lFlliO\il:1l<ID,'(8) CCJ[iO\ll'em<Gllffiil: ~<GlM, ~\\llll'lbiiil:<Gllffi,§\\llll'll'ew, ll\\,ilCBl=~~W, IDliill'e<c~ll': dJ<Gllfulffi <Go<G<Gl~lliilffi~




3. A small object on the clock face.

2. A fingertip on black bulb.

1. A fingertip on child's right foot.

• • umbrella umbrella

Brecht. 1962 .3 PIANO PIECES • • • standing sitting walking G.

:3 TABLE AND CHAIR EVENTS • • • newspaper game plate knife fork spoon glass .

A CHRISTMAS PLAY for Joseph Cornell Empty snow-covered field. frosted horizon sun glaring through the mist. open toward us. In the near distance a bathtub lies on its side.> . FIRST CHILD: Doyou see that dark figure behind the creche? SECOND CHILD: (Does not speak.

AIR CONDITIONING ( move through the place) .

ANOTHER WEAVING fingers between fingers .

BACH • Brazil .

BED EVENT Discover or arrange: a white bed a black item on or near it .

5. He tosses each card into the air so that it is free to fall face up or face down. one at a time. face up. then re-forms the deck and shuffles it. including himself. keeping each card in its face-up or face-down direction. There is a second stack of "phoneme cards". They rehearse before the performance to develop commonvocables of the four types described below.CARD-PIECE FOR VOICE 1. until all cards have been dealt. according to the system of cues given below. These are shuffled and dealt. blank cards on each of which a single phoneme from one or more languages famiIiar to all performers has been written. Unless there is a Signal from the chairman to repeat. each performer stops at the end of his sub-deck. 4. to each performer in turn. or stop. The chairman holds a deck of ordinary playing cards {four complete suits plus Joker and Extra Joker>. each performer takes a playing card from the top of his sub-deck. . At a nod from the chairman. performs a sound or not. except for the "chairman". He then deals one card at atime to each performer in turn. and discards the card. 2. There are from 1 to 54 performers. 3. Performers are seated side by side. who keeps them in a stack separate from the playing cards. a performer who sits facing the others. the performance.

6. having reached the end of his own deck. other performers ignoring them. Gtorge Brecht Summer. including the chairman {who ignores the joker during the repeat>' Extra Joker: Chairman raises his arms. approximately in seconds. Card Backs: indicate approximately five seconds of silence. with free duration. and each performer. signaling one repeat. runs through his cards once more. The Cue System: Suits: indicate the "vocal" organ primarily responsible for the sound production. etc. Joker: Chairman crosses his arms at the end of his deck. Joker and Extra Joker: are cues only for the chairman. Specification and order of the phonemes is as indicated by the phonemecards. 1959 . read consecutively. Hearts: Lips Diamonds: Vocal cords and throat Clubs: Cheeks Spades: Tongue Sounds may be produced in any way. pronounciation. in the order in which they now occur {last card first>' Then each performer stops. signal ing an immediate stop to the performance. and dynamics. that is. Number Cards: indicate duration of sound.with the breath. Face Cards {disregarding suit>: indicate the speaking of a phoneme. by slapping (of the cheeks). roughly as it might be heard in ordinary conversation.

CHAIR EVENT on a white chair a grater tape measure alphabet flag black and spectral colors .

CHAIR EVENT on a white chair a Chri stmas-tree ball flag can opener black and spectral colors .



For single or multiple performance. A comb is held by its spine in onehand,either free or resting on an object. The thumb or a finger of the other hand is held with its tip against an end prong of the comb, with the edge of the nai I overlapping the end of the prong. The finger is now slowly and uniformly moved so that the prong is inevitably released, and the nai I engages the next prong. This action is repeated unti I each prong has been used.

Second version: Third version: Fourth version:
G. Brecht 11959-62)

Sounding comb-prong. Comb-prong. Comb. Fourth version: Prong.



( exchanging)

Brecht. 1962



• nearby

G. Brecht 1962

CORK THUNDER Act I ( ( smoke) Act II (handshake) Act III (stool) .

