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cheryl gara: salam usaisamuslimcountry41: Walaikum Salaam

cheryl gara: how many non-muslims you met? cheryl gara: online usaisamuslimcountry41: many cheryl gara: difficult in the beggning to share islam to the non-muslim right? usaisamuslimcountry41: but only 4 accept Islam till now usaisamuslimcountry41: yes u r right usaisamuslimcountry41: but it is possible in a cool way cheryl gara: what is the first step to do? usaisamuslimcountry41: I mean on the basis of definitions cheryl gara: good usaisamuslimcountry41: ask them the definition of God cheryl gara: inshallah usaisamuslimcountry41: n then u will b able to disprove their definitions very easily with the help of ur definition usaisamuslimcountry41: Definition of the Almighty Allah: He is the One, Eternal, Absolute, He begetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him (Chapter no. 112 of Quran).

cheryl gara: okay brother cheryl gara: inhallah usaisamuslimcountry41: this definition of Allah is one third of quran

cheryl gara: i believe you are very good muslim.i salute u usaisamuslimcountry41: no need now but I need in paradise cheryl gara: inshallah usaisamuslimcountry41: Ameen cheryl gara: i pray for you cheryl gara: mshallah usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: surely usaisamuslimcountry41: And I will pray for u cheryl gara: i met muslim men but carzy cheryl gara: crazy usaisamuslimcountry41: do u know I marry a widower usaisamuslimcountry41: and that widower is having one daughter cheryl gara: mshallah cheryl gara: inshallah you will go paradise usaisamuslimcountry41: I love her n her daughter because our prophet loves women and children cheryl gara: she's very lucky and im sure she deserves you usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: u r right usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah is great cheryl gara: mashallah usaisamuslimcountry41: He is the greatest of all cheryl gara: im happy for your good deeds cheryl gara: allahu akbar usaisamuslimcountry41: N I m happy to meet u

usaisamuslimcountry41: to meet a good new muslim lady cheryl gara: me too cheryl gara: nice meeting you cheryl gara: alhamdulilah cheryl gara: regards to your family cheryl gara: your wife and kids usaisamuslimcountry41: Alhamdulillah usaisamuslimcountry41: thanks usaisamuslimcountry41: I will pray for ur family also cheryl gara: im sure they are very good muslim because the head of family is pious usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah will give them the right path cheryl gara: help to pray for my family cheryl gara: inshallah usaisamuslimcountry41: ok cheryl gara: im alone muslim in my family cheryl gara: fighting my religion usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah will help u cheryl gara: practice islam even if they said im crazy cheryl gara: ameen usaisamuslimcountry41: When ever u face any problem remember the dificulties of our prophet cheryl gara: pray for me usaisamuslimcountry41: Insha Allah usaisamuslimcountry41: I will pray for u cheryl gara: yes he was stoned when he preached usaisamuslimcountry41: yes

cheryl gara: when he spread islam usaisamuslimcountry41: his uncle Abu jahal tortured our prophet cheryl gara: peace be upon him cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: Peace be upon him usaisamuslimcountry41: I have collected many vedios of new muslim ladies cheryl gara: surah al-masad( SAS) UNCLE ABU LAHAB NEVER EMBRCED ISLAM usaisamuslimcountry41: n I m showing these vedios in UK chat rooms for good hope cheryl gara: GOOD cheryl gara: I COLLECTED VDEOS OF ZAKIR NAIK cheryl gara: U KNOW HIM? usaisamuslimcountry41: yes he was another uncle of our prophet cheryl gara: Inshallah usaisamuslimcountry41: I have his 16 DVDs cheryl gara: hope to watch all usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: but internet slow usaisamuslimcountry41: I watched all usaisamuslimcountry41: I have broadband internet cheryl gara: msahallh cheryl gara: mshallah cheryl gara: u watch peacetv? cheryl gara: no channel here usaisamuslimcountry41: I have purchased Dr. Zakir Naik Vedios

