Unit-I Part-A 1.Define AI. 2.What is meant by turing test. 3.Define agent. 4.Give the structure of agent in an environment. 5.

How to measure the performance of an agent? 6.Define ideal rational agent. 7.Define mapping.Give example. 8.Define ideal mapping.Give example. 9.Write short notes on autonomy. 10.Define agent program. 11. Give two examples of agent type & write the corresponding PAGE description. 12.Define environment program. 13.List the properties of environment. 14.Define problem solving agent. 15.List the steps involved in simple problem solving techniques. 16.List the four different types of probelm with an example. 17.Define the terms: problem, state space, path, path cost. 18.What is meant by operators. 19.Give example for AI problems. 20.Give example for real world problems in AI. 21.Define the following terms for 8 puzzle problem: States Operator Goal test Path cost 22.Write short notes on search tree. 23.Define fringe (or) frontier. 24.List the steps to measure the performance of search strategies. 25.Differentiate blind search with heuristic search. 26.Define branching factor. 27.Differentiate DFS with BFS. 28.Differentiate best first search, breadth first search and depth first search. Part-B 1.Explain briefly about different types of agent with an example. 2.Explain briefly about the environment programs. Give suitable example for the same. 3.Define and solve the given crypt arithmetic problem using the following descri ptions: a).State b).Operator c).Initial state d).Goal test e).Solution process 4.Define and solve the following problems a).Water jug problem b).Missioaries and cannibals problem. 5.Define the vaccum world problem and draw the corresponding state set space rep resentations. 6.Explain briefly about blind search techniques with an example for each search.

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