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Published by: victor_musiclover on Apr 02, 2011
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So many piano students worry about playing notes cor-

rectly. T ey think about timing, dynamics, velocity, and
so on.

Yet these same students are dying for the ability to feel
something real. T at spark of creative energy that enervates
and refreshes the spirit.
Poets know of this feeling, as do painters and other cre-
ative people working in their respective f elds. But what
about music? Surely, we’re not meant to spend months and
sometimes years learning how to play other people’s music.
Yet, this is exactly what is being done in schools and universi-
ties around the world.
T e piano is a marvelous instrument full of wonder. It
sits waiting to be played. And you can play it! Not like tradi-
tional schools. You can sit down and let your f ngers reach for
a chord that calls to you. You gently rest your hands on this
chord and music; beautiful wondrous music comes forth!
How dif erent this is than trying to play something someone
else has written.

Your music is alive! It’s unique and fresh and born of
originality! Each note perfumes the air with delicate fra-
grance and you feel alive with this. Your heart and mind work
together as the ideal music - YOUR MUSIC - f oats into the
air. T e notes surround your heart and the hearts of others

a 90 b

as they hear it. Gone is the need to recreate yet another dead
composer’s music. In its place, a feeling of quiet joy as you let
go and let the music tell you where it wants to go.


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