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Sachin Tendulkar admires the Cricket World Cup trophy in Mumbai on Sunday. This was Tendulkar's last Cricket World Cup tournament and India won the Cup after 28 years, AP WC Helps Micro-Credit Firm Mobilise Social Investments SANJAY VIIAYAKUMAR CHENNAI ‘Team India might hav winning thé World Cup. nd style after a 28-year gap. But in d has inadvertently helped a ‘Chennai-based, non-profit micro-credit firm Rang De to mobilise social investments worth Rs@lakh. ‘Thefirm, which counts former ICICI Foundation chief Nachiket h forasone of its mentors, arabe lotof goodies after Australia. asked tomakea pledge of i aparticular outcome on th self pledged to invest Rs 1,000) Zaheer Khan in the finals, there LR MS “It's a great idea,” Mor told BT. “La Zaheer Khan and was happy todo somothing cial cause by banking on my favourite player’ Entrepreneur Vivek Joshi, who was the second- largest investor in the pl ntributed Rs 1 lakh each for India’s victory in the semis and said, “Social investments from individuals in India isat anascent stage and stich kind of initiatives would help broad base the reach.” Film-maker Nagesh Kukunoor pledged Re 10,000 if India beats Pakistan inthe semi fi nals, Chennai-based tech firm Vernalis System the highest contribution of Rs2.7élakh, by mak’ pledge to contribute up to Rs 1,000 per run of the win: ning score in theinals ‘Total Pledge at Rs 5.5 Lakh in Final >> 6 sere Lied ER cael "Total Pledge: at 75.5 Lakh in Final >> From Pose t Srinivasa Addepalli, F and Marketing, Tata Communic- ations, pledged ¢1 lakh if India won the semifinals. Karishma Kiri. one of theadvisors at Rang De, got her friends to mak: matching pledge for her p pledge for the semi-fing six times her pledge for the fin i ‘Total pledges raised during the last three matches were 5 . €3 lakh in the se 720,600 in the quarterfir Smita R. co-fol operating officer of F edout that someone tweet was planning to purchase the World Cup, but decided to invest money on Rang De instead Response to the tweet w someone could probably be abl to purchase a TV in the future be cause of this. “The funds raised will be invested by the pledgers to fund loan requirements of entre- preneurs in rural India. It was a zero spend campaign for us,” Ram. NK, co-founder and chief executi officer of Rang De, said. India’s heroics in cricket has en. abled corporate India to come up with the idea of such pledges. Ri nce Life Insurance, for in stance, had pledged €25,000 for every four hit during the finals and for ry six hit during the tourna ment. This money will be used for funding books in libraries. Mor said, “We have seen peop running marathons for charity, and this is (the Rang De initiative) one of its kind and expect more such ini- tiatives which would be a tion for soci. ther said, “Iv the response us also impressed by ming in for the int Monies De pla entrepreneurs very basic tea shops or rear goats orking capital to hance livelihood opportunities. The lender, more often than, lends with the idea of philanthrop The t9 lakh raised through this ef- fort can be invested crore raised in Rang De's life time till now has been useful to fulfil over 7.500 borrowers’ funding needs.