sprouted pea>

., Winter ~quash potato (a,void white potato)

allis" (2-3 hn)

• Sproutedqreens (alfalfa, suntlower, pea greens, lentils, mung, etc.)

• Leafy greem

• Fresh corn I Cucumber

• Fresh peas

• Carrots (mildly


• Summer squash

• Aspara,gus

• Bee.ts

• Celery

CI fruits (I_11/2hr.sJ

• Grapefruit

.. Pineapple

• Strawberries

o Porneq ranates

• Lemons

• Oranges

• 5S (15-10 min;

• USeE' only on empty stomach or

before meals

• Extract juice by cnewingor juicing

• Use ~Ione or with other green vegetable juices


(J5-30 min)

• All drinks should bot' consumed at room ternperaarre

• Allow time to' digest beforl! ealing anything else

IS (15-30 mm)

o Melons arE' alwap e:at:e n alone

• CilntClloupe c:rem:h""" hOl1eyOew;


• Vl/t'er1 juicing use dfurl'o frw.. iocJurfng


• Monolithic Ealing is eating one food at a time

• This encouraqes full diqestion (quick absorption of nutrients and proper ellmlnatlcn)

o fa

• Two excellent mono-diet foods (foods eaten alone) are

1. vine-ripened tomatoes; they cleanse the liver 01 deposned fats

2. vine-ripened strawberries; they cleanse muscle and fat cells or waste material

B,- T1 '"'Ie E.-

o The best time to elll protein is ,~l lunch as it takes, <I hr~ to digest

• Tfle best time to eat carbohydrates i5 at dinner because they lake only 2-3 hrs to digest

o Apples

• Grapes

• Poeaches

• Sweet cherries

• Apricots

• Mosl berrles

• Tematos

• Mangos

• Pecrrs

• K1wi

Avocado (1.5 min-2 m

• Comrnlli'i we" With

fruit, and It',,>y greem

7112 OZ sunflow~r grwn sprout juice 3 1 201 pea green ~prOUL juice 4 QZ dover sprout juice

Combine. Make~ 1 serving

8-10 cups of any sprouted Ql1.Iin Grind and form into loaf. Dehydrate 14 hn.



2 ripe, firm avocados 1'2 hunch spinach

1 n bunch watercress 1 head Bibb lettuce

1 bunrhqreen onions, gre!ln part only, minced

2. sprigs fresh mint, minced 4 red radishes, minced iuice of 1 lemon

Braggs Amino.l to taste

[ift avoccnJof's in holf. remove pits, and scoop into balls with melon bailer. (lean and chop the green~. (Qmbitlf' all ingredients and toss wltr lemon lUke and Bragg5 ~no.i. Make5 3-4 servings

2 (Ups sprouted oats

1 [Ups sprouted karnut 1 [UP sprouted spelt

I d cup pure water

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 ~P oreqano

Blend all ingr-edients for 2 min on med '>Peed Pour mixture iflto solid dehydrator !ray to desir!!d ~~:E~:/II. rhicKneH.

Dehyl1rate for 2'-4 nrs:

MDkes 3-4 mrvings

1 Ib asparaqus

2 tbsp qrapessed oil

1 ·2 [UP fin~'y chopped onions

2 cups sliced shitaki mushrooms $,;I14f

1 tbsp lime luice

! 'i cup pure water

1 tbsp Rrilgg~ Amino! , 1 l tsp a nowroot

Lombine asparagus, grapeseed .oil, onions, and mushrooms in (1 bowl. Blend sqU(€ Ingrediefl~ sepamtely fur 1 min; then pour over asparagw; mixture, Make, 4 servings

butternut squash, peeled, seeded, slked

1 yellow bell pepper

4 stalks ce lery 1 red onion

1 top curry

1/2 cup raw nut butler (see recipe below)

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg Braggs, Aminm 10 lil.5te

1/4 cup pure water

Blend all ing~€dient5 and odd enough pure waur to create del/red wmistEncy. For decoration, float edlbl" flBwer5 on top.

Mokfj 2-4 servings

2 cup ... shelled raw almonds/hulled raw sunflower seeds

Finely grind nuts without lep(j/atihg oil. Store unuJEd (Xlrtian in gla.ss jar in refrigeratl;!f lor up to J dajlj. (Do not eat with bread; spread on dehydrated veqlltoble~.) Makej 4-5 setvinq:

j cups sliced lruit (any kind) 1 Basic Pie Crust

1 cup apple jujce 3 tbsp !!Qaf ~ilke5 1121.sp cinnamon

1 isp nonalcoholic vanilla

1 tbsp agar pOwder dissolved in 114 cup pure water

Place fwit into pie (rust. Hem apple juice wi agar flakes at 11 OF tor 15 mini stir in vanilla and cinnamon. Pour apple juice mi)(/ure over fruft and chill WI firm. Make;; 1 pi"

Bl"Jsic Pie nu51

1 cup raw almonds

1Il cup mixture of dates. ngs, rat,ini

1 tsp drmernon

1 thsp pure water

Chop almonds until COarl"f. Add remaifling ingredi«ntl,· blend. Press mixttJ(e into 10' pie pan.

Makes 1 pie cru,t

Br kfast

1 0;> spearmint or pepplOrrnint juice 3 oz anise juic£'

4 oz celery juice 4 oz parsnip juice

Combine 01/ ingredients [mo stir well

LunC!h -

4 cups sprouted rye 112 cup pure water

1 t5p caraway seeds (optional)

Blend al/lngredientl for 3 min on high spff>d. Pour mixture into a SQlid dehydrotar tmy. Dehydrate for B-70hr1

squash, onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper, Makes 2-4 wvingi

1 red bell pepper, chopped 1/~ cup ceJery, chopped

2-3 tbsp seed .a lice

2-3 tbw raw almond butter or nut butter

1 th.p kel P (or more to til~te) 114 cu p mung been ~prolJts 1/4 cup lentil sprouts

1/4 cup chopped onion

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1 cup alf<llfa, .prol.i$

Blend the (elef/'! seed SQu,e, mmond butter., and kefp OIT medium speed until smooth. Add the mung bean <;p rau 15, len til sprouts, onio r1,. [J n d huff of mf pars/!>y, Pillse blender mixture into the alfalfa spro II ts. 5 srve j n tne red pepper w,ps and gamilh with thf'remoinlng par~ley. Mr:;ke5 2-4 se/Vin9~

] cups pine nuts

1/2 cup red anion, chopped 1/2 cup celery, [hopped

1 pi;lckilge (4 oz) agar Flak.es

1 ' /'2 cup red bell pepper, chopped BrafjgsAminos to taSle.

2. tbsp pure water

Combine all ingredients.

FOfl71 into pottle,. Makes 4 seNing~

1 lsp Stevia

2 cups walnuts 1 Busic Pie (nm 6 medium yams

1 {2 cup IU ntlowsr seeds 2 tbsp pure water

1/2 tsp live-spice powder 2 tbsp p~yllium powder 1 l.Sp coriander leal

pine nuts lor garnish

Blend half the (iate~ with the walnuts and Q couple .tea~po(Jm of water in a blender. PreH date miJI.tur~ into the pie cnni and set Q!iicte. Puree yom .. in a juicer alttrfnating with the rots and dates. Add remaining IngredlenlJ and mix well. Prm Inta pie i:rll5t. Gomi5h with pine nuts and chili,

Makes 1 pie

1/2 cup seed, (sunflower, almond; sesame, pumpkin, d. sprouted chickpeas)

'1-2 cups pure water

1 cup sprouts (any variety)

1 cup squash, graled (summer, zucchini, or Hubbard) .

1 tbsp onion, minced

1 tbsp garlk. mmced

1/4 tsp powdered raw

cayenne pepp(>r

Grind the ,e.eds to Q fine powder and sotJk in 1 cup pure warerfor 8 bts. Put in blender, add sprouts and lome water to achieve dRs/red texture. Befure serving, stir in the


• A diet of rilw end living foods imprave, health, OO05t!; immune power, improves memal cl~rity, and slows aging

• Onre you have established younelf on a living food'S diet end detnxfled, you will v:perience lmmsdlate health improvements

• 80% raw and 20% cooked is considered an ilcceptable balance for those who are well

• Food combining, fasting, colon dean.slng, dry OOil brushinq, rind exerciJijng are also


recommended to improve the health or raw food vegetl;lriitns

• Chlorophyll has been called "nature's greatest healer"

• It h the first product 01 light and therefore contains more healing' properties than any other element

• ChIorophyil is also the loultdation of aH plant Ilfe

• It is the "blood' of plants, with a molecular structure almost identical to the hemoglobin "1oiecule of human blood

• ChlorophyH is anti-bacterial and can be used ·n;ide and outside the body as a health aid

• S.dence h<l,proven that dllerophyll arrests growth and development 01 unJriendly becreria

• Th.s natural product creates an erwlronment mar YIJPpres~ barterjal growth in the body and (ounteracts ingested toxins


• Ile- ideal balance af a Iki!line to Od5 and~cid rood~ is 8,0% .<llkalirle~rrd 20% a(io

• ""-5 dlet will neutrallze the blood and {J:eu!lcH'y the body

• Alkclline---forming foods indude sprouts,

ecru, grEW end leafy vegetabtl;:), garlic, Qniofl~, sea veg eta bl es, vi n e- ri pe n cd vegetable, tree-ncenee fruit, small grain~, sesame seeds, Ire~h beans and (om,

ca €nile pepper, and some nuts

• It abo h'elps 10 purify the liver, buiid the blood ~ .QxygE'n cilrryi ng potential and re 9 u lated igestIo n

