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Published by: Alejandro Domínguez Bejarano on Apr 02, 2011
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Language Place/By whom Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE CLOUDLORDS OF TANARA (#5000) - Tanara -Sulini (p9) Sulini Similiar to Elven.

Ranaka (p10) Duranaki Unusual, murmuring tongue Myri (p11) Myri Complex, musical, lilting language. Yinka (p12) Yinka Hissing, whispering tongue. Unrelated. Zori (p13) Cloudlords ------------------------------------------------------------------------------QUELLBOURNE - LAND OF THE SILVER MIST (#6001) - pp63-64 - Quellbourne Area -Seoltang Claedesbrim Bay Trade language of Quellbourne Gnollish (p9) Gnolls Never used wih non-Gnolls Troll (p10) Trolls Grunts and body language Quells (p11) Hrassk priests Stultified Quells (lang of Wizards Council) Ice Kral (p13) Ice Krals Clicks'n'Whistles. Hard to learn. Dialects. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------DEMONS OF THE BURNING NIGHT (#6003) - Aranmor -Black Nureti Tarek Nev Fulcrumian Fulcrumia ....probably several more hidden within all the text.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------TALES OF THE LOREMASTERS (#6004) - variable areas Luhi (p3) Shinh Archip. Syllable-based Zori (p16) Shyrac+Sarna Imported from Tanara ------------------------------------------------------------------------------STAR CROWN EMPIRE (#6005) - pp43-44 - G'Thal -Trade Common Central Basin also called Imperial Common K rq ancient and forgotten tongue (mostly) K rqian Moregadoran Moregador ancient and forgotten tongue (mostly) Danrisi Danris ancient and forgotten tongue (mostly) Nyftan Tenrys tradition/fashion. Old letters complex. Feian Fey poetry/song/magic - own alphabet Ruechani Ruecha telepathic/vocal language. Rare. Old Thuskan Thosque religious. Alphabet like Common. Ch mani Ch men/K'Sondri No written form. Unlike all other languages Bukani Bukan/BriggerC. Related to Tashken. Uses Common letters. Tashken Corridor Nomads Related to Bukani. No alphabet. Upland South Barbarian Remotely related to Bukani+Tashkan. Runes. Dwarvish Dwarves Secret language Elven Elves Beautiful language. B kst letters. The Bloody Tongue Lugr ki Borrowed much from Common Green Tongue Spine o'Rh zh an Unrelated. Simple tongue, no written form ------------------------------------------------------------------------------KINGDOM OF THE DESERT JEWEL (#6007) - Gethrya Gethryn (p9) Gethryns Cuneiform. Hieroglyphics. Cursive writing. Komal (p10) Ethk thka Perhaps decended from Iruaic Kilari (p11) Kilari Constant change - no standard dialect Bitaaru (p12) Bitaaru Odd, chattering tongue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------CYCLOPS VALE (#6009) - Eastern Emer Pech (p16) Mt. Ondothorn Variant of Elvish Yaaian (p16) ??? Hirazian (p18) Mt. Pelathorn Yatic (p18) Coronan Trade language ------------------------------------------------------------------------------JAIMAN - LAND OF TWILIGHT (#6010) - Jaiman no languages found ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ISLANDS OF THE ORACLE (#6011) - Abarquan Islands Saurkurian (p21) Saurkurians Double learning cost

Geth na -gron (p22) Dain S dhu Musical tongue.------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOMADS OF THE NINE NATIONS (#6013) . facial expression important Lugro Lugr ki Mavaun Lankan/Pochanti Lank.pp12-13 . Now dead. Old Emer None Old 'common' of Emer. Kugor Dragonlords Not spoken by people. Dead tongue.many words of its own Iylar High Elves High Elvish. and Poch. Difficult for humans Kuluk Kuluku Guttural.000 runes. H sig (p22) Ishru->humans The Noble Tongue (some humans know it) Varnese (p22) the Nuld The Nether Tongue (most humans know it) Or na (p22) Dain S dhu 38 symbol phonetic alphabet Luring (p22) Ishru Pictorial characters. Uscurac Magic users of Essence. Rhiani Rhiani (Uj) Shay Emer 'common' of Emer. similiar to Myri of Jaiman lang.Thuul The Jan .p15 Ogande The Jan 1/2 DP & -1sklrnk to Xanderen.UNDEREARTH EMER (#6301) . Chira Hirazi Chirping tongue of Hirazi Danari Danarchis Related to Old Emer(more close than others) Dyar Dyari Dark Elvish . Same alphabet. Giant Shoneb racial language probably spoken Dwarven Shoneb racial language probably spoken Lugr k Shoneb racial language probably spoken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHADOW WORLD MASTER ATLAS SECOND EDITION . Shulur Aquatic Elves Sonar-language. much used in libraries Iruraic None Lords of Essence language. Mer-people and dolphins T'loc-loc Silaar Clicking tongue. Long-distance language.City In The Sky (#6300) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------EIDOLON . B'regand Elubar -5 sklrnk to Ogande/Xanderen The Shoneb Empire .p136 . 'common' of Essence.NE Emer (Sel-Kai City) Arlak Sarnak Remotely derived from Old Emer.CITY IN THE SKY (#6300) . Var Arnak Magic users of High Priests of Unlife Xytos Magic users of Power-Words (Ess nce) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------GETH NA . 10. Enris-Sokal Scholars Dead tongue. Origins unknown. No alphabet Xanderen The Jan "Official" language of the Jan. Vajaari ?? Mysterious origins. Many dialects. Guarded by Loremasters+Navig. Slurring language. have very different dialects Miir Miirian States Descended from Old Emer Muri-Elven NE Emer/Vog Mur Dialect of Erlin Rhaya Jaiman 'common' of Jaiman.p36 Algorn Shoneb Similiar to Xandaren. Troll Trolls Primitive language Uluka Kuluku Songlike.Kulthea Same languages as in Eidolon . Has Written.derived from High Elvish Erlin Erlini Wood Elvish Itanian Emer Dialect of Old Emer . 7 distinct dialects. Aludos (written) Magic users of Runing (Essence) Enruth (spoken) Magic users of Plants and Growing Things + Repel Undead Kr nyt (written) Magic users of Symbols and Glyphs (Channeling) Kuskar k Magic users of Unlife (Demon Summoning) Logos (spoken) Magic users of Word-Thoughts (Mentalism) Mogradoth (spoken) Magic users of Agoth and its minions Sylmaria Magic users of the Flows. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Unique language Taal Talath (Bodlea) Beautiful.

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