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Elt Methodology Reflection 5

Elt Methodology Reflection 5

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Published by: Yasemin Çakmakçı on Apr 03, 2011
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Reflection 5 What I learnt was educational psychology.

At the beginning of the course, we talked about a picture of a young male student who has a lot of colorful things around him. I refer that young students have many dreams about their lives and as an educator our task will be guiding them in the process of reaching their goals. However, I know that it is not easy as I articulate it. At that point, educational theory gives some techniques both for the involving students in the learning and dealing with their feelings. The first theory is behaviorism which is mostly used in some parts of the world thorough the ALM method. However, this method is not completely useful because the learners are passive imitators as they only repeat what the teacher says. Despite the limitations, behaviorism cannot be wholly ignored. Depending on Skinner s procedures, we can give them outline to make clear what they will learn, we can give them reinforcement but we must be careful about not to exaggerate it. One of the main problems English learners encounter is memorizing new vocabulary items. I am sure that a lot of students will come to ask some tips to keep the words in their minds. Cognitive psychology claims that students all senses must be involved in memorization process, so I think I can I give new words in context like in songs, in videos or in activities etc. And then I think the students learn better when they use new words in their writings so I may ask them to produce something like stories or poems or even games using their imaginations. I suppose during my profession there will be some students whose learning are different or slower than others. Therefore, I need to be patient because every learner is unique and their intelligences can be also varied. As I have learned from theory of Multiple Intelligence, I can make a point of different type of intelligences and use different materials (pictures, music, charts, and games) to get their attention on the lesson. I want to wish good luck to myself :). What I had difficulty in nothing but I suppose I can focus on information process to deal with the students attentions for my own sake. That s all.

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