• l.lqu td chi orophyll gels in to th e tlss U es, ref nes them, ann m~km them strong

• LIquid chlorophyll washes drug deposlts from {he body

• Chlorophyll neutrellzes toxjru in the body, helps purify the liver, and Improves blood ;Ug<lf problems

• Chlorophyll can be 'extracted from many plants, buL wheatgrass is superlsr because il has heen found to havs 'Over 100 elements needed Ily humans; when grown in organit- soil, it absorb'> 92 of the known , Q2 mineral! from the soil

• A~id-forming foods include blueberries, cranberries, plums, prunes, buckwheat, rye, dry beans, and most nuts and seeds

• Whe~lgraScs juice and green drinks arc ideal for a.chievi ng an

~Ik.aline and add balance


• One ounce contains 103 vUamins, rnlnerals, and amino add!;

• '.)l'1e ounce of wheatqrass [UiC€ represents 35 cJCh I'IU Uition a] value as approximately

2 1 pounds 01 fresh green vegeLables

• Vv'heiltgraS'i juice i5 htgh in chlorophyll

• IL 13 very high in vitamins A. B,comptex, C E and K

_. VI. he<llgra~s lut~e is !J natural source 01 liIelTlle (B- 1 7)

• I CDnwim beta-cerotene, which Is found in red, g rE£'Jl,!Il1d yellow pig rnerued fru i ls a nd

vegetables. Beta.(~rotene acts es 11 5ca .. enger againsf harmful molecules f1Qwirlg' naturally through the body OJ through. toxins

in haled from cigarette smoke, air f'lellution, and other damaging sources

• Wheatgras~ cleanses, pu r1fie~, and feeds the body by acti"'ating the white blond cells, which boost the body's immune system

• Wheatgfim juice is also benefiCial far people who

need to lose weight [If cleanse their bcdles



• When taken in juia! form, wheatgrass can protect us from carcinogen> end denroy free radical~ that may Jea<l to the degeneRltiQ:n of the Immune system

• Wheatgrnss iuice has 11 long, tradltlon as a blood clea n ser

• It Is a powerful detoxilying agent, helps to increase enzyme levels in the body, build5 red blood cells, air;h ,digenion, and stimulates and r'egener<ltes the liver


• Gree.,ndrinks are easy to digest; they alsoadd alkallns to the body

• These drinks are made mostly from sprouts, whirhare the most alive and nu tJitiaus of aJI the living foods. These building drinks may ITa lie fTeh, 9ree1'1, Orgil nie vegetables added to them

• Green drink! are an exceptional source of chlorophyll

• Three glasses 01 green drink may supply much of the protein an average adult needseac'h day


• Sprouts are livil'ig foods and contain amClZ"rng nutrition 111 value

• They centaln such high levels of amino aclds, vitamins. ~n.d minerals that they are considered to be one of the most perfect lood.l; known to humankind

• When oats are sprouted, Ih(;' vitamin 82 content lnrreases by 1,100%. vit<lmin 8'6 by 500%, and "folic acid by 600%

• Sprouts contain extraordinarily high tevels of high quality protein

" Mung beans contain mOfEO than 25%01 thelf eateries OlS protein, which is a hlqher prsportlen than in J-bene sleak

" Six eu P ~ of Sj:JfOU te d I entill conialn about 60 grilf1l5 01 protein, which is the recommended dally allowance


" Wheatgra,.;s juice is Incredibly good Jar pets

• An animal's system can be cleansed in 4-5 Glay~; it 15 a much faster process lhaM for hurnaru

• Give y-our pet 112 -1 ounce twice a day for 4-5 days

" Ttrey 5heuld t.ake t~ juice :'0 min before they eat

" Alter" or 5 days, chop lip the whedt9rn~ and mix it in with their regular food

• - - • :;,....- ~ ~ - .. - _ ~. - • r ~

'PfmIQ(i>,n/S '- -

-_ :


• Start with a small handful and as you get more experience, sproul th~ amount you think you need

• Use 'Purified water to soak the seeds, however tap water is acceptable

• Do not over-soak the seeds; you can drown

them and tose many nutrients

• After SOiJking, thoroughly rin$!" 'SE6B several tirne'i r s 0 (or 2 ~6 hr5 or I.... p .. r " .. l. .elC.J

• RimE seeds throughout the sprouting

time, Icr example, before work, after werk, and at bedtime

• You can never rinse too much

~n ~ec 5 on ,o~ £<1 so I

• Soil should be a good organic potting mit:; your local garden center should have some good brands, for example, "S"upersofi' or "Lambert" potting mix

• Whatever soil is used, mix one part peat moss with three parts soil

• Cover soli with seeds; make sure all of the seem ar~ touching each other, ann la,y them cown only one layer thick

• Sunflower arrd pea greens should be planted more densely tniln wheet because their root :s~m~ <Ire not as deep

r 01 1j~i!ltQI'ZIU

• If temperature is below 60"F, the seeds will go dormant

• If temperature is above 80"F, you must g:eL air clrcu lation in the room

• Water once a day heavily or until the tray begins to Grip

• For the firsl three days, water heavily but gently <15 not In disturb the seeds

(ov!!'r ~eed5 during the Initial

l~rml lall ., r t fi. 15

• Keep seeds covered with an empty p'lanting tray until grass forms and begirls to push up the covering tray

• When at home, mist seeds cccastonafly

• If on a work schedule, mist when home and before bedtime

• If you are not sure you will be around to water, place damp pilper towelsover the seeds. and then cover them with plastlc to make surs they do not dry out

• Seeds need to be kept wet but not

necessarily dar,k

.. II' gra 9 0 jndirect sunlight

un.a thO!! bl.uk }pli s

• In the wintertime, this should take 7-10 days; in the summernme, lt should take 6-8 d~ys

• H arv est the gras, befo re it reach es 1 1

inches; watch for the second shoot to grow

• Air circulation is very important

• Open a window near growing grtlss

• Have ~ lan blowing near gTil5S throughout the day

H U $ needed; additional

ran may 1 .. st leveral days In ill tray

I- (;'r J

• Harvest the grass as low to the soil as posslble

• Harvest grass will last one week in the refrigerator

• Stored in freezer bag, with airflow holes" such as "Ever Frnh" bags, grass will last up to 1 4 d II y~ in refri gerctor

'"' .~':Gn .. \Jr~ ~ pear and

CIIn be used for _rour pets.

The second growth Is not as nutr tiuus

.....e • I~g s

• WhealgraM is grown from hard, 'Organic winter wheat seed; it is also called wheat berry seed


c. ~r ,i,

• Mold on wheatqrass will ,look like lillie spider webs

• It i~ external mold, so if you clean il off and jui-ce It, it will b'€ fine to consume

• Air circulation will prevent 98% 01 mold problems

• II mold persists. plant I"S5 densely

• If mold rorulnues La appear, change your seed; tt may be 'Old


>t;, a Qut

• The seeds could have been' soaked too long

• The seeds could have been lifele~s (infertile) when you bought them

3 - tII,-

• The 50il is probably no! molsl enough

• There is a srnal: chance that the soil is too moi.sl

• The ~on could be lntertlle, and you will need to change it


,. f:J out_.: e

• If you grow wheaLgrass outside or set a tray of iL ou15ioe, anlrnals will come from all around to eat it

• Store wheatgrass inside your home


o Seeds; for

example, organic red hard' winter wheat berries, sproutinq peas. or unhulled sunflower

o Meilsuring cup

o 1 galton containers; tor example, glass jars

o Seaweed solution

o Container with drainage holes; for example, a colander

o Plastic 14")l18" tray, caleterla .• style

o Organic topsoil CI PeaL moss

o Hand shovel

o WorkgJov&

o Watering can

o Spray bottle

o Knife or scissors

o Rack lor growing trays

o Plastk sheet lor under trays/ri)Ck

o Full"s:pearum lighting or indirect

~unli9hl ~


• Wheatgrilss can be stored in sealed containers In your refrigerator for up to 7 days

• Rinse well before juicing wheatqrass


• One tray of wheatqrass yiE!ld"s 6-8 ounces O'f Juice

• If yo uera using a tw i n-qear juicer (recommended for juicing wheatqrass), place ~. cup under the iuke spout and II small bawl under the ejection spout to catch the pulp

• Rinse the wheatqrass

• Make sure all ollhe blades are going in the same direction

• Start the juices, and feed small handfuls of the wheatqrass (tips of the blades in rJrsl or "upside-down") into the feed opening:

• The jul:cer wlll gmb the blades and pull them in; never put your finger5 Into the feed oper1iF1l~

• It is recommended that you ru n the pulp through the juicer to gel the maximum amount 01 juice outof Lhe wheatqrass


• Whealgr;m juice should be consumed on an empty stomach, which 1.1 1 1 n -3 h r> after eating, depending on what you last coruumed

• It should also be taken 15--3-0 min before eating to allow It to be totally ab-sorbed into the system

• Wait several hours between ~~rvings

• It is recommended to beg]n with ene ounce daily and work up to four ounces-daily, especially when ill

• Most people find it easiest to take the juice in tne moming

• When drinking four ounces a day, take two ounces in the moming ,and two ounces in the evening

• However, some people find it hard to sleep If they take the juice late in the evening

• It may be taken 5tr~ight or diluted with other heillthy juka Choices - this makes it more palatable

• The best way to consume iL Is to' swlsh It around in yow mouth before sw~lI()wing; this way it will mix with the digest!ve enzymes in your mouth


• Green drink, provide immediate, high quality nutrition to the body

• They aim contain 50% juice from sprouts, bilby greens, or edible weeds such as dandelion, purslane, sorrel, arid ~rL!gulil ilnd 50% juice from gmen vegmbles such as kate, collard, cucumber, spinach, cl;!1.ery, dark green lettuce, and cabbage5