DANCE MUSIC • gunshot .

DANCE • fig .


DIRECTION Arrange to observe a sign indicating direction of travel. • • travel in the Indicated direction travel in another direction .

DRESSER • mirror above drawers below .

Second version: Dripping. A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls i-nto the vessel.DRIP MUSIC <DRIP EVENT) For single or multiple performance. Brecht . (1959-62) G.

EGG • at least one egg .

EVENT pulse pulse start stop .

. until further precision Is Impossible. Determine the limits more precisely.EXERCISE Determine the limits of an object or evert. Repeat.

.EXERCISE Determine the center of an object or event. until further accuracy is impossible. Repeat. Determine the center more accurately.

196] .EXHIBIT SEVEN (CLOCK) • house number Summer.

FIVE EVENTS • • • • • eating with between two breaths sleep wet hand several words .

Set each card in a place fairly distant from the others. .FIVE PLACES Write the word EXHIBIT on each of five small cards.

FLUTE SOLO • • disassembling assembling G. Brecht 1962 .

or coal .FOX TROT • underground metal.


This clear upon waking from a dreamless sleep I consider a gift for La Monte Young . Do 2.IMPOSSI BLE EFFORT Do 1.

then a third upon the second. and so forth. G. and the performer seats himself. onto the keyboard. any number playable successively or simultaneously. 4. with one another andwith other pieces.INCIDENTAL MUSIC Five Piano Pieces. Three dri ed peas or beans are dropped. unti I at least Oneblock falls from the column. 3. Brecht 5. The piano seatis ti Ited on its base and brought to rest against a part of the piano. A block is placed upon this block. The piano seat is suitable arranged. singly. 1961. Each such seed remaining on the keyboard is attached to the key or keys nearest it with a single piece of pressure-sensitive tape. Wooden blocks. 1. In any order andcombination. A single block is placed inside the piano. 2. one after another. . Summer. Photographing the piano situation.

. turn it off.INSTRUCTION • Turn on a radio. At the first sound.

hair growing arrangement (halrcut) 2. .INTERMISSION 1.

KEYHOLE through either side .

LADDER • Paint a single straight ladder white Paint the bottom rung black. Distribute spectral colors on the rungs between .

Summer. Milkmaids counting. . Spri ng fall. Winter. Summer. Spring winter summer spring.MALLARD MILK Text: Dick Higgins Counting.

then making a sound with the third instrument. 5-1-3. each player performing as above. followed by the making of a sound with one instrument. gbl . 1-5-3. for example) comprises: counti ng to hi s age in years by units of 1. Brecht There are three players and a reader. 4. (Summer. Each player has three instruments: a conventional musical instrument. or 6. 3-1-5.MALLARD MILK Sound-score: G. and a common object or set of objects. Each player selects. The reader is silent until the first sound made by a player. 5-3-1. counting by 3's to the multiple of 3 nearest his age and making a sound with a second instrument: and counting by 5's to the multiple of 5 nearest his age. the performance begins. by a chance method. a toy. A pi ayer' s performing (by the f rst counting scheme. at which time he counts to either 2. 3-5-1. and begins reading. 1961. one of the following counting schemes: 1-3-5. At a signal.

MIRROR • • reflecting reflecting .

(An equivalent pause is to be substituted for an instruction referring to non-available equlpment.MOTOR VEHICLE SUNDOWN (EVENT) (TO JOHN CAGE) SPRING/SUMMER 1960 G. All instruction card sets are shuffled collectively.) Having acted on all instructions. Parenthetic numerals indicate duration In counts (at an agreed-upon lights (8) means truck-body. BRECHT Any number of motor vehicles are arranged outdoors. rate). and seat himself in. warning ligllts. safety. A single value for each card. At sundown (relatively dark. read consecutively as dealt. There are at least as many sets of instruction cards as vehicles. . etc.open area incident light 2 footcandles or less) the performers leave a central location. etc. simultaneously counting out (at an agreed-upon rate) a prearranged duration 1 1/2 times the maximumrequired for any performer to reach. by chance. each performer turns off the engine of his vehicle andremains seated unti I all vehicles have ceased running. and 22 cards are distributed to the single performer per vehicle. his vehicle. Special displays. signs. At the end of this count each performer starts the engine of his vehicle and subsequently acts according to the directions on his instruction cards. fire-hoses with pumps and water suppiy. truck-contained from each parenthetical series of values is to be chosen. signal. ladders. Special equipment (22) means carousels.

