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Design of Multiple Crop Harvesting Machine

Student’s Name Rohit B. Vhaval PD (PT-2008)

Academic Prof. Sudhindra Kumar

Supervisor(s) Prof. Gopinath
Rohit B. Vhaval

Keywords: Harvester, Multiple Harvesting Machine, Crop, Economical, Indian Farmers

The main purpose of the project is to design a multiple crop harvesting machine, which can be affordable by a
common Indian farmer. As all we know, farmers are the main contributor to the Indian economy. But still a most of
the farmers are following old methods of farming. Also now a day one more problem is bothering to farmers is, a
labour issue. There is big gap between farmers and technology. Because of money, most of the farmers cannot afford
or cannot follow modern farming techniques. So this project is intended to gratify the dream of our Indian farmer.
The project involves the design of multiple crop harvesting machine for Indian common farmer to provide
economical and ergonomic solution. Originally project started with the product environment study and market study.
On that, literature review was done on collected data. After analyzing the data received from the user questionnaire,
customer voices and QFD, it enabled to generate PDS. Then the concepts were generated taking into reflection of
Indian farmer dream of economical and reliable multiple harvester machine through sketching, 2d renderings using
Coral Draw and 3d modeling using UG. Ergonomic simulation was done on one of the concept to achieve the final
dimensions for the machine. Finally best concept is selected by using weighted ranking method among five concepts.
Final concept was rendered in Solid Works 360º.
Scaled 1:2 model was shaped for the final concept for visualization. Cost analysis done on the final selected model
based on the current market price. And then concluded the selected concept is economical solution for common
farmer. Further work will be involved to build 1:1 working model as per the present specification and validate in the
Indian fields.

All Five Concept

Different Shades of Final Concept Mockup Model

Book of Abstracts 1 March 2011