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Mantra for Family Karma: Ant Na Siphatee

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Spending the holidays with your family? Take a long look at your relatives. Are there family patterns or karmas that are playing themselves out? Look at a cycle of abuse. Often it repeats for many generations, until one individual is strong enough to break the pattern. Or perhaps you can see this when you think of the bad relationships you've been in, and whether other people in your family have made similar choices. This is family karma. Some cultures have a more strongly developed sense of family karma than other. In India, although its grip over modern society is loosening, the caste system determines everything from whom you can marry to what jobs you can hold. Monarchies all over the globe are seen to have a family karma of power and wealth. In many South American tribes, shamans perform ceremony to remove the karma of seven generations in order to break cycles of misfortune. Codes within our cells are written by our family's history and determine more than what we look like and to what diseases we are prone. These codes of happiness or distress become programmed and patterns of thought (whether positive or negative) are both taught as a child and encoded within the genes of our ancestors. Even when we are vastly different that the rest of our family, certain tendencies toward discontent or misfortune can be present in our unconscious and subconscious from childhood. This holiday season, if you are surrounded by family, there is a mantra that you can keep playing in your Ipod, or singing to yourself in sadhana. This mantra breaks family karma. It is said to shatter misfortune with the power of a thunderbolt and affect generations. It is the 24th Pauri of Japji, written by Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs. "Ant Na Siftee" or "Ant Na Siphatee" is a powerful mantra of change and transformation for you and your whole family.

Ant Na Siftee Kehn na ant Ant na karnai dayn na ant Ant na vaykhan sunan na ant Ant na jaapai kiaa man mant Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar Ant na jaapai paaraaavaar Ant kaaran kaytay bilalaa-he Taa kay ant na paa-ay jaa-ay Ayho ant na jaanai ko-i Bahutaa keheeai Bahutaa ho-i Vadaa saahib oochaa thaao Oochay oopar oochaa naao Ayvad oochaa hovai ko-i Tis Oochay kau jaanai so-i Jayvad aap jaanai aap aap Naanak nadaree karamee daat Chant or recite these words 11 times (optimally for 40 days), or just leave playing in the environment to shift the energy of a space. Bring this amazing mantra into your family's holiday season and pave the way for future generations to flourish and grow beyond any limitations!

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