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Rain, rain, go away read the room activity pack

Rain, rain, go away read the room activity pack

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Published by Tanya Holk

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Published by: Tanya Holk on Apr 01, 2011
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'" •

staH insicle.


I wish I coulcl ~o wall1 on the trail.

I will have t,o~

, " • •

wasn't, a rainH c:{aH·

". ......

• •

I will plaH with mH train set.

• •

• •

,......:::::!Io-----' L.....--------""",,:......_____,,\

I wish the rain

woulcl ~o awaHI


April showers ~rin~ MaH flowers.


'" •



There is no waH I can plaH out,sicle.

I can't, even ~o out, bo ~et, t,he maill

Teacher ~irect.ions

ThiS is a ~reat. act.ivit.H for lit.eracH st.at.ions. }1)H st.u~ent.s LOVE bo rea~ bhe rooml

~ou can use t.hiS IIrea~ t.he room" act.ivit.H pacl1 anHwaH HOU lil1e. I print. bhe pa~es out. on car~st.ocl1 for ~ura1:>ilit.H; HOU coul~ also laminat.e bhem if HOU lil1e. Then I cut. out. bhe in~ivi~ual charact.ers wit.h bhe sent.ences on bhem, I place bhem aroun~ bhe room, an~ have st.u~ent.s wall1 aroun~ an~ recor~ bhe wor~s t.heH have foun~. I fin~ t.hat. if I num1:>er bhem an~ place bhem aroun~ bhe room in num1:>er or~er, st.u~ent.s have an easier blme of locat.in~ all of bhe wor~s.

Great,e~ bH TanHa HoII1 ht,t,p:llfirSt,~ra~eisfant,abulous. blo~spot,. com

Graphics from scrappin~oo~Ies. com

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