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The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is a table which displays current

and upcoming TV programs. The DP-Lite stores up to 7 days of EPG

data. The data can be provided in one of the following ways;

Transmitted by the TV service broadcasters.

Supplied by IceTV subscription service (requires internet connection –

see “Ice Guide” section in Chapter 4).

The data can be presented in two different styles, showing multiple

services or showing a single service. To display the EPG, press the

GUIDE button. The service you are currently viewing will continue to

be shown in a small window in the top right corner of the screen. Press

the RED button to swap between the two EPG styles. To hide the EPG,

press the GUIDE button again, or press EXIT.


The EPG always opens in the style you last used, with the current

time or current program showing as the first entry.

If you are currently viewing a service using the favorite group

function, the EPG will only show the services contained in the current

favorite group, and in the order you selected when you set it up (see

“Favorite Group” section earlier in this chapter).

When using the EPG data transmitted by the TV service broadcasters,

the DP-Lite cannot provide a full 7-day EPG if some broadcasters do

not provide this information.

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