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Free Energy Generator Plans-The Secret Blueprints of Nikola Tesla

Free Energy Generator Plans-The Secret Blueprints of Nikola Tesla

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Published by: canhdong90 on Apr 01, 2011
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Free Energy Generator Plans: The Secret Blueprints of Nikola Tesla

Are free energy generator plans for real? Before I answer that let me share an experience I had. One warm Sunday morning I was reading a strange book some street peddler gave me called "Man from the Planet Rizq" it was one of the most profound books I have ever read. Now I am usually not the type to read material that challenges my beliefs but this was hitting on some serious information about certain people with lofty scientific achievements. Two names stood out Edward Leedskalnin and Nikola Tesla. Edward Leedskalnin was a tiny man who used electromagnetic manipulation to build a gigantic monument named "Coral Castle". He is still known today as the man who encrypted his secrets of magnetism in his book on Moral Education. Then there was Nikola Tesla who was known to be the most intelligent man on Earth at one point in time, exceeding Albert Einsten. Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who patented inventions that still boggle the minds of the leading scientists today. He is the first scientist to have communication with extraterrestrial frequencies that corresponded in a intelligible way!. He was responsible from most of Thomas Edison's work and theories. He was known for his work in magnetism and electricity. Nikola Tesla knew what frequencies cured certain diseases and also got himself in a lot of trouble. What trouble you ask? Well put it this way one of his inventions angered the wealthiest men in the world and it was all their fault. Nikola Tesla was asked by the leading industrialists of his day and time to build a source of free energy generator that can run itself from the energy that surrounds us. On the day of the meeting to show these wealthy fat cats the free energy generator plans, Nikola Tesla went a step further and presented the device to these men! And even though the sheer amazement of his successful free energy generator made their jaws drop, the anger that filled the room was so powerful Nikola Tesla felt it crawling on his skin. The names of these men were never disclosed because they are all major figures in our history books. Nikola Tesla had threatened the transgenerational wealth of all these energy tycoons and Nikola Tesla was marked for death. He went from a highly funded brilliant earth transforming scientist to the biggest threat to the top of the financial food chain to ever exist. Nikola Tesla's free energy generator plans were order to be confiscated by a shadowy government agency and to locked and sealed away forever. His free energy mission was put to a screeching halt, he lost all his funding and was now on the 'hit list'. Shortly after he was

found dead in his hotel room. His work pushed into legend and obscurity and his name pushed into "the mystery box". Text books were manipulated to promote only Edison and Einsten as the leading intellectuals concerning electricity, science, physics and electricity. His name was removed from Global Education and pushed into the shadows where only researchers seeking the truth can find traces here and there. But I received an email the other day that said 'Nikola Tesla Plan Revealed" and when I clicked to the site I couldn't believe my eyes, I didn't know whether to cry of jump for joy so I did both. His free energy generator plans finally surfaced and they work in theory and in reality. Finally a champion of intellect and passion got his day in the sun, Congratulations Nikola, they couldn't stop you and you work is not in vain! We are paying for electricity that is a free planetary energy form, it is in our atmosphere, in the ether as they say. Paying for electricity is a thing of the past, just remember the sacrifice Nikola made at that meeting! Pay Attention Here: If you interested in how to make a Magnetic Power Generation,I HIGHTLY recommend you a material call" Nikola Tesla Secret.I highly recommend it for any person wanting to build professional and integrated Magnetic Power Generation systems from scratch.Check It Out! http://www.nikolatesla.takesales.com

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