Spot-lamp on (1-11). with moderate speed.horizontally. 2. off. with moderate speed. 20. off. Open (or close) trunk lid (jf a car). off. Radio on. 4. Foot-brake lights on (1-3). (Right.(1-7). 14. off. 19. 12. 21. Accelerate motor (1-3). left) directional signals on (1-7). with moderate speed. low beam) on (1-5). Glove-compartment light on. slowly>. Open (or close) engine-hood. off. Open (or close) a door (quickly.off. 7.(quickly. 6. Inside light on (1-5). 11. Sound siren (1-15>. rear-panel (if a truck or station-wagon). B. slowly) . 9. Wind-shield wipers on (1-5). opening and closlnq vehicle door. 10. off. Parking lights on (1-11). 17. Open (or close) a window (quickly. with moderate speed. slowly>. off. randomIy) . slowly). Strike hand on dashboard. with moderate speed. slowly>. 22. Special lights on (1-9). 13. if necessary. 16. Trunk light off. lB.off. Change tuning.INSTRUCTION CARDS (44 per set): 1. Operate special equipment (1-15). Head lights (high beam.7>. move (vertically.maximum volume. Open (or close) glove compartment (quickly. 3. . 5. Sound horn (1-11>. Sound beIl<s) (1. Strike a window with knuckles. off. 23-44. or equivalent. Fold a seat or seat-back (quickly. Replace.Pause (1-13>. 15. Trunk light on.

• • smoking no smoking .NO SMOKING EVENT Arrange to observe a NO SMOKING sign.


Brecht 1962 .ORGAN PIECE • organ G.

Brecht 1962 .PIANO PIECE. 1962 • a vase of flowers on (to) a plano G.


POSITION • an insect nearby .

• • raining pissing .

REALIZATION • emotion music .

. Mark paper with burnt match.RECIPE cloth paper match string knife glass egg Level cloth. Tie at least one knot in string. arranging pieces on cloth. Cut string with knife. open upward. light match. on cloth. Place egg in glass. Place paper on cloth. Place glass. Extinguish.

Inquiries: G.O. A signed and numberedCertificate of Relocation is provided with each realization of the work.> Bounds (which may be of any extent> are set by the subscriber.a relocation within the bounds is arranged. P. N.Y.Box 180 New York 13. Once set.RELOCATION ( limited to five per year. . Fluxus.Brecht.

SINK • on a white sink toothbrushes black soap .

SINK • on ( or near) a white sink .


SIX EXHIBITS • • • • • • ceiling first wall second wall third wall fourth wall floor Summer. 1961 .

SMOKE • • (where it seems to come from) (where it seems to go) .

SOLO FOR VIOLIN VIOLA CELLO OR CONTRABASS • polishing George Brecht 1962 .

SOLO FOR WIND INSTRUMENT ( putting it down) G. Brecht 1962 .

Brecht Winter. acts with an object corresponding to the suit of the first card in each pair upon an object corresponding to the suit of the second card in that pair. G. face up. and the rank of the second card in each pair as the number of consecutive five-second intervals within which that number of sounds is to be freely arranged. At a sign from the dealer. cups. each performer starts his stopwatch. as dealer. One performer. shuffles a deck of Spanish cards (which are numbered 1-12 in each suit). and. clubs. corresponding to the four suits of Spanish cards: swords. in front of him. Each has before him a stopwatch and a set of objects of four types. and coins. the piece ends. When every performer has used all his pairs of cards. 1959/60 . each performer arranging his pairs. and deals them in pairs to all performers.interpreting the rank of the first card in each pair as the number of sound to be made.SPANISH CARD PIECE FOR OBJECTS From one to twenty-tour performers are arranged within view of each other.

STOOL on a stool a cane and a package or bag of .

