Fibre Stiffness: It is the fibre properties to describe its resistance against deformation.

In case of yarn subjected to a tensile force or pull, stiffness is the ability to resist elongation & a stiff fabric cannot bend as much as a limp one can. Fabric Handle: Fabric handle is concerned with feel of the material & so depend the sense of touch, when the handle of a fibre is judged the sensation of stiffness or limpness, handle or stiffness & roughness or smoothness are all made of fibre handle depend on following factor: 1.Weight & density. 2.Surface friction. 3.Flexibility. 4.Compressibility. 5.Resilency.

Drape: Drape is defined as the ability of the fabric to hang graceful told under its own weight very broadly. It is the ability of a fabric to as assurance a graceful appearance is used. Not all fibre are expected to drape gracefully & indeed would be considered unsuitable if they did. Drape co-efficient: It is the ratio between projected of draped specimen to the draped area after deducted the supporting disk. Thus, F= As-Ad/AD-Ad Where, As=The actual project area. Ad=The area of the disk. AD=The area of the specimen.

5*.Bending Length: This is the length of the fabric that will bend under its own weight to a define extert it is a measure of the stiffness that determines draping quality. So it causes f1(o)=0. C=lf1(o) C=l (Cos o/2 /8tano) 1/3 Where. C= Length l=Unsupporting length of the fabric o=Bending Angle For the Shirley stiffness tester fixed & equal to 41.5 . The calculation is as follows.