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03 GRAPHISOFT Collaboration Guide

03 GRAPHISOFT Collaboration Guide

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Published by: Di Zhang on Apr 04, 2011
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For more accurate model mapping, you can classify ArchiCAD elements by their “IFC type”. While each ArchiCAD
element type has a default counterpart in IFC (which is used if you use the “Automatic” option here), you can assign
any other IFC type to a particular element - for example, if there is no specific ArchiCAD tool corresponding to the

Coordination with Engineers

GRAPHISOFT Collaboration Guide


IFC element type you want to map it to; or if you have used certain tools to model elements of a different type, such as
using the Slab tool to model a ceiling, or using the Wall tool to model a curved beam. You can also search for elements
by their IFC element type classification, using the criteria of the Find & Select dialog box: for example, search for just
the slabs used to represent ceilings.

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