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Audio spotlighting 07-normal

Audio spotlighting 07-normal

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Published by: Girishn Giri on Apr 02, 2011
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.  Device used: Parametric Loudspeaker or Array. Joseph Pompei.  Uses ultrasonic energy to create narrow beams of sound. Audio Spotlighting was invented by Dr.  Non-linearity of the air aid the device for its working. F.  Production of focused beams of sound.

 B µshining¶ sound to one location.  The Audio potlight uses ultrasonic energy to create extremely narrow eams of sound that ehave li e eams of light. Audi t li ti i t l t t r t f used eams f sound similar to li t eams oming out of a flashlight. specific listeners can e targeted with sound without others near hearing it. .

lesser the eam angle. . Another way to focus sound is to increase aperture size of speakers(10m diameter for 20Hz) practically difficult.  maller the wavelength.  ow Beam Angle is required to focus the sound. Ultrasonic sound has very small wavelength in the millimeter range and lies eyond the threshold of human hearing.


(Speech or music) (21k to 28k Hz) .

 Frequency modulated signal travels through air.  Inherent non-linearity of the air works as a de-modulator and thus de-modulated sounds impinge on our eardrums.  ue to change in a sound wave(ultrasonic).  The ultrasonic envelope acts as an air orne speaker. nonlinearity property of air comes into action which slightly changes the sound wave. We can hear those sounds. new sounds are formed within the wave.  ew sound signal corresponds to the original information signal in the range 20Hz to 20kHz. .



 Power supply  Frequency oscillator  Modulator  Audio signal processor  Microcontroller  Ultrasonic amplifier  Transducer .


 Direct Mode  Projected Mode .


4. 2. Dispersion can be controlled . 3. . Ultrasonic emitter devices are thin and flat and do not require a mounting cabinet.1.very narrow or wider to cover more listening area. Can focus sound only at the place you want. Focused sound travels much faster in a straight line than conventional loudspeakers.

Highly cost effective. 6. Low maintenance and longer life span.5. No lag in reproducing the sound. 8. . Requires low power. 7.

1. etail sales: Provide targeted advertising directly at the point of purchase. . afety officials: Portable audio spotlighting devices for communicating with a specific person in a crowd of people. Automobiles: Beam alert signals can be directly propagated from an announcement device in the dashboard to the driver. 3. 2.

amusement parks. airports. .4. Emergency rescue: escuers can communicate with endangered people far from reach. 5. Entertainment system: In home theatre system rear speakers can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the properties of sound can be improved. . Public announcement: Highly focused announcement in noisy environments such subways. traffic intersections etc.

ound bullets: ack the sound level 50 times the human threshold of pain. . Audio/Video conferring: Project the audio from a conference in 4 different languages. and an offshoot of audio spotlighting sound technology becomes a non-lethal weapon. Military applications: hip-to-ship communication and shipboard announcements. from a single central device without the need for headphones. 9. . Museums: Audio spotlight can be used to describe about a particular object only to a person standing in front of it.7. 10.

Audio spotlighting really ³put sound where you want´.Audio spotlighting system holds the promise of replacing conventional speakers. The audio spotlight will force people to think their relationship with sound. It allows the user to control the direction of propagation of sound. .

´ . o we can conclude.  Audio spotlighting system is going to shape the future of sound and will serve our ears with magical experience.Audio spotlighting is really going to make a revolution in sound transmission and the user can decide the path in which audio signal should propagate.Audio Spotlighting really ³put sound where you want it´ and will be ³A REAL BOO TO THE FUTURE.

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