2011 Spring 1 Advanced 1


tudents who come from all over the world, that’s very common at ELC. In Advanced I, we have students from Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, China, Senegal,

Spain, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Korea, France, etc. However, we are more than Foreigners. Andreas play Bouzouki, a Greece music instrument and Allen write beautiful poems. Abdullah is a big fan of Barcelona’s soccer team, and Osama and Hana like music and have good time in summer. Qiao enjoys travel and taste different kinds of food and Zoe likes to workout. Ahmed plays table tennis, Matar likes basketball and Federico is a soccer player. Mehmet worked in the government, & Carlos likes to take trips. We may have different cultures and personalities, but we all like the same things. In this page, we are going to talk more about the

Advanced I class

and give some advice to the next students.



Te a c h e r s

Spend as much time

outside of class on your studies as you spend in class.


Don’t be afraid to

hrough these interviews, the excitement of the students studying in the ELC was really obvious. Most of the students feel privileged and lucky that they have the chance to study here in the ELC. Moreover, students admitted that experiencing new cultures, seeing a different way of life and communicating with people with a different background from their own is an interesting experience. By doing this, not only they will become more sociable, but they will also learn the English language even better.

ask (Q) If you don’t ask (Q) the teacher may not help you.


Study hard. Watch TV.

Speak everyday.


Attend all of your

classes, come prepared and participate. Most of all, try to have fun!

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