• The perfect gr,e€n drink = 90% carbohydrates/ simpl€ suqars -J. 5% protein/amino adds + 5% fal/fattyacids

• You may add herbs such as fresh par~bey,

,-i'a ntro, basil dill, anise, or mint or add powerful and heJplulllavoriP1gs such as garlic or ginfjer

• If ill, avoid the [utces of carrots, beets,

and other sweet vegetables; [he avera.ge pancreas (tneorqen regulating sug'ilr) can no longer tolerate sugar (fructcse) when juiced WIth these veget~bJe~; also keep ~II green drinks separate; do not mix the colors, such as adding carrot juiceto cucumber juice

"e, I"

• For 12 ounces of green drink, mix 6 OU~Ce)l of vegetable lui~.e afld 6 ounces ol sprou t juice

• For 6 ounces of vegetable juice, juice 1 Jarg,e cucumber and 2 stalks of celery

.. To gel 6 ounce'S of sprout juIce, iu.!c!! Tt2 tray


• To produce sweet sprouts, seek the seeds in warm water (105-115")

• Either replace the wat£r frequenlly to rnalntaln \he warm temperature around the seeds or place the soaking seeds in a very hot location

• To develop lang. straight, and juicy sprouts, put the growing tray in a warm place and ptace a weight over them

• For exarnpte, grow them in <J colander and pu La heavy plate that fit;. i nto the rnl,mder directly on the sprouts

of sunflower qreens and 1/, tray 01 pea' green sprouts

• Rime [he sprouts before juidng them, but it is not necessary to remove all the black hulls

• Juice the vegetables first, then the sunflower greens and finally the lettuce

• Add a piece of ginger or several cloves 01 garlic for a flavorful healr'h benerilin!j elixir

• Consume ths green drink within 15 min or prep a ratio n

• These' drinks m'ay be refr~gerated for up to 24 hrs when they are sealed, yet the value of the oxygen, entymes, phytochemicals, hormone" and nutrlents they contain will dirnlnish dramstkelly

C 1"1

• Green d~ink5 should be a major part of your diet, especially if you are III

• II is recommended that you take twa

12 ounce glasses of green drink pef day

• Remembef to take the> drinks on an empty stemach and do not eat immediiltely afterwilrd

• For the averaqe person's schedule,

it i~ recommended that green drinks he censurnedas a brllakfasl juiC€, as ll, mid-morning sn .. ek, and again as an afternoon snack

• The pressure will strengthen tile sprouts and :;.traIghten them out a. they grow

• This does not spoil the sprouts, iI'lthough you may think it wou1d

• Small seeds such as dover increase in weight and volume after sprouting, so do not overfill the jar to begin with

• To increase the chlorophyll content, place the sprouts in ahundan; indireClsunlight for 12-24 hrs to green them


3-24 hrs

3-48 hrs

Jar with mesh, cerarnlc, or stainless steel bowl (light or dark) Soak all nuts

1-2 days

Covered colander. j,u with mesh, spmuling bag, (dark to ~emi-dil.rk)

Jar with mesh, sprouting bag (strong ind'lrect s.ul1l1ght)

Covered colander, jar with mesh, sproutlnq bag (dark to semi-dark)

Sesame seeds, Beam, legumes

pumpkin seeds.

sunflower S€!;'d5,


Small v~gelabl,e .le:€ds

In water





• For best results, US€ (rejt1, crisp. pre-cooled lfegelable5, sprouts, and fruits

• Root vegetllbles should be scrubbed; plastic mesh pol scrubbers aTe very eft ectlve

• Fresh Juice has Il different [laver, color; nutritlnnal content, and eonslstency than canned juice

• Other seeds, such as the seeds of 'I ern om, limes, grape., and melons are saf e to juice

Sup r Green ,..I c

112 cup cucumber 1/2 (UP celery

1 tz. cup pea qreens 1/2 cup ~pinach

1/2 (1J P ilSSO rted

'Il1lmg bean sprouts 112 Cup sprouts

l{.l Cup parsley

BlI?nd I ngrlld iefl!5 together and drink immediately



lank for the following sprouts at your local grocery or heallh food store:

CJ Alfalfa

o Mung

o Garbanzo

o lentil

o Sunflower

o Sweet pea

o Buckwheat baby qreens

o Mixes of other seeds

1"1 J ic

cup cucumber juice cup celery juice

cup kale ,uke

Mlx il1gredients to.gether-and drink lmmediofely


• Implants and enemas that contain freshlysqueezed wheatqrass julce effectively help to de;;.nse the colon and stlrnulare lnternalerqans

• Whe~tgl<m juice apptied internally may help allevlateeven severe cases of consttpation


• Sprouts should be stored in the ~efrigeralor in airtiqht enclosures such as sealed plastic bllg5 or plastic container,s

• 'Do not let the sprouts be exposed In air while in slmilge; the a.ir will dry them out

• However, do net store them wet alwily.s let your sprouts dry as much as possible before storing them (use OJ salad spinner}

• If they are stored wet, they will' spoil more quickly

• II sloredcol'rectly. sprouts should remain crisp arrd delicious for 7-1 0 day~


• Use this (hart to ensure fresh sprouts

• WriLe in ,he date the sprouts want into the refriqerator and the date by whl~h they should be used



Tues.., June lJ

When you grow your own sprouts, you will significantly improve the quality and variety of sprouts in your diet

I.Itnnonal lSen 50 ILl ~tl~ uung'
l1meOut nme

Cakr II rn, prOlei!l 1 cup. 8 hrs 36 brs 4 [UPS O-JIB 1r1~h
i.edthin 1 cup Ii brs 14 nrs 2 cups liB inch
Zinc, hair, skm 1 ~LiP 4 hrs 241m 2 cups liS inch
Calcium 1 CLip 4 hr. 12 hI'S 1 1{l cups Irs inch
~l'Ifiower Protei n, en e rgy 1 cup 6 hrs ~4 hrs 2 CUf1$ li~_ln lnch
f ortilies bone 1 cup _~ hr. :l4 hrs 3 cups 1/8 inch
Millet Strength, musde 1 cup $ h~ 12 hrs 3 CUp> 0-118 tnch
QuinO", S Ireng th, energ,y , CUp 3 hr_, 24 hrs , 3 cup.'i 1/4 inen
Tel-: Bl Dad, respi r aile n 1 cup 3 hrs 24 hrs 3 cups llR Inch
II.ar1I!J Ventricles, heart 1 cup 6 hrs 1.2 hrs 2 l/l CUp5 o inches
C!YIl Calcium, enet~y 1 ~~p 12 hrs 36 hrs 4 cups 1/2 inch
~e DlgestiQn 1 (UP -6 brs )6 hrs 3 cups l(~ inch
Spell Vtlilmin., mlner~l, 1 cup 6 hrl 36 hrs 3 0Jtlli 1/4 inch
T:iticaie Glldl.Jm, '!itamim, mrneral5 1 [UP 6 hrs 16 hts J cup. 1/4 inch
~t Vitilmirn, rninerels 1 cup 6 hrs 36 hrs 3 cups 1I~ lnch
Ih.1HM. If
"'dzuk.! MinerilJ3, reml benefits 1/2 cup 121;,.,- 5 days 4 CUP! 1 inth
~M Protein, energy 1 cup 12 hrs 3 da~ 4 wp~ 1 Inch
~""liis Teeth, strength 1/2 cup 8hrs ] da~ 4 cup, I inch
Blood. orgjlffi I 1/2 cups ,8 hrs 3 ~ays 4 "Cl:!pi 1 lnrh
Nan~, eyes 2 cups 12 hrs 1;2 nrs 4 cup, o lmh€>
Minl'ral~, bladder lllwp B hrs 5: d~y; -4 rups 2 lnches
[n~gy, liver 1 III cups 12 brs 11 hrs 4 (lJ1l5 o inci']e;
En ergy, "pin B 1 cup 12 hrs 3 hrs 4 Will , inch Blood, heart 3 th,p S hn 5 doys 4 cups 2 Inch 1';
5rocmti AnlJrlOl:id an I 2 tbsp B hrs 4 days 1 C"ups 1 112 inches
Cabhagf' Intertin~, 5t(jm~ch 3 tbsp 5 brs 5 d~y; 4 cup. 1 112 inches
«]ovw Caplllaries, blood 3 tbsp 5 brs 5 days 4 cups 2 inches
~ra>k Dis.l..olve> mucus, 1/4 cup 6 fin 5: d~yj " cup, 2 inches
reg 1.11 a tes bl Dod 5uga r
~ Heart, d1..ot~terol 1/4 (UP 5 hr; 5, day; 3 cups 1 iflch
Lite' B.-wei 1/~, cup 5 hr~ 5 d<lYI 4 cup; 1 Inch
Ml.Jitir!'l Stomach, qallbladder ~ lb,p 5 hrs j days 4 WPI 1 1/2 inchE'~
anon Blood, citcuta tlo n 1/4 cup 5 hrs .) ~<lY' J rup~ 1 112 Inches
ibdsil Lymph, hormones 3 tbsp I> hr. 5 d~Yi 4 ~Upl 2 inchES
TlJIlill Colon, inte~tine! 3 tb.p I> hI"> ~ oily! "101111 1 1/] inch!!1
~laI'I.lW VlliImln C, pct-.lliiwm 1 CUP 3112 hr!"
~ns Iron, potas-lium 1 (uj;) 'I hrs
DJi€:l6I~ Sea minerals lcup 2 min
WaIi.lun> S~ minerats I cup 2 hrs
Sea ItolJrn Sea minerals 1 ~1.Jp' 15 min DETOXIFICATION

