Customer Service at Blue Dart Express Ltd.

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9052 million ‡ International Destinations Serviced : More than 220 countries and territories worldwide through sales alliance with DHL. : Mumbai.Q.COMPANY PROFILE ‡ Description : South Asia's premier courier and integrated air express package distribution company. ‡ Established : November. . India ‡ Important Person : Sharad Upasani (Chairman) ‡ Revenues (Jan .Dec 2009) :<BR Rs. 1983 ‡ H.

Business Houses .1. What according to you are the weak areas of customer service at Blue Dart? Different Customer Groups .Discuss the various customized services offered by blue dart to different customer groups.Companies .Professionals .Educational and Other Institutions .

VARIOUS CUSTOMISED SERVICES  Dart Apex  Dart surfaceline  Domestic priority  Smart Box  Airport to airport services .

Weak areas of customer service  EMPLOYEE Related Problem  More EMPHASIS on Technology  Focus on Acquiring new customer then Maintaining existing one.  More FOCUS on International Services  Ignoring SMALL RURAL Areas  PREMIUM Price  Fluctuations In FUEL Prices .

Gained experience and expertise ‡ M/s Safe Hands: . and other areas around kolkata and Howrah.2.Built good customer relationship . .Service in Hoogly . Nadia . Explain how Blue Dart reaped the benefits from its partnerships and alliances with other players in the industry? Discuss the kind of competition that Blue Dart could face in the future? ‡ FedEx: .

.International services to domestic customer .Boosted the revenues of BDEL. ‡ DHL: .Services in and around Malda.‡ M/s Vishal International: .

Future Competitors ‡ Local courier services ‡ Global Giants ‡ Indian postal services .

USP ‡ Turnaround Strategy ‡ Resources Borrowing ‡ JIT vs. SHIT ‡ Pioneers (US speed standard) .

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