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Published by: Teddy Nicholas on Apr 03, 2011
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Franc D’Ambrosio’s Broadway

Run ning O rder w / Lighting Plot

Spotlight with operator needed throughout show. ACT ONE Blackou t for Pianist’s entrance Ov erture Piano isolated u ntil Franc’s entrance OP ENI NG / AL MO S T L IK E BE ING IN LO VE (m edium up tem po) Full up stag e w ash (am ber/wa rm ) APPLAUSE/DIALOGUE SEGUE B O TC H -A -M E (up tem po ) Full stage w ash fades to m edium with U p center focus (center special) APPLAUSE/DIALOGUE SEGUE RADIO AIRWAVE MEDLEY : MACK TH E KNIFE (up tem po) Medium stage wash builds to Up soften center focus to medium DIALOGUE SEGUE SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES (med ium ballad) Gentle stage wash HEY THERE (med ium up tem po) Gentle sta ge w ash b uilds to Brigh t W H A T KI ND O F F O OL AM I (ballad) Stage w ash fad es to M oody (beg ins in G entle u pstag e left specia l) As Franc crosses center take Moody wash and USL special out add Gentle DSC specia l On D IALOG UE SE GUE restore full stage w ash Same as above for song within dialogue

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APPLAUSE SEGUE BE ITALIAN (med ium ballad) Add Gen tle Red Wa sh to h alf DIALOGUE SEGUE SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE (ballad) Gentle S tage W ash/ w arm u p to Am ber tones Franc Begins in DSR special and crosses to DSCL area. APPLAUSE SEGUE SOLACE (med ium ballad) Pian o solo . Ad d blu e tones to wa sh if poss ible I’LL BUILD A STAIRWAY TO PARADISE (up tem po) Full stage wash/sam e as above DIALOGUE SEGUE B R IN G HI M H O M E (ballad) Ad d U SL spec ial and fade wa sh d ow n to M ood y. As he crosses to DSCL add DSCL special and lose DSR special and isolate DSCL. Sings in DSR special Isolate lighting stage righ t as mu ch as possible (w arm ton es) DIALOGUE SEGUE THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM (med ium ballad) Franc begins in same light as above. add DSC special and lose USL special and wash.FO LLIES / S CA ND AL S M ED LE Y: A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY (med ium ballad) At top of song accentuate back lighting for silhouette effect. As F ranc cross es do wn to cen ter. As song progresses add front ligh t of full stage wa sh. BLA CK OU T!! on voca l cut o ff END OF ACT ON E Page 2 of 4 .isola te pia no p laye r DIRECT SEGUE GIVE ME YO U R T IRE D . YO U R P O O R (med ium ballad) Franc will cross in front of pianist and take spot with him.

As Franc stand s and be gins dan cing. Isolate sto ol in a sp ecial -w arm light DIALO GUE SEGU E – Full stage w ash FO SS E M ED LE Y: Begins with Franc in same position as above.S am e HEART – Build on a bov e ad din g Pin ks an d Lig ht A m bers RAZZLE DAZZLE – More saturated than above. warm wash / brighter tones Keep full stage w ash for med ley: JUST IN TIME – Rose/Hot Pinks STE AM HE AT . Bump up reds/hot tones at beginning of med ley. but not quite as much as song 1 I F T H E Y C O U LD S EE ME NO W – Build to Up with song in obvious places THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS – Ha s place s for big bu ilds to B right! APP LAU SE S EGU E into Piano Interlude very little light on Franc until he walks to DSC with mic stand Page 3 of 4 .Reds CORNER OF THE SKY – Light Blues HO W TO SUC CEE D/I B ELIE VE IN YO U .**Intermission** A CT TW O Blackou t for Pianist’s entrance GE ORG E M . CO HAN M ED LE Y: YANKEE DO ODLE B O Y (up tem po) Full Stage Wash-full on musical comedy GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADW AY (me dium ballad bu ilds to up tem po) Same as above DIALOGUE SEGUE NOT WHILE I’M AROUND (ballad) Fran c is seated on stoo l in front of pia no.

Sta y in black for a few b eats un til Fra nc h as tim e to retu rn m ic stand US L an d retu rn to DSC APPLAUSE/ BOWS Fu ll S tage Wash m usica l com ed y brig ht for B OW S a nd TH AN K Y OU ’s Pia no So lo DIALOGUE ENCOR E 1: D A N NY B O Y DIALOGUE FINAL ENCORE: THIS IS THE MOM ENT (medium ballad) Fran c beg ins a t end of pia no a nd crosse s to center Full Stage W ash. Use during all of MUSIC OF THE N IGHT and still fade on long held n ote. If an overhead center special is available. On long held note at end of MUSIC OF THE NIGHT slowly fade to black/blue out. it would be ideal to isolate Franc in a down spot for drama tic and eerie effect. Dialogue segues into: PH AN TO M M ED LE Y: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (up tem po) THE POINT OF NO RETURN (med ium up tem po) M US IC O F T H E NI GH T (ballad) Add as much blue wash to stage and back light for silhouette effect lights can be dangerously low and dim on Franc’s face as audience will adjust to the shadows.LIFE IS (med ium ballad) Slo wly shift focus from Pian ist to D SC spec ial for Song & dialogu e. Con centrate dow n to center special for cross APPLAUSE/ BOWS Full S tage w ash m usica l com edy b right for bo ws a nd e xit E ND OF S HO W Page 4 of 4 .

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