• De:tnxifkatioll is the process by which the body elirrunates toxins from ru cells

• Tolli1il5 exisT. evel)'Where and can lead to he:allh problems

• ToJCiI'1~ are In foed and the environment, and persist because of our insufficient metabolic ilbility to rid the body of all that we Me expesec to on ,01 daily basts


• About 60% of accumulated waste is released in the fim seven d2lys of delo~ificatiolil

• During [his time, you win feel worse before you feel better

• When you begin a raw foods diet, the toxic wilste from animal products, processed foods filled with chemical pollutants, and cooled foods l:s discharged from the o::eJts, organs,. llfterie~, and veins into the bloodstream for removal from the body

• As they are removed, )Iou may teel 5Ylllptoms of iII!)eJ;s, bul they are gem~rally signs of healing

• The symptoms may be discouraging, but it i5 short-lived and worth the effort

• The toxlns being dlscarded would have resulted in more serious disease, such as kidney dlsorders, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degenerati:on, cancer, etc

• VIlIiile the body is using the enzymes and o:-rygen of [Mng foods to clearr the waste lrorn deep within every c:;{"II, there are some um:omfmtabJe reactions that ma,y or may not occur. Inu~~ed flatulen.ce • Skin

erupti ons • I ncreas ed th i rst • Crav iOg. 5

• Runny nose « Headaches • lrrltability

• Constipation .' tnsornnias NeNousne-ss

• Coaled tongue .. ~atjg.ue • Aches and pains • Fever" Weillkness .. Diarrhea

• Edema' Nausea' Cold and flu symptoms

• Bad breath '. Dizziness' FreqLlE!I1't urination .. Nightmares • Loss 01 appetite

• fhe symptoms will vary according to menta:j 1t.amina. the toxins beIng discarded, and the (ondilion 01 the organs involved in

the elimination

• If you have avordeo the use 01 caff,elne, mcotine, sugaf, and alcohol in Lhe past, ycur deloXlficDtion symptoms may be quite mild

• t you ilre making a drastic SWitch in diet and lilffi)'Je. your symptoms may be stronq

• The good IU'WS to; that detoxification is a .sigl1 that your body is becoming healthier, each day the body rids il5elr 01 wastes that may have eventually brouoru pain, disease, and suffering

• The majority 01 people find their reactions tolerable and are able to bear them

• They can drain the body of energy and make YOll mar" susceptlbie to di~ea~e and lnfection

• T.oxiins l€nei to concentrate in the brain, river, and gastrointestinal tract, these places ere responsible lor enmiflating t{)xil1~ from the booy

• Since everyone. Is exposed to toxlns, everyone tan beneflt from detoxlfieauon on a periodic basis

motivated by the promise of vitilHty. health, and longevity

• The l'en91h of the ~h~ilnsing process depends on how many years you have abused your body wtlh a poor diet

• The noticeable detoxification periodl usually lam lor only 11 week or two, with little to . great lntenslty

• IL will continue for years wlth less notkeable llp5 and downs until you teach the seven-year p-oint when tne body ha-.~ fully regenerated

• However, rfght from the start you will notice a reduetton in the intensity of your detoxifk~ atlon symptoms as your .body becomes accustomed to your new raw feeds diet

t d I Lifestyle I;.hllnges

• 'Breathe deeply

• Avoid stress and seek out ways to relax. and res 01 lie stress! ul conditions in your life

• Get sufficrenl StU'1lighl, exercise, ilnd sleep

• Counseling, meditatJon/and other ther-apies are proactive waY5 to relleve stress


• Drlnk green tea, a dietary source of catechtn, which is, a powerful aruloxidaru that is easily oxidized (green tea contains caffelne, but it also contains theanlne, which counteracts lhe caffeine)

• E,Jl a well-balanced diet rid'1 in fruiLs, veqetables, and sproul:';

• Eill artichokes.; they help detoxify the liver

• Eill foods In the Bra5~ka family ~uch as cabbage, cauliflower, and Brusset sprouts

• Increase intake of berries

• Keep a rood diary to detect individual patterns 01 secnsitivity to teeds

• fast r-egularly-

ante pe.r week



• Alternative and rneinstrearn groups such as The American Dietetic Assocletlcn have affirmed that a vl'gl2t:arian diet can meet all nutritional nee-ds


" Raw foods lIegtlarfanr:sm is a diet con5isting of mostly uncooked. unprocessed, ilnd organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and. sprouted qralns and beans

• Meat, dairy, soy products, coffee, black tea, alcohol, or chemical supplements are

net consumed

• A maximum o.f only 20% of the tood may be cooked; cooking foods above 11 S' destroys many nutrient:'>


• Uving rOGd~ are rich in chloraphyll and enzymes

• They are T<!W plant food.') that contain the

most nutrition such as sprouted seeds, lresh juices, fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc.

• Uvin§ foods are packed with hormones, oxygen, phytochernicals, and enzyme> and 'help tt1le overloaded system to recover


• These antidotes help to ease the symptOIT15 .imd speed up the proems of detoxficatiom

• Drfnk lemon wai€r (juice of one lemon wi[h eight ounces of water) with up to 1/2 teaspoon of rayenne pepper when you wake up; this liefps-to open the drculatary system 2IJ1d alknfinize Ihe body li.uJd3, which speeds up the Tate of detoxifiGstion

• F'aSI: on green d rink; (see Perrnarharts' ltVhl'atgllro" juice, Green Dflnh~, & Spmlit:5 chart) one day 'ead1 week; lhis. allows potenllal lertq-terrn loxim to be released beFore they can GIUSt: problems

.' Do aerobic, resistance, and stretching exerdses daily,' !hey he~p tlO speed up the detoxlficatiQn precess

• Do not take drugs or vitamins to ileal your symptoms, the symptoms are part offue hl!<lling proces:s melf

• Allow fevers below 1 Q2" to run their course; let yo u r body work: a littlE' O'>'ertlrne LO deanse ltseIf

• Reese- the body needs a!1 the energy 1l. Lim get to rid il:§e~1 of tPxim


• The coion Is abo called the larg€ intesUne or the bowel

• It resl.!l in the abdomen arni -(orrm the last part of the digestive' tract

w An extremely important organ, ft carries out a nl.ll'nber ol vital turxtlons induding the completion 01 the digestive proCI:5!>, which InVOM>:1 absorbIng water-soluble nuuierus as well ~ tile synthe~is of certain vitamins

• The colon Is .:1_ major part of the 'e){CretO'ry syst-em and is respcnsible for elimlnatlnq dlgeslJe_d food Md other body w;nte:;

• It also protects the body from infection <1M disease

• In <I n-e<llthy;,md normally functioning colen, <Ill of this Is achieved with the help of billlons of friendly bacteria that live in tne celon and make up -<lbout 70% of Ute dry weight of the body'l fecal wil~te

.- The heal[hy tran.it time of food through the body OCCUIS in len than 24 hours (for marI1 informaUon see Ilermacharts' Food Cnmblning (hart)

• H_oweVE'F, <he delkate balance 01 this internal ecosystem can very eas,i!y be disturbed by a number of factors inCiludiflg !tre55,pollution, poor food and drink moioses, druqs, smoking, and exposure to other toxic 511bst~ncel

• One in three people has a bowel problem sudl <11 irriUlble bowel syndrome, conus, and Crohn'~ dllieilse

• OiVerticulitis (Infected colon) and Candj,dil. (yffisl infedion), are now wtdespre<ld

• The repercussions or a toxic bowel m<ly be reen tnrouqhcu; the body in a wide range or heaIth problems

• It is abO' seen in the gene ra I. rn~j Il ise a ffe-eu nf] so many In our society


o Try to esl:arbli.lh a routine bowel movement firs-t thing in the morning

• The bowels need to evacuate in the morning because bacteria has been active snd the rnetabelism has b~f1 lnactlve al) nighllollg

• Try III evaeuere again if pmsibte


• Place a footstool, 00;«/ two telephone books, or il slep under both feel whet' s-eated en the toltet

• By raising both feet off lhe ground, you put voursell in a squattirrq posltlcn !hat ls more Il<JwraJ and eneouraqes easy elimination


"Proper use at enemas and implants heip the colon Improve muscle lance and strength

• They are espK@lly helpful dlJring the rrrs,t few wei"b of ynur mange in diet, when a qreat deal 01 waste- matter is sent to the colon from all pam of the body for eliminatl-on

• The body needs 11 clean and healthy colon to ass.imil<!'te nutrienLS and dlspose of wasle

'. Ongoing complete bowel evacuation leads to robust hfllllUl

'0 Un fort unate-Jy, millions nfpeopll" have rolons that are twisted Ql,Jt of shape and mng€5.led with several days or weeks worth 01 .

toxic weste

-0 E)(cl"u [ec~1 matter that is impacted alQf1g the walls of the colon ls a breeding grtllund for unfriendly baclerta

• Whl,n Lhrs wastE! accumulates, thecolon becomes weail and slugg.ish, whi~h resultO' in constipation

• When the waste- hardens, the natur.<lli nllJSOJ I;J[ CQnlF<l:ction~ of the colon slow down and more buildup occurs

• lt also blocks nutrierilab_sorpticn thm\-lg_h the walls or the colon, and the uncITggsted food putrelies and becomes toxic

• The desigrl of the modem tollet iKluall'y contributes to ccnstlpatlcn

e· ..

