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Are You Still Playing

Are You Still Playing

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Published by Siti Syazana

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Published by: Siti Syazana on Apr 02, 2011
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Are You Still Playing Flute?

The Original Version of the Poem Masihkah Kau Bermain Seruling oleh Zurinah Hassan Masihkah kau bermain seruling walau waktu telah terlewat untuk kita bercinta aku semakin terasa bersalah melayani godaan irama lagu yang tersimpan pada lorong halus buluh dikeluarkan oleh nafas seniman diukir oleh bibir diatur oleh jari dilayangkan oleh alun angin menolak ke dasar rasa. Masihkah kau bermain seruling ketika kampung semakin sunyi sawah telah uzur waktu jadi terlalu mahal untuk memerhatikan hujan turun merenung jalur senja mengutip manik embun menghidu harum bunga. Masihkah kau bermain seruling ketika aku terasa mata bersalah untuk melayani rasa rindu padamu di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat adik-adikku menganggur dan sakit jiwa bangsaku dipecahkan oleh politik saudara diserang bom-bom ganas dunia sudah terlalu tua dan parah. Di sinilah berakhirnya percintaan kita kerana zaman sedang menuntut para seniman hidup di luar dirinya. BIODATA OF ZURINAH HASSAN
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Date / Place of birth : 13 June 1949, Alor Setar Kedah. Permanent address : No.2, Jalan Pinggir, 8/1L, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam since 1974. Academic Qualifications : B.A.Hons (Universiti Sains Malaysia), M.A. (Universiti Putra Malaysia). Doktor Falsafah, Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya. Awards : 1. Anugerah Penulisan Asia Tenggara (S.E.A. Write Award) 2004

Hadiah Buku Perpustakaan Negara 2002/2004) iii. Hadiah Sastera Perdana 2002/2003.2.Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi.Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi . Are you still playing your flute? In the village so quiet and deserted Amidst the sick rice fields While here it has become a luxury To spend time watching the rain Gazing at the evening rays Collecting dew drops .Pujangga Tidak Bernama. Are You Still Playing Your Flute? by Zurinah Hassan Are you still playing your flute? When there is hardly time for our love I am feeling guilty To be longing for your song The melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo Uncovered by the breath of an artist Composed by his fingers Blown by the wind To the depth of my heart. Hadiah Sastera Perdana(1994/1995) y y ii. Book Category Award i.

Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers. The person is addressing another person and describing a situation to him. you can view the poet¶s opinion regarding her own poem http://zurinahhassan. MOOD AND ATMOSPHERE y y Sombre and regretful Serious atmosphere . LANGUAGE AND STLYE y y y Rhetorical question Descriptive and questioning Simple style and no rhyme TONE.html THEMES y y y Family commitments Priorities in life Neglect of one¶s duties MORAL VALUES y y y We should be aware of our family commitments and carry them out properly. life and we should know what is important and what is not. Thanks toMalaysian Student.com/2010/05/masihkah-kau-bermain-serulingare-you. Everyone has priorities in. Are you still playing your flute? The more it disturbs my conscience to be thinking of you in the hazard of you my younger brothers unemployed and desperate my people disunited by politics my friend slaughtered mercilessly this world is too old and bleeding.blogspot. POINT OF VIEW y y The poem is the first point of view. Following a hobby is good but there is a time for work and a time for play.

µThe melody concealed in the slime hollow of bamboo ± Personification e. µfragrance of flowers¶ Symbol ± e.g.POETIC DEVICES y y y y y Imagery ± e. µsick rice field¶ . µblown by the wind¶. µdepth of my heart¶ Alliteration ± e.g. µsong¶ Repetition ± e. µflute¶.g. µAre you still playing your flute?¶ Figurative Language ± Metaphor e.g.g.g.

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