Marketing Quiz

1. The stages of Product life cycle are: ___________,_____________,____________,____________ 2. The 4Ps of marketing are: ___________,_____________,____________,____________ 3. Positioning is how competitors perceive your products. True or False 4. Brand names are used to help identify a product. True or False 5. Information taken from a magazine is an example of primary research. True or False 6. Intensive distribution is used for low price or impulse items. True or False 7. SWOT Analysis is done to determine the sale of an organization. True or False 8. Marketing predominantly is about providing __________ to the customers. Products/Benefits 9. The firm concentrating their marketing effort on one particular segment is an example of _______ marketing. Niche/Differentiated 10. The range of products sold by a business is known as _____________. 11. Marketing managers often claim that their product has a ³USP´ which makes the product attractive to customers. What does ³USP´ stand for? 12. Brands that are positioned as having high quality and high prices are known as _________ brands. Economy/Premium/Bargain 13. Which of the following is an example of a ³service´? a. Nokia 7110 mobile phone c. Hotpoint dishwasher b. Heinz tomato ketchup d. Advertising agency 14. Which of the following is an example of non-durable product? a. Ice-cream c. DVD player b. Washing machine d. Personal digital assistant 15. Which of the following can be classified as a capital good? a. Security men at a football stadium b. Large scale digital photocopier in a printing business c. Staff restaurant in a large factory d. Photocopier in a small accounts office