• Exercise helps to keep abdornmel muscLes strong arid firm

• I r alseen CO u rage$ p ertsta 15is, wll i ch a re the successive waves of involuntary contraction pil~5ing ~Iong the walls of the colon thaI force the ecntents onward

• Howev<E~, do not exercise immediately after e<itll1g be-cause the digestive process nE':eds II lot of energy

• ~l atso brillgs Qkygeri-rh:;h blood to the intestines, whi'CIn improves the health and vitality 01 [he cells

• Enemas ilrid impl.:rnt5 help to improve the deloil<.1fication pFOCeS~

• Enema!i should be done once ~, week

On the evening or morning arter a_ day of rasting on I(quids


t .,

o Ellery ce'" of the oody has parts that help LO remove waste, but certaln org<:lflS ~pecialj_ze in waste rnsnaqernem

• There are ways that you can <155M ~hem during the initial delmdfh:ation Iperiod

o The col.oll ~ the ~otid' WIBte manag1:'ment organ in the body

• Cle~nln9- the celon is difficult, there have been cases In which individuals- have' had many P91mds ·of mucous and rubber-like waste imparted akmg th-€ wall-s of their colon

o Tip: As~i~t your colon by lakin9 colon hydro~t" .. rapies that are followed by whl1J)1grassimplants

·lM@ kidneY5 are the organs that dell I with fluid management

o They filler out the dissolved add wastes and keep the chemistry 01 the blood ,,'lkaI1n1O

• 111'1: You ean hl<!!p your ktdneys "by drinking lot" of purified weter and §-rl"sh alkaline jLllces such as cucumber, celery, sunflower green, ilnd pea 9rf1em sprout luice (~ minimum 01 Q 'OJ

ounce of juice per one pound 01 body weight)

• Thts is the fecyt:lrng center at the body

• The -!rver sorts the toxins and sendstbern to IRE '.pproprialre organ for ,~Hminatlon, but If it is backed up. it redired:51he overflow of tokins

0- Tip: Wheatgrass Implants help the liver pull

to;.;imc out Qr the blood quicker

o Tile Iunqs wo~k to purify the o)(ygen, which

in tum feeds the Iillood .

• They also remove waste ga.'ies that come from each cell oJ the booy

• Tip: Deep breathing from the dillphragm helps- tt<e Iung~; try to fmdan o;xygen.rich

en v ironment, such Cis near an ocean or forest or eve" outside, in which you can p-erform iI-erobill; exercises

• The lymph glands transport waste from the celts to the major organs where ills efiminated

• The major lymphatic glafld~ Me the appendix, sp'een, thymus, and tORsils; they usuilily swell during deloxirication

• Tip: Drink plenty 01 pure and nGl.\Jri"Shing fluids and get reg_ulilf e)(erdliB and mas-sage 10 help dilute and transport the toxin! lhrough the body

• Wrth the largest surface area, the skin acts

as a. bllck up-for the other elirninatlon org_ans

• 11 also regulates body temperatu-re and moisture content

• Tlp: Drinking plenty- of pure -;Jnd nourishing nuids, dry-skin bru~'hiflg, and massa-ge encourage the skin to bre-athe, perspire, and release loxim;; this may result in skin rashes, ilene, etc.


... Healthy Colon


• The modern toilet was designed withoullully understandinq the human anatomy

• The design C~U!!!!i us to leave major ereas of the abdominal wall unsupported as we bear down; we therefore. cannot fully eUminate

• Dr. John Chi!'.ne discovered toilet users wrfer,ed from incomplete elimina-uon compared with stjllatting pcsitiem users

• He actually weighed and compared hi, own fe,cal mass passed 0-11 thetotlet with that passed [n a squattinq position; he found that he alwayselimin<lted le;ss weiqht when he used the toilet alone

• In many countries, toilets an' made so [hat people squat whef1 they move their bowel,

• The footstool supports your leet up off the floor when you are seeted o-n the toilet

• \Ilis positions your body 50 that you are squattinq on lhe loilet

• Squatting supports the abdcrnlnel w~'11 and the bowel as we bear down and encou raqes


1. If youare u~il'lg ;;, new enema bag, first remove the (over from the 'end of Lhe enema bag Lube and cut approximately one inch from rhe end of it in a dl<l90nal manner

2. Slide the open end of the catheter over the cut enerne bag W,be; make sure Lhey afe snugly connected by pre~sing and rurnlnq the catheter over the tu be

3_ Move the damp on the enema bilg tube lnto the 'closed' posrtlon, pinching the tube

4. Fill the ener;'lil bag with purified water thal ls at body temperature

5. Kold LtTe enema bag; ever a sink .. nd gellhe air out ol the tube by opening the clomp

u nti I water starts to II ow from the I' nd 0 f th E catheter; close the clamp ilgain ~nd fill the Lop 01 the enema bag ag.ctin

6. Hang the enema bag from a hook or hanger at about wain height

7. Lubricate the lasl 2 Inches of the catheter arid your rectum with cold-pressed veqetable oil

8. lie on you left ~ide; straighten your left l!i1g,

excess fe.c.1 matter


Dist.ressed .. ColofJ

il more complete boweie.vilwalion

• It fits, urrder the toile: when net in use

• People who use a footstool tend

to have fewer hemQrrhoids, "-....J

bern ta S, ana I fissures, varicose veins, and use lewer laxatives

• It can be used by men and women of all aqes: pre.gnant wnmen may find it e~.peciaHy corntortlnq and relieving

I 1 jon

• Beneftts are many

• Complete bawel evacuation

• Freedom lrorn laxatives

• FEWer hemorrhoid" hernias, and varicose velns .' Cleaner bloodstream

• Vi brant he aJ Lh


• Complete healing and restoration of the bociy takes 11 number 01 yean <llld breilks down into three stages 01 seven-year increments


.. c.'

• The physical body is completely rebuilt

.' 1 dilY to 1112 years - digestive cleanslrsq; major rat deposits 11 nd caldfkatiorrs rem oiled

• 11lL2 ye;l!1i - deep tissue rleanslnq and joint cleansinq

• 2-510 ye"IH - bone structure, cartilage and further joint cleansing

• 5'1L6'}4 -years. Df'9ilA ff'-posil.ioning and renewal

• 61/4-7 y~T.s - brain tissue and I1IW rologil::al dea'rlsi ng


r Co r cycle

• An emotional cleanse occurs

-'j ...

• The third cycle b~i ngs about turther lmd~~st;mding of your role in Hfe

Note: For more informaCion, see Permarnotts' Ufe.s lyle (; han


• Enema5 help to waIn out the colon Gilvity with purified waLer

• It is one oJ the most effective ways to, cleanse toxicdebrls from the system and the consequem unfriendly bacteria from thecolon

II " r·


DOne quart 'fleet enema bag

o 16" all purposeurethral catheter

o Vegetable oil or coconut oil

o Pu:rlfi!i1(j water

bend your right knee, and pull ft up toward your chest; you could also, do this on your riqht side by 5tr(lig htenin'g your riqh L leg with your left knee bent and .pulled toward your chest

9. Gently insert the lubricated part 01 the catheter into your rectum in one of the following three way~:

• Insert the catheter ~yif1g in the position described above

• Kneel <md bend forward; rest your head on your left forearm. and U5e your rIght hand to insert the lubrk:ated catheter into your rectum

• Lie on your back with bath knees up toward your chest; lnsert catheter

1.0. Open the damp LO start the water flowfng and encnuraqe the remainder of the catheter i~to your colon, butnever ! orcelt

11. When there ls only one inch 01 water In the enema bag, dose the damp and remove the catheter from your rectum

1.2 If you can, ma~silge your stomach in the following three positions (otherwise fallow

step 13):

• Roll onto your back and bend both knees; gently m~s:5age y.Our stomach, especially around your (alan, lor twa min

• Then roH onto your left s'ide, bend both knees slightly, and

massage )lour colon lor lWO min

• Finally roll onto you r righl side, bend both knees ~],jghLly, and massage your colon for two min

13. Expel the enema by going onto the toilet with your feel ralsed by ·-"_'''C:.iiiilil'' placing them on a box or the

Welles Step; you can increase peristaltic action by pres~ing your thumb or fingers on your lQreheild between your eyebrows f'Or a rnaxlrnurn of 10 min

14. Wait on the toilet until the enema has been completely expelled

I Implants help to nourish the body via absorption through the coion

I TIlts keeps the elettrolytl"1 in the body healthy a rtd st rang;

I Implants also assisl 11'1 purging lhl;; wkm and llver I JL is best to apply an implant directly following an enema es the rectum and colon will have been flushed out andthegrass juice will be more rulsiry absorbed

. e n.11 i

I Squeeze 4-6 ounces of wheatqrass juioe-; )'Qu can also U'IE juice from ilny organic, fresh, darlt gr€ffi leafy vegetable, such as paflley, dandelion" spinach, and kale, or 1.-3 teaspoons of blue-green or green algae in purified water

• Add tnls to the 1 inch of water that is left In yow enema bilg atter your enema

I Hold the enema bsqover a sink and get the air out of the tube by opening the damp until water starts to flaw from the end of the

catheter; dose the damp again and fill the top of th'e. enema ba!:J again

• Hang the enema bag from a hook or hanger al about warst height

I Lubricate the last 2 inches of the catheter <ina your rertum wlth colo-pressed vegetable oil

• Lie on you left side; ~trilightell your leH leg, bsnd your ~ight knee, and pull iL up toward your chest: you could also do this on yOUF right ~id'e and slraighJening your ri.ghlleg with your left knee bent and pUlled toward your chest

I Gently insert the lubritated part of Ole Cl'lthet<:r into your rectum in one of the fa I I'owi ng

three ways:

1 . Insert the catheter lying in the po~itioJl described above

2. Kn"el and bend [orward; rest YO!Jr head on your leJ1forearm, and use your right hand to insert the lubricated c:iltheter into

your rectum


I Colonic hydrotherapy or irrig~tion ;~ ~ gentle irrLernlll bath using warm, purified water that can help to eHminate stored fecal rnatter, ga5, mucus, and toxic substances from the co;lon; this treatment ls conducted by a therapist

• The prilctice dates from approximately 150tlBC

• Colonks can also help tone and reshape the (alan

• HOWEver, rolonlcs have ii, much broader effect than ~imply dellnsinglhe colon

I Additional benefits can often be ebservee throughout the body in the fnrm of clearer skin, mere ~nergy and mental darity, fewer iYactllche:s, with cirtulatory, immune and weight problems often improving, amonqst many other pesitlve side effects

• Your vis-it to iii licensed colonk therapist wlll involve retsinlnq your case hlstory followed by an explanation of the pmOldur€

• A colonic takes 30-55 min

• Water will begmtly mtreduced into the colon vla the rectum while you r therapist uses ~peciaj masssqe techniques La stimulate

the release of stored mauer

I Herbal and problotic Irnplants may be used and your rractiUonE'r rnay advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance

your treatment

• No ta'Sting or specal measures are n~.Ci5sary p rio r to a fi~t trea trnen t, b U L colon de ~!15i n 9 proqrams may Ire advised b.etween ~6sion~

• The number of treatments needed depend! on the individual case: tbls may v~ry from on'ly one treatment to a number spread out overa period of time, after which preventative Or maimellancelre1ll;rr1ent may be ronthuren 011 occasion

• It ls a sefe p raced ure; the water ls i rurod uoed at a low 9ravlti'ltfol1~1 pre S5 ure, so there is rID danger of bowel perforation

I All equprnerrt is either disp(lsable or di~infected u5ing hospital approved di5infe:cting solutions, which kill all virus~, bacteria" fungi, arrd other concerns

• Colonic hydrotllerapy, un 11 kethe U5f' of laxatives, is not habit rc~ming and actl:lally improves the tone of the colon


U~e this chart to track your bowel movements, enemas, and impJafltJ to ensure re9ul'<lrity

:3 lie on your back with bothknees up l(Jwa.rd yQ U r ch est; insert cath eteJl'

• Open Ihe clamp to start the water r'o""';ng ana encourage the remalnder of the cathem imo your COlon, but never force it

I When you have taken the entire hnplan[, d~ Lhe damp il.,nd remove the catheter

• Lie or! y.our baa With your knees bent and hold the implant for il5 lang iB poso:ible; try to hold the implant for at least 5 min bel-ore moving (ideally 1'5 min)

• If you need to evacuate the implant, do !O, but it will be gradually absorbed thn:lUgh the colon wall, so you may net bave to ill all

• Afterffni5hrng yom lrnptarrt, rinse your enema bag, tube, and catheter by fi1ling the bag with hot water <lf1d natural germicide and I"'tling it fUn out of the end of the (ilt~eteri wash the outsrde of the catheter wilh warm wster ~nd ~oap, il nd ha ng the bag and c;rthetl'J to dry

I Roeplace the ~g every two month; or as needed


Equipment Needed ft)f a Whe~tgra5) Implant:

D One quart f~ee~ enema bflg

o 16" all purpose urethral catheter

o Vegetable oil or coconut oil; do not use petroleum Jelly

Purified water

o 4 ounces of whl2atgr;m juice


• To maiS.sage the colon, begin massaqe between your righlhip and your pelvic bone

I Move slowly lip the right lide almost to lhe bottom of your ribcage

• Ma5sagE' above your navel, ilHVSS to the Lel't side of y.our body

• MovedQwrl the left srde tobetween your left hip and your pelvic bone

• Lift lJ P your nr;rger~ and: place them on your right side again and repeat

• Do not mil5~lIgie across che body under your navel


• This. is a way of litE;! that restores harmony

to the bod\)': tJnFOugh the use 01 fresh, raw, ar\dlivil'lg food~ that nourish, cleanse, and alkalinize the body by the combined action Of th;.>oir

nutritional components

• These cnmponents include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, liquids, complex cal'lxJhydratt.'5, fiber, and e~pedally

t\ornlortel;, OKygen, phytQC_h~iC<lI., ant!


• LltlostyIe changes. i ndu dea positive attitude, exer:ose, colon deeming, relaxation, meditation, fasting. dry skin bMhing, aromath.Mapy, sauna, steam baths, whirlpool, and massage

,. The human OOdy ,is desi9~ed to bJ; healthy and pmducJ:M:o beyond the age of 1 DO: a raw rood vegetarian diet makes that a real po$5ibility

• The ,eq_l,J3oon for iii hE:<lllhy rtMI foods lif~e is 25% food, 25% exercise, and 50%

attitude} spiritual


• UYing foods are chlorop Ilyt I and enzyme rich

• Uving foodsa.re the most mrtritlnn packed of raw plant foods

• ~ey are sprouteo seeds,

JUices of al I kin ds, fru it, 1I€-get;1b I es,

heros arid salad ~eaves, simple ferm€I'l\s, wneatgra$s juice, end speclally grown '{eM~round salads 01 baby sunflcwer and other germinated food

.. ~ enzyme-packed liVti'l9 foods take Ill!' burden olf an overloaded system -end allow it to recover

• The high chlorophyll ccnteru of daily gT€en drinks, sprouts, salad green~, and herbs ilct$ in two way~: chlorophyll's special action on the blood detoxifles arrd retuverl<!t-es at the some time

• This j.s the most gentle and thorough way to encourage and support natural healing

• Living !DOd~ alw include sprouted grain breads, dehydrated cookies, lind -nourfshi"9 raw soups

• "ne complete liVing foods VIIi!Y of raw nutJition give~ l"Kcelient nutrition in a .safe


• Wholesoml! and living foods improve the body'~ immune system; the Immune system then improves the· body

• RE'gular eX"el'Cise keeps your body toned, your heart strong, ilnd yOUT mind dear:; pay spedal al1ention to yeur lymph nodes

o The practice pF meditl).tiol1 and preyer can help to improve yom emotional and spiritu.ol health; you must becomeaware of whatneeds to be improved belOf'E' you com consCiOUSly improve upon it

• A pO.$iwe attitude goes 11. long, long Wily in lwlping you ~emain on the diet

and continue with your exercise progrem

• Do not underestim",te what a healthy state of mind can do

lor you

and simple ·wily, and at the same time it ,IVO lds the to xi ('; resu Its of eati ng chernicalized and processed foods

• The highest quality foods are Il<ltural, living foods

• Amino. acids, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements, Qxygen, enzymes, and hormones af'!' all pres€nt

• Whealgras:;, for e)(arnpJ£:s is largely chlorophyll and contains all the essential amino adds; it i50 a rich source .of vi\.<lmins A and 0, and is E'X(eptlonaily high in B vitamins

• WheatgfllSsisijJ:ro rlc!<1 in (a'dum, phosphorous, iron, potassurm, sullur, sodium, cobalt, a,nd ainc

o Wheat~ra5s jl!Jic€, ~ogether wilh organi.:ally growfl, 'ivlng, fresh pfOduc~, is the naturally enriched nourishment our bodie~ were created to enioy

• iiiod1emrca and electri(alactjyi~ g.oes on consra ntly in the living cell

*llii5. activity includes the buiLding and ret:iacement 01 t,lssue, conversion of lood to <'flBg), disposal of waste rnatertals, reproducriOfl. etc.

.. Enzvmes are: responsible for almost illl of it

o Tile breakdewn and rebuilding in the body takes place in 4 hrs or less under condttio rrs of mild physioIC!l.giGlI' temperature aad pH

• Without enzymes, !hese reelcWms.lfo not tak.,. place or tcaKe place t-ooslowly for good health

o The only natural source of enzymes i~ living and raw food'


• Vegetarians do noteat meat, fish, and poultry; some do not eat e·gg.s and dairy products as well

.' The key to ". he~lthy vegetarian diet, as with any Other diet. is La 1'4\ II wide va r~ety of foods, including fruits, veg.etables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes

• Limit your inta!<.eQf ~weet$ and fatty toads


.. Vegans exclude all foods of anlrnal origin. such IfS meal, fish, dairy, and e9g~

.' They eat plant producu only

.. Many vegam do not use products [hilt are derived from anrm(!lS, such <15 leather and wool. or products tested ananimals, such as cosm etics arrd soa ps

.. Many people become veqans because they Me compassionate tow~rd arurnats and sorrte 011,0 believe that anima! production is an inefficient wa~ (')1 producing food, which our heavily populated world cannot continua

to ~uslafn


• R~w feladists eat raw fruits, veqetables,

seeds, and sprouts, they do not -eal red meat, poultry, fisn,dairy, e99s, additives,

precessed toods. andeven fruits and veqetables that have been irradiated or Scp!'ayerl with pesticlces

• Taboos include meat, dairy, most soy products, coffee, black tea. alcohol, chem'ic.al vitamin s-upplements, nirorlne and recreational drugs

'. Some a 1<;'0 avoi-d flavorings such a~ vinegar, g.arlic, 5.oy sauce, and herbs

,* Raw food supporters enjoy more energy, vitali(y, and health

• One of the most common questlons is "Why raw?"

1 . Conking fOelds above 11.'j""'F- destfoys many nu trlents

1.. CQoked food. tend to reduce Immunity, dog the intestines and colon, le~ding to jlh such <I, cancer and diabetes

3. The raw fDOd diet is the natural diet of all wad creatures; ~w is simply the natural way to nourish

your body

~~-~- ... ~~~.-~--- - --~ -~--, --:_:,_- -.-----.-I':.~--.:-.- .. ---

en71O!.~"t~ ..L. '~ • .r ~~ ... -,. .', ~"'''. -:.~.

