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Monte Cook's World of Darkness

Monte Cook's World of Darkness

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Published by: sgtfrag on Apr 01, 2011
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Awakened do not have a “society” in the way that
vampires and mages and such do. We are humans; we live in
human society. We are scattered across the globe and exist
in every culture.

When an Awakened gets an inkling of what he is — and
maybe has a run-in or two with the supernatural — he usually
decides that he must do something about the bad guys. Un-
fortunately, many Awakened come to this awareness alone.
They do not have other Awakened who can help them, or
know where to go to fi nd the few vampires, werewolves and
mages who share the Awakened’s mindset. So, Awakened who
oppose the Iconnu are often the least knowledgeable about
the truth behind the Intrusion and the Nightmare Wave. Few
Awakened even know of the Iconnu’s existence, and thus
the Awakened don’t know what they struggle against. They
spend much of their time investigating strange phenomena
and reports of out-of-the-ordinary people and events. In this
way, the Awakened discover vampires, werewolves, mages
and demons (often the hard way) and sometimes fi nd those
few who share the Awakened outlook.
Obviously, some Awakened belong to the government’s
Intrusion Defense Agency. Me, for example. However, it’s
certainly not true that all human IDA agents and employees
are Awakened. Many unenlightened humans are interested in
paranormal events, particularly something as dramatic as the
Intrusion. Some of us, me included, think we should be doing
a better job trying to Awaken these people. Personally, I think
we should go around and try to Awaken just about everyone.
Sure, it’s dangerous, but so is living in a world where vampires
and werewolves run around, bent on reality’s destruction.
Might as well be part of the solution, people.

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