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Parole Board on Docweb


Search for Offenders Scheduled for Parole Hearing

1. Introduction
It is a web application used by public users on the internet site of the Colorado
Department of Corrections. It provides a list of offenders who have been scheduled
for a parole hearing. It is searchable by the offender’s last name and/or first name,
months, or counties.

Data in the offender list is in almost real-time and is refreshed every night, whereas
the list provided before was static and produced on the first day of every month.

The application eliminates all the procedures below that were followed in order to
produce the list of offenders:

1) Run the PBPUBLST application under Parole Board in DCIS.
2) Run the Parole Board application under PCDCIS.
3) Copy all text files in the D:\pcdcisol\test70\2006 to the internet server.
4) Make changes to the “update.js” javascript.

2. Tables used
o w_offender, com_paroles
o Populating data into the com_paroles table by a shell script called
‘refresh_com_parole1.ksh in the /cdoc/docnet/parole_pub/prod/bin directory. It
runs every night. Only Informix users have write, edit, and executable
permission. The shell script mimics a function called ‘sel_pbpublst’ in the
PBPUBLST application in DCIS.

3. References
o Tables:
- agdtyp (for par_agenda_typ description)
- pardec (for par_hrg_dec description)
o 4GL program: PBPUBLST
o PowerBuilder program: Parole Board
o Mary Carlson at 269-4175

Parole Hearing Dates and Locations

• Priscilla Dickson sends a file in Word format for the list of Parole Hearing Dates and
Locations every month.
• Convert a Word file to a XML file:
1) Open the Word file.
2) Delete everything above the first facility name.
3) Add a tab between the last date and SCHEDULED in the file
4) “Save the file As”, naming with the next month and the first letter of the month
in Capital. (ex. October.txt)
5) Upload this file into the exdoc server in the parole/facility_list/data.

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Parole Board on Docweb
6) Convert the txt file to a XML file by running a PHP script called gen_xml.php
in the htdocs/parole/facility_list folder on a brower. It will generate a XML file
in the xml/parole folder.

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