Fish D .. J)' EIJ9l Fru b V ~ .. b ~ 1eech S outs C ked
\Moslem Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Ye..s Yes
V€9-etil rl a 11 No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes- Ye.s 1'1;\15
No No No y~ Yes Yes Yes Yes Ye_5
No No No No Yes Yes Y& Yes YftS
No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes- Yes
No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Fruitartan No No No No Yes No Yes No No
No No No No No/Yes Yes No Yes No
AN OVERVIEW OFTHE RAW FOODS LIFESTYLE • Drink two to tourtreshly squeezed ounces per dilY lor an extended time, if not 1llway~

.. After that, listen to )lour body: do you feel

you need more? -

.. 1'00 Gin also use the juke or pulp for implants, bat:hing,poultl=, etc. (.see Permarharts' W'heoJgrOJS Juice, Green Drinks, & 5prouts. chart)

.. Green drinks are mixtures of freshly squeezed jUicES (50% sprouts and 50% veqetables)

• Drink ilt least two green drinks per day rOf the rest. of your me

• Take tnern on an empty stomach and do not eat for 15-30 min afterward

• teem the correct (gmbinlltian.s of food for easy ~m~atioo

• Do not mix foods thiJl t<lke dIfferent lengths of lIme m dige5l (see Permacho.rts' Food Combining chart)

• Do not drink with your meals or for 2--3 h rs ~rd; t<fVII foods consist of 75--80% W<lter, and m:uch more will diluLe the digestive process

'·Fa5t one day per week on liquids such as greel1 drinks, water, ~nd herba1 tea

·00 not fast rf you an; weak and ill

(K'(, Permac.h,nts' Qetoxif1cption chart)

• Use an enema only once p~r week and always follow iL with a ..mE'algra:ss implanl

·It B best to apply it the nlglll of your lasl or the following morning

• Enemas helpease the detoxification process (see Perrnaeharts' Defaxmcation chart)


• live foods were uoSed in the treatment of disease and have been part of L),e Western and judalc-Chrlstlan uaditilln for mO:fe than two thousand yE'ars

• Use implant:; with wheatgrass juice, bJue-green algae, etc. once per week when you begin the raw feods diet unl~ you are under proiesstcnal guidimce

• Apply them less often after that - whenever your body need', them

• Implants tone and nourish the colon, addIng electrolytes and helpinq lhe li,vff remove wasta (see Permacharts' Detoxification chart)

• Be sure [0 get d~ily exercise

• Include aerobic, res i . .s ts nee" aAd stretching activities in your routine

• Massage ~ e.>;tr€mely benellcialas well as it stimulates the body

• Brush your skin. with a natural loofah for at least three min befQre eachsnower.or bath

-Begin at your extremities and move in toward your ni!VEI

• Meditation/prayer is the practice 01 rm:uling on your inner se,lf and excluding ,aLI eutslde interference

• There' are sev-eral VV<!)'5 to meditate and/or pray

• The easlest way to accornpttsh OJ medltaljvs state is to focus on your breath and think of nothlnq else fm 10-.20 min

• Your breathing will slow down and become steady, and you will bemme completely relaxed

• Meditation/prayer is relaxing and rejuvenal'ing

• You just need a. quiet, comlortable place in which to sit or lie comfortably

• The Elsenes, a Jewish sect dating from two hundred to three hundred years before lhe time of [esus, were sa,id to ear primari'ly live food, and were reported by anthropological historians to live an ,average 01 1 20 years


• Cell ls put under stress lrom: Sugar· Acid diet

• Negalive thouqhts and emottons

• Polluted environment. Radiation

• Dehydration • Low oxygen

• Thi-s creates all aciden\l~mnmenL in each cell .. The recycle function begins

• Cycle of celt-rottlnq and fermentinq, this begins as protlts (particles of life) adapt to an acid environment

• CeUs lose healti1yelectrical charge; as they ferment, they become electromagnetically disturbed and Iilegin to mutate

• Slight'ly unhealthy cells become

more unhealthy .

• Protits change into many forms of viruses, eacterie, funqus lind mold

• hmgeus, mold, and bacrsrie give ot! waste products, such as acetaldehyde, uric acid, lactic acid, alcohol, and oxallc acid-all of Which disrupt cellular and organ function

• Cells end the body contrart chronic disease states Cfo%r dTe

• i'oQds to avoid for treatment and prevention of fungus inlertten: Sugilr • Cooked grllins

- Flesh and dairy foods > Yeast • Alcohol

• Most edible mushrooms" Coffee· Caffeine

• Tobacco • Heated oi;1

• Foods to avoid for optimal health: All cooked Foods" A.II processed foods indudtl1g canned, microwaved, reflned, rron-orqank loads

- All animal products, ~uch as lle.o;h, dairy, arrd e9g~ • Grains, such as wr.ei!t, bi!rh,y, and oars (except non-stored groins when cooked)

• Corn - White potatoes, white rice, and w.hlte flour • Suqar, 'honey, a.rtiFtcial sweeteners, maple syrup, fructose, and maltose. Yeaesl .. Alcohol • Coffee • Caffelne

• Tobacco • Heated oil (exceptcoconut)

- All 50y products, including nama shoyu

• Mushrooms • I"ea.nut~ and cashews

• Cottonseed • BoWed rruit juices

.. Nott:: All cooked rood should be ~~?P.::'iII!!III'" avoided La oblain OpUm<l~ healt;h,. but we need to be gentle and

r,e llec ti v e with ou rse Iv €5, 50 it may be neces3ary to create a ratio

of 80% live foods to 20% whole, organic, cooked food,_

• Om: of the truly positive things about transitlonlnq to a f<leW loods diet is the quality or me experience thetene begins to have

• Thereis an .im:rease ill joy, well-being, happiness; and energy; depression lltts .. and the min.d begins to open up to higher aspirations

• These positive feelings really help to ,encolll'ilge and support the change

'. The important thing to remember is that it may not happen right away; it may tak<! a week, and it may take three months Of more

• Once you are MUng well and !eel healthy, you will learn how to listen- to your body


pure water, and herbal teas

• Give your digestive tract a much ne€decl rest and consume at least three quarts of liquid on your day of fasting 'to clean ~O! your orga.rTS

sources of !mentiill latty adds and arnno adds

• U~e plenty 01 raw garlic in salads and fresh juices; garlic Ls a wonderful netu ral antiseptic

• Drink water sprinkled with ~~yen!1e peppsr and take digest'ive enzymes 30 min before most meals in order La empLy lI1e stomach and activate

dig !!St'i v e fu n rti oris

• Limit oils to cold-pressed flaxseed, olive, borage, grapeM'ed, and hemp

'~Iiminilte precessed glfain and ill.1 deiry producu, whlch are- very addie and rnucotls-Iorming; they also produce aillergic. reactions that. cause stress in tl'le immune system

·E1imini.lEe all meat, induding chi~ken and F!~h; it contains excess complex protein and toxic hormones, chemicals, and parasites that a521).lil the immune ~€m and weakeR, you and the Earth's environment

weight) of ybur dfet

• The best ceoked foods are rteamed vegetable5, baked \!\IIoter sqlmhes illid sweet potatoes, and lightly rooked alkalizi!19 gra[n~ such as

a rnera ntih , millet, quinoa, and [i"tf

• Umitfrurt from 5-15% or your diet (1-2 pieces per d~y)

• Nuts sneuld aJway~

be sceksd

• Select ripened seasonal varieties. and eat them first thing in lhe morning

• Eat and juice plenty of baby green sprouts; sunflow!/.r and pea greens an; the most powerful, but tRey all have essential healing and energy cornponents

• Drink two green juices 01' 'sproul:5, green vsqetables, and herbs each day; rlavor them with ~, splash or more of glrrger/ garlic, or anise Juice for V!lliety and health

• Drink and implant fr.eshJy squeezed wheatqrass juice

• U~e fresh water blue-green and greenalglle; make sure they are low-temperature processed

.. Consume Sea vegetables such as dulse, kelp, and wakame every dilY; lhey contain. important trace minerals, amino acidS, and eiOOJolytE elemenUi that afe often absent From CDfllernporilry diets

• Soak and sprout all seeds, qrains, and legumes belorl" eating; this ad:lvate5enzym~, pre.digests complex nutritional structures su(:h.a.s protein. fat, and Cllrbohydrate5, and removes inhibfting' substances from the seeds

.. For energy, consume sprouted gra[ns Of legume5 (fi!W is optimal, but cdoked is sometimes acc~lable) during one meal each day

• The best energy·rkh grains art' the alkalizing ones, such as millet, quinoa, and teff; karnut, rye, and spelt ere also good, but not

as energizing

• The bestenerqy-rieh legumes are garlJ.anzns and peas

• The best ffi1neral 5OUri:e5 are mung bean and adzuki sprouts

.. [<It a handful or more of soaked almonds" sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed 5, sesa rn e seeds, 0 r 0 ther !1 u 15 (except cashews or peanuts) 2-l times per w€fk during il meal when you do not consume graIn;; or legumes; nutsand seeds are geod

• Learn to breathe deeply, espl1dally when you arl! near SOUrce'i of ~gen (the ocean, fi.ekh and forests, running' streams, green·hou1es, airpurifier) that produce ollygen, etr.)

