Gyan Prakash says: 1. Ensure that the Security software and Windows are updated. 2. Reset IE to defaults.

If customer is using IE 6: * Disable 3rd party add-ons. * Clear cache, history. * Check home page. * Set the cookie controls to Medium(at least) 3. Check Favorites and delete any malicious websites from favorites. 4. Check startup and disable any unwanted items from startup. 5. Check Add/Remove programs and uninstall toolbars or 3rd party search eng ines (like My Web search), screensavers etc. 6. Check the host file (located in C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc) and ens ure that you do not have any malicious entries. 7. Clear Temp folder. Go to Start->Run and type %temp% and click ok and del ete all the files. 8. Check Scheduled tasks and ensure there are no suspicious tasks. 9. Check My Network Places and delete anything suspicious, especially ftp s ites that are addressed by IP addresses. You can refer Google. 10. Disable System restore, restart the computer and enable the system resto re and restart the computer. This will delete any infections in the _restore fol der.

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