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Monte Cook's World of Darkness

Monte Cook's World of Darkness

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Published by: sgtfrag on Apr 01, 2011
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Werewolves do one thing very, very well: we destroy.
Whether you’re talking about a living opponent, a minivan or
an entire building, we can rip that sucker to bits. Like vampires,
we owe our lives to the Iconnu, who set our creation in motion
when they loosed spirits from outside your reality into it. I think
Sylvia’s already yammered on about the vampires’ view on that,
and ours is similar: thanks for creating us, Iconnu, but fuck off.

The werewolves are the Unbidden’s less subtle fallback
solution should the vampires fail. Ultimately, we’re here to tear
apart this reality, starting with everyone in it. That’s what the
Iconnu want us to do, anyway.
Our mission is about as straightforward as you can get, which
suits us fi ne: hunt and kill. This “mission” comes to us in primal
instincts and urges; it’s nowhere close to some sort of sit-down-
and-talk-with-the-Iconnu thing. We feel the need to hunt and
kill things, and God, does it feel good. We don’t have some
lame-ass name for it like the vampires do, either. (“Covenant.”
What a bunch of posers.)
Unlike vampires, we don’t look specifi cally for the Awak-
ened. Instead, we want to hunt and kill everyone. The only
things that keep us from becoming mass murderers and attacking
anyone and everyone in sight are our canny instincts, which tell
us that’s not a fi ght we can win — yet. (The infl uence from our
human sides helps control these urges as well.) Instead, just as a
wolf pack, we prey upon the weak. We take the easy kills.
I should tell you, even though I know all this junk, most
werewolves don’t. Werewolves are, in general, less aware than
vampires of the true secret of why they’re around. Most were-
wolves just don’t care. We’re guided by instinct, by drive and by
rage, and reason and emotion can suck me.

GM’s Note —
Werewolf Non-Player Characters

Werewolf non-player characters
tend to be the heavy-hitters, and
they function well in this role.
They aren’t simply “guys who de-
stroy things,” though; they have
other talents at their disposal.
Chief among these is the ability
to take alternate forms and track
their enemies. If the player char-
acters think they might be safe,
a skilled werewolf can probably
track them down.

However, the Iconnu created were-
wolves so that they would be fairly
straightforward agents of destruc-
tion. They are good at sneaking up
on people and killing them. Were-
wolves are also good at dispatch-
ing opponents in straight fi ghts.
In this regard, player character
and non-player character werewolves
differ — one of the key aspects
that makes werewolves fun to play
is that they come into confl ict with
their own kind, and the Iconnu’s
werewolves outnumber them. “Stand
there and hit them” isn’t neces-
sarily going to work from a player
character’s perspective.




That’s how most werewolves are, anyway. I like to think I
strive for something a little higher. But that doesn’t mean I don’t
like tracking old ladies through the streets and twisting their
arthritic knees off — I just think about it a little bit fi rst.

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