cheryl gara: i tried to open peacetv but i cant usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: here Peacetv is available cheryl gara: he is very clever cheryl gara: wish to be like him cheryl gara: but i cnt cheryl gara: im not clever like him cheryl gara: wow cheryl gara: mshallah cheryl gara: you watch crossfire cheryl gara: of zakir naik? cheryl gara: most replay usaisamuslimcountry41: yes he has strong knowledge of all religions cheryl gara: yes i admired him cheryl gara: mshallah like computer cheryl gara: his mind usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: dialogue bet. william campbell u watched? usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: william campbell almost lost patient usaisamuslimcountry41: I have full dvds usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: im clapping when i watch their dialogue cheryl gara: but when my mother saw me watching vdeos she turned off usaisamuslimcountry41: he was unable to answer of all 22 questions asked by Dr. Zakir

cheryl gara: wait usaisamuslimcountry41: respect ur mother in any condition good or bad cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: when she sleep i watch again cheryl gara: when i saw her coming i turned off quickly usaisamuslimcountry41: u pray for ur mother for islam usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah will give her Islam cheryl gara: help me to pray but she hated islam because of my ex-husband did cheryl gara: ameen usaisamuslimcountry41: do u know Sahaba Umar bin Khattab cheryl gara: familiar with me usaisamuslimcountry41: Umar (R.A) hated islam but what happened to him usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah gave him Islam n made him second Caliph of Islam usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah may give hidayah to ur family n make them great dayee of Islam usaisamuslimcountry41: Every thing is possible for Allah cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: i keep on praying for my family usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: good cheryl gara: strong woman cheryl gara: nevr give up my religion cheryl gara: in my place im alone muslim cheryl gara: i pray at home no masjid here usaisamuslimcountry41: u r not alone usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah is with u

cheryl gara: wish to go masjid during ramadan but very far usaisamuslimcountry41: Do u know Asia usaisamuslimcountry41: wife of firoun cheryl gara: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: king of egypt cheryl gara: i read it cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: moses time usaisamuslimcountry41: She was alone muslim in firoun's palace cheryl gara: pbuhim cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: she is one in paradise cheryl gara: yes i know her usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah gave Asia the great reward of His paradise near His own throne usaisamuslimcountry41: for ever usaisamuslimcountry41: She is very near to Allah for ever cheryl gara: im sorry cheryl gara: network prob cheryl gara: network prob cheryl gara: sorry network problem usaisamuslimcountry41: ok cheryl gara: paraoh hellfire but asiyh in paradise i have read happy im refresh with my little knowledge in islam cheryl gara: usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: u r right

cheryl gara: but seeking knowledge about islam is very important cheryl gara: 26 years christian and 5 year muslim cheryl gara: alhamdulilah Allah open my heart into islam usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: very blessed usaisamuslimcountry41: yes usaisamuslimcountry41: tell me ur story of Islam cheryl gara: okay. cheryl gara: from christian to muslim? cheryl gara: how i embrced? usaisamuslimcountry41: yes cheryl gara: when i was at the ageof 20 i asked my mother who is God.She said jesus.Then i told her but if He is God why satan took him,saw him? usaisamuslimcountry41: good question u asked her mother cheryl gara: torture him and nailed on the cross.He is powerful than satan if he is God cheryl gara: my mother silent cheryl gara: she cant answer me cheryl gara: then i went in all churches usaisamuslimcountry41: good logic cheryl gara: i askd my mother cheryl gara: she cnt answer me cheryl gara: i went in different religion jehove,catholics,foursquare,born again but still the same cheryl gara: teaching the same cheryl gara: iun jehovv jesus is prophet(peace be upon him) usaisamuslimcountry41: then what happened cheryl gara: im applying for a teaching position in public school but i was not hired

cheryl gara: and my sister will go college my parents can afford to send her in school cheryl gara: study nursing cheryl gara: then i apply as nanny in saudi arabia then i got good emplyer there cheryl gara: wait cheryl gara: they gave me books and read it.when i read and understand i told my emloyer to send in islamic center usaisamuslimcountry41: then cheryl gara: and there i do shahadah usaisamuslimcountry41: This means you had a will to find the right path. And Allah helped you to find that path. cheryl gara: when i got home my employer shocked cheryl gara: and asked me are you sure aminah? cheryl gara: i told them never doubt this is the religion im looking for cheryl gara: Allah open my heart vlahi cheryl gara: i cried during shahadah Last message received on 4/2/2011 at 9:30 AM usaisamuslimcountry41: Masha Allah usaisamuslimcountry41: Allah is the Greatest of all cheryl gara: yes cheryl gara: bye for now later again