STOOL on a white stool a black-and-white-striped oranges in a paper bag cane .

STOOL on (or near) a stool .

Brecht 19b2 .STRING QUARTET • shaking hands G.

SUITCASE • from a suitcase- .

SUITCASE • suitcase .

SUITCASE • • black suitcase white objects .

SYMPHONY NO.2 (turning) .

TABLE • table .

TABLE • on a white table glasses. a puzzle and ( having to do with smoking ) .

TABLE • on a white table .

TEA EVENT preparing empty vessel SIII1mer.1961 .

1961 .THREE AQUEOUS EVENTS • • • ice water steam Summer.

THREE ARRANGEMENTS • • • on the shelf on a clothes tree black object white chair .

THREE BROOM EVENTS • • • broom sweeping broom sweepings .

• • Spring. 1961 G.THREE CHAIR EVENTS • Sitting on a black chair Occurrence. Brecht . Yellow chair. ) On (or near) a white chair. (Occurrence. Occurrence.

THREE DANCES • • • shaking hands salting not-two .

Pause. 1961 G. Pause. 3. Brecht .THREE DANCES 1. Summer. Perspiration. Urination. Saliva 2.

1961 G. Brecht .THREE GAP EVENTS • • • missing-letter sign between two sounds meeting again To RayJ. Spring.

1961 . Ray) Summer. '~J. lamp off.THREE LAMP EVENTS • • • on. off. on. "lt is sure to be dark if you shut your eyes.

the receiver is lifted. 1961 . When the telephone rings. then replaced.THREE TELEPHONE EVENTS • When the telephone rings. it is answered. When the telephone rings. Spring. Performance note: Each event comprises all occurrences • • within its duration. until it stops. it is allowed to continue ringing.

• • roller - coaster spring. summer. autumn. wInter.

opening a closed window closing an open window



• • • • • •

yellow yellow yellow

yellow loud



to Rrose Spring, 1961 G. Brecht

THURSDAY • Thursday .

TIME-TABLE EVENT to occur in a railway station A time-table is obtained. This determines the duration of the event. A tabled time indication is interpreted in minutes and seconds (7:16 equalling. for example. 7 minutes and 16 seconds). Spring. Brecht . 1961 G.

George Brecht Summer. 7:16 = 7 minutes and 16 seconds). 1959 . and. and makes a sound at all points where tabled times within that row or column fall within the total duration of his performance. when ready. he selects one row or column.q. He selects one time by chance to determine the total duration of his performing. start their stopwatches simultaneously.TIME-TABLE MUSIC For performance in a railway station. They stand or seat themselves so as to bevisible to each other. Each performer interprets the tabled time indications in terms of minutes and seconds (e. This done. The performers enter a rai Iway station and obtain time-tables.


TWO CLOCKS • • clothes hooks bird flight .

power. ( a cup and saucer ) • . 6. a memento. feeling. A memorial by which the affection of another is to be kept in mind. 2. etc. event. souvenir. 4. a sign. Something given or shown as a symbol or guarantee of authority or right. A characterlstlc mark or indication. a piece of metal given beforehand as a warrant or voucher to each person in the congregation who is permitted to partake of the Lord's Supper. 5. a sign of authenticity. Something intended or supposed to represent or indicate another thing. fact. Formerly.. A portent. A medium of exchange issued at a nominal or face value in excess of its commodity value. a symbol.TWO DEFINITIONS • 1. in some churches. good faith. 3. etc.

TWO DURATIONS • • red green .

1961 .TWO ELIMINATION EVENTS empty vessel empty vessel Summer.

to form a new object and a new "other. from the "other." EXERCISE: Add to the object. II EXERCISE: Take a part from the object and add it to the "other.TWO EXERCISES Consider an object. II Fall.1961 . II to form a new object and a new "other." another object. Call what is not the object "other. Repeat until there is no more object." Repeat until there is no more "other.


TWO VEHICLE EVENTS • • start stop Summer. 1961 .

WATER • • • comi ng from staying going to .

WHEEL • Paint the hub white. Distribute spectral colors on the spokes. Paint the felly black. .

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