• 1r)'D1J live in a pollutl;d environment, purchase an air·purifier ~al

creates oxygen

• Eat and juice plenty or sprouts

• U~e an oxygen-enhancer such as Cell Fo.od in your juices and drinking water

• 8e positve and take responsibility foryO\Jr artions and for your

life's drcurnstances

• See every situation ,IS an opportunity to progress

• teem to esteem YOllr5eJf c.!flO love who you are

• Create a setf~e'itEem nplebOGk in whlch, ey~efy night before you geo to sleep, you write 7 things that ypulike about yours:elf

• Review what you have written every 1 months for 3O~O min

I Create your own good health by envisioning lt and following

heaJ lh! ul guidelines

• Focus on that vision far 2 min before and after every meal

• B-e aware tha( the electromagnetic. llelds creilted by our power companies have been reC!ognized as a danger to our health

• Especially dangerous are hiqh-vottaqe lines, mkrowaves, TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, and nuorescent lig.hting

• Choose to live as far lrcm high-voltage llnes as possible, and rn'nirnlze the use ofell electrical appliances

• Drink plenty of water 'Each daly

• H;gh-quality disti.lled or monocular arg,JIl~d watE<! is best for drlnkihg, .smking ~ and nuts) and Looking

• Other waters are potenti~Jly full of bacterta viruses, paraSite), nonOf;ganic minerai" chemicals, etc.

• E.1Ifl)' ether day, lake a hot bath 'for 20 min using salts and baking soda, ground ginger or green day (one or two cups ~r bath) [ollowed by a cold shower rime; this process puns. lOxTn"', ~pedal~y heavy metals, nut of the body through the. skin

• ~ilter!!d water .1l00001d btl used for both bi!thin.g

arid 5Mowering

• Adopt a reg.ular exercise routine; prope r Ilxer( i s e i rxre i} se s

en e rgy reserves

• Stretch everyday; try to do this once in Lhe morning and once in the evening for 10-15 min

• Do re~i)tance exercises three tjm~ per week for at least 45 min

• Open and d0~e Each session wlthapproprtate £tretchrng

• U~e only i~fe equlpmerrt

• Do aerobic exercise five times pe:r WEek lor at lsast 35 min

• TI1~ best type Cif aerobics are hrlsk walking, swimming,. and rebounding

• Finish with il short slretchlflg routine

• likln brush elii'ily, betore D/l:thing, lor 3-:5 min

• Spend 20-30 min outside every day

• Sjt or walk in the sunliqht in the early morninq or late d~y

• The best tlrnes to be eutdcors are b80re 10:00 am and aftiO:r 4;00 !pm

• Sunlight i~ 11 wonderful! immune-system builder

• Do not overexpm.e yourself to the sun; burning the skin creates unh~thy cellsand wrinkles


• All addictions are founded in the same thing: an interconnection between mental and

physical needs

• Alcohol, nicotine, ~ugar, dairy, meat, and cooked toOO5 are all addittion5 on One level

or another

• They lire all substa rices that, once you depend on them, are hard to live wlthout-untll yell rsallze that you did not need thern in the first place and that Lhey are doing you harm

• When YOIl ti:lKe your adeictlen cut of the: equation. yo.u must deal with your emotions,

i:lnd thet ls what i~ so

dfffkult to faCE

• Listen to your body for rest cydes; for example, it is natural

te rest for 3D min after eatA meal

• For optimqi cellular deilrt:>ing ilnd rebuilding, do not eat Of drink anything for 3 hrs before you go to sleep at night

• It is important that you have £uffident unmterrupted sleep duling the n Ig ht

• Fast on iukes one day p.er week; drink o[1ly ff'!!shly squeezed juices,

• EAt only organlca~ly grown produce

• Your die! should consist 01 a minimum of 50% green sprouts and g.reen vegetables and 15% o( oU1e rainbow-colored vegela.blss

• It Is bert to eat t11e m raw to maximize enzymes, oxygen, hormones,

and phyterhernlcals

• Umit COOKed

foods to no more than 20% (by

. ~ ~ . ,_ . .

mlt1~hwl\ ~. I .' •• ~ __ ,~.._

. - -

6an EXffdse, EXerci,e, Ex"n:is~, E.xerc~e, Exefd,e, "j[en:i5e, E1<en:i,e,
Dry Skin Dry Skin D~y Skin Dry <i,kirl Dry Skin Dry Skin Diy Skin
Brush, Bru~ft, Ilrush, Brush, Brush, Brush, Brush,
(';< Bathe fI Bathe &; S~the '" BaLhe &: Bilthe &. B~lhe &. Bathe
71>n Whe<l1gras5 Whe.1ltgra'>5 Whei!tgr;~>s Wheatgr:all \NhHiI tg rass Wheatgrac5~ Whe-atgrim
JuTee luke Juice luice luke [ulce tuke
8am Liquid Enemll I':<
Fa!>t Day \\'lleiltgms!
9_ Gr~en Drink. Green Drink Green Drink Green Drink Green Drink Green Drink Green Drink
10 no
11 a", Green Dnnk Green Drink Green Drink Green Drink Gr"~ Drink G reen Dri nl<; Green Drink
1 pm Lunm lun01 Lunch Lun(h Lunch Lunch
4p Green Drink Gre'en Orin" Cre;o.n Drink Green Drjnk Green Drink Green Clri'1k Green Drink
6 pm Dinner Din!1er 'Dinner Green Dinner Dinl1er 01nner
Drink or
8 pm Whl'atgl<l'l§ Wheatgra~ Wheatgra'i.\ whe<ltgra§! Wheal!gr~ WhlC'alflrass Wheingril!iS
lure" luke Juke luke lui,,!, Juice Jul~" W-ELlES PROGRAM FOR MORE COMPLETE ELIMINATION


• 5-'kin brush daily with a natural loofah, before balhfng or showering, for 3--5 rnirr

• Skin brushing loosens dead surface skin cells, stimulates acupressure polrus, and aciJvates lymphatic dlclinage

• Brush your entire body u5illg drcul,u and long strokes, aJwilYs moving toward ypur navel

.. Be'gin at your toes lind move up to yOlJf hips; then work from YOl[f Fingertip~ to your shoulders: nn<ll~, brush around yo u r torso fini,hing around your navel


• Toxins are everywhere, ,md they call lead to serious health prolplem.

• They lend to concentrate in places respomlble for eliminatif1g toxins from the body - [J1e liver and gaitr.oint€runal trac-t

• The body ot the average person does n01 p05Se:§5 suffiCient metabolic ablllty to rid i~eH of all the toxins it ls exposed to ·eadl day

• DelO)(i,fjG'ILion is the process in which the bodye~iminiltes toxins from its ceus

• Excessive or improper detcxlfkation can use up iI rot of your body's energy and make you more susceptible to disease af'ld infection

• Everyone should undergo a detoxification treatment on a reglJlllroiJ.Sis

• Elimlnilti'Ofl through ~hf' bowel is the priority

• Squat to ellminalE'~ use the Welles Step (see Permacharts' Detoxification chart)

• Exercise with squats, do abdominal exercises, and use good posture

• Respond to the cal:1 of nature as soon as you Gin; encourage one bowel movement after ead'1 meal

• lnclude plenty of roughage and fiber

• Strengthen the other ihree prlncip<l,l orgaf\5 of elimifliltkm

• LUIT9s - deep breathinq, aerobic activ~ty, and gOOd posture

• Skin - skin brushing; wear cotton and natural fiber

• Kidneys - drink ptenty of water (&-8 91!iS~es per day)betwee:n meets (1/2 hr before and 2 hrs after 'eating)

• Avoid bad feed-related habits

• Decrease me proportion of addie. foods in yo,ur diet, 5ut:h (IS protein, starches, i'!nd dailY; your diet should be 80% alkallne

• Avoid wheat, milk, and sugar, over consumption 0[- them ls the major cause of allergies

.' Avoid QvereatiRg, e~pecially at dlrmertime; leav€ the table slightly hungry

• Reduce processed foods, fried foocls. and all chemically al,lel1Sd foods, such .~ hydmgena~ed tats


• Avoid bad load combinations, such as proteins

and starches and fruit after a meal

• Chew your food Vii!ry well and eat calmly

• Eat food that is whole and unprocessed

• Do daily aerobic exerctse, e5pedillly walking and swimming

• Cultivate positive lhoughts an~ relatiollships '. Co to bed ii1t 9 0 r 10 pm If you are tired, and establish a regular sleep schedule

• Eat the following super lcods: millet, tahinl, kelp, chla seeds, blue-qreen algae, (h~.orella, bee-pollen, and garlic

• ERjo)' life- and be happy

DHt Norma Unib Chemlst:ry Unit'
3 Month,
LDH 91-180 ~U/L Albumin 3_2-5_5 mg/dL
Pllosphoru~ 2.7--4.5 mgld~ Gl.obl,lmin
Sodium 1. 35-1 ~5 meq/L Chole51:erol 50-200 mgldL
Potasslurn 3 .. 5-5.3 rneq/L Triqlycerides 15-160 mg/dL
Chloride 90-110 rneq/L HDL 35-601 m9/dL
Carbon Dioxide 22~30 meq/L VLDL
Glucose 70-105 mg/dL ux 10-130
BUN 7-22 mgfdL AST 10--42 lUlL
Creatinine, 0.6-1.3 mg/dL ALT 10-60 lUlL
Serum Alkaline 42-128 IU/L
Uric Acid 2.5-7.2 mg/dL Phosphate
Calcium 8.4-10.2 mgldL GGT 7-64 lUlL
lfiLirubin fotal 0_2-1.0 mg/dl Iron 28--170 mgldL
Tala I Pro:teil1 6.7-B.2 g/dL Anion Gilp

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