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Monte Cook's World of Darkness

Monte Cook's World of Darkness

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Published by: sgtfrag on Apr 01, 2011
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The Awakened are just people. People who are more
aware of themselves, of other people and of the importance
and meanings of things and ideas. We lead the self-examined
life. We’re grounded, and I fi nd that we are usually a bit
smarter and more perceptive than other people. (Of course,
that’s not saying much.) I don’t know whether these quali-
ties make us Awakened, or if, as Awakened, we gain these
qualities. I also don’t know if normal people out there can
possess all these qualities and not be Awakened.
Most Awakened are driven and ambitious, though our
ambitions are often nonconventional. Most Awakened
want more than just a corner offi ce and a huge bank bal-
ance, so someone who is simply ambitious is not necessarily
Awakened. (Many of these people are as asleep as a fast-food
employee television zombie.)

Ignorance Is Bliss

Before the Intrusion, the Awakened didn’t know they were
special. (Well, a few might have thought they were, but odds are
slim. I certainly considered myself an average schlub.) Even after
the Intrusion, the vast majority of Awakened have no idea of their
importance. They do not know what they’ve done — and what
they continue to do. “Holding up the roof of reality” (as Sadhvi
says) is not something that someone does consciously. It’s not
an act of intention. Instead, it’s something we do merely — and
profoundly — by the act of existing.

Wake Up!

Obviously, the Awakened are important. If we all keeled
over tomorrow, reality would snap like the end of a fi lm reel.
The Iconnu recognize this on some level, and their hands
in the world — the vampires, werewolves, demons and mis-
guided mages — know it as well. They hunt the Awakened.
When they fi nally get us all, that’s it. Game over, man.
Game over.

So we fi ght them. Yet there’s another hope as well. If we
want extra pillars to hold up the roof, we don’t just have to
wait until a new Awakened is born. (And, I believe, is par-
ented and reaches maturity. I have not yet met an Awakened
who was younger than 19, so I suspect it’s something that
comes with a degree of emotional and spiritual development.)
A normal human can be enlightened so that she becomes
Awakened. We can Awaken her.
Doing so is both a kindness and a sin. Once a person
achieves the Awakened outlook and sense of being, and
recognizes that these things have determined her nature
and made her Awakened, new avenues open to her mind
that allow her to expand her consciousness. The same is true
for people who have been Awakened for most of their lives
but haven’t realized it: when they fi gure it out, new vistas
stretch out, ripe for exploration. It’s not all peaches, though;
you know we have our enemies. Vampires and demons in
particular see it as their mission to hunt and destroy — or
corrupt — the Awakened. Awakened who are aware of their
natures are easier to fi nd.
Awakened who are aware of their natures — and of some
of the supernatural goings-on in the world — usually take up
the fi ght against the Iconnu’s agents. These forces, after all,
seek to destroy the Awakened — and all of reality.

Player’s Note —
Roleplaying the Awakened

The Awakened are people, with
human motivations and emotions.
They likely have families and
friends. They probably have ca-
reers and passions.

One key aspect to consider is how
you adapted — and how you con-
tinue to adapt — to the knowledge
that you are Awakened. It can be
overwhelming for some, rapture to
others or inspire any other emo-
tion. You might also think about
how much you know about the su-
pernatural happenings in the
world. If you have joined forces
with others who fight the Iconnu,
how did you meet them? Do you
feel inferior, if they have an
array of supernatural powers? Or
do you feel superior, since you
help preserve reality?

GM’s Note —
Awakened Non-Player Characters

The Awakened is the only supernatu-
ral group apt to be mostly help-
ful to player characters. Awakened
also serve as excellent adventure
hooks, in a variety of means. Vam-
pires and demons (and werewolves
and some mages) hunt the Awakened,
so the player characters might have
to rescue or protect the Awakened.
They may also contact an Awakened
to bring him into the fold. They
might attempt to Awaken likely can-
didates from the community — either
local or international. A few Awak-
ened might work against the player
characters, but these are misguided
or manipulated people who do not
know the truth.


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