This book will teach you the first steps of English. It gives you about 500 important words in sentences, with the meaning shown through pictures. Read each page like this:

The sentences will take on meaning for you as you compare them with the help of the accompanying pictures, page by page. The load on your memory is kept light. All your attention can be given to seeing how changes in the semences go along with changes in the meaning. Learning English this way is more like play than hard work. If you have to work alone, it is best to work through writing and wait for the pronunciation until you have help. Study two or three pages together until you can give the sentences that go with the pictures. When you are forming the sentences do not rely on your memory alone: try to understand in English what the pictures say. If you do this you will be thinking ill English frum the very start and that is the way to a mastery of the language.


When you have worked through thirty pages of the book in this manner, test your knowledge by answering in English the questions on pages 31, 32 and 33. Compare your answers with those given on page 34. Further questions with answers are provided at intervals throughout the book.







--------- ------+----I I I








I am here.

He is there.

She is here.

She is there.


It is there.

It is here.

They are here.

They are there.


You are there.

You are there.

---~-------------- -----------------~


-----------------. They are there.It is there.------------------ 7 .

8 . This is a woman. ------------------+-----------------That is a woman.This is a man.

That woman is there. That man is there.This man is here.-----------------This woman is here. ----------------. 9 .

That table is there. ~--. ------------------+-----------------I This is a hat. 10 . It is there.This is a table. This is a hand. This table is here. It is a hat. That is 0 table. It Is here..~ These are the fingers. This is the thumb.

---My hat is in my hand. -----------------~-------------. This is my hat. 11 . It is on my head. It is in my hand.my head.This ~. My hat is on my head.

12 . Her hat is in her hand.-----------~-----------------------His hat is on his head.

Those are your hats. They are on the table. That is your right hand. Those are your hcnds. my right hand. This il my left hand.That II your hat. ------------------+-----------------These are my hands. That is your left hand. 13 . It is on the table.

He will take his hat off the table.His hat is on the table. 14 . -----------------He is taking It off the tabl •• He took it off the table.

It was on the table. is putting his hot on his head. head. He put his hat on hi. H. on hi. head. 15 . He put it on. It i.He will put his hot on his head.

It i~ in hi. He took his hat off. ------------------------------------His hat is in his hand. 16 . It was on his head.He will take his hat off his head. He is taking his hat off his head. hand.

-----------------_----------------Thil is a men.. The. £~ ~ These are hats. ~~ . are men.rhis is a hat. This is a hand.· The.. These are hands. This is a woman. are women. These are tables.. c!i[b Thil II a table. 2 Sexes 1633 1/ .

~ . \~ ~ Thisil his hand.. t j • • I I I This is a woman. It Is the woman's hand. It Is In hi' hanch. ~ This is her hand.. Now it is in the woman'. ~ 18 This Is a woman's hat. It Is In her hands. hendl. tt is the man's hand. It is on a man'l head. It is on a woman's head..This Is a man. ------------------------------------- This is a man's hat. hands. Now It II In the man'. I ~ \ \.

It is in the man's hands now. He gave it to him. Hefs giving his hatto the man. 2· 19 . -----------------------------------He gave it to the man.He will give his hat to the man.

20 . He gave it to her.The man will give his hat to the woman. ._------_._-----He gave it to the woman. ----~------------It is in the woman's hands now. He is giving his hat to the woman .

It is on the table. : table. I. .1 1 I 1 I The woman wnl put the : She is putting it on the hat on the table. ------------------------------------It was In her hand.

22 .-:---These ships are on the water. -- -JU... -'- .This is a ship. These are ships. This is water.. -----------------..----------~------~ This ship is in the bottle.

23 ..This is woter. The bottle is in 0 men's hend. It is on the table. Cr II This is 0 gloss. -----------------.----------------The gloss ond the water ore on the floor.

This Is a bottle and this I..-----_. )B \ That Is a bird and that Is a bird. . They are birds. 24 This man and this woman are here.a~~ A U ~ This is a glass and this is agl . -----------------. Q e!> These are glasses. ~ Thl'~ and this are bottles.. Those are birds._---------That man and that woman are there..


This is a man. These are his arms.:


This is an arm. ~

This is a leg.

These are his feet. This is a foot~

._---------------_------------------This is a table. This is a seat.

-These are its legs.Its feet are on the floor.

These are its legs.


Its feet are on the floor.


This is a room. This is a door.

is a picture.



a door.


-----------------------------------These are the windows of the room. This is a window and this is a window.

This 15 the floor of the room.

This window is shut.

This window is open.



This door is open.

This door is shut.


This is a wall of the

This is a picture of a man and a woman. This is the cord of the picture.

A picture is on this wall.

This is a wall.

This is the floor of the room.

rhis is the' frame of the picture.

This is a house.

This is the door of the house.

------------------------------------These are houses.

will go to his house.

The man

• • •• ••


------------------------------------The man went to his house. He is there.



• .-- .... ~

He Is at his door. He is at the door of his house.




He was here.


This is a question mark.

What is this? It is a hot. "What is this?" is a question. "It is a hot," is on answer.

? •
We put question marks after questions.


"'s this a hot?" That is a question. "Yes, it is." That is on answer.

"Is this a hot?" "No, it is not a hot. It is a hand." That is on answer.



(c~ an~
a What is this?
It is a


tIt ~ ...= -':---...,.


.---------------------~ ---------------------c What is this? d What is this?

b What is this?

-----------------------------------.~ e What is this? f What is this?

-----_._------ -- _ - - .....-------------- - - ---------9 What is this? h What is this? .~ •................. .........,

--------------------------------------------_34. .. This page is page 31. The answers are on page



a What are these?

And what Is this?

ttt t

b What are these?


And what Is this? ~
d What are these?

c What are these?

AndWhatls~ e What are these?

And whatsthisil i f What is this?

9' What ere these?

And what is thi0


h What is this?

-- --- ----- ---- - -- - - -_ -- .. _---- --- -- --- ---------_ .. This page is page 32. The answers are on page 34.

What is in it?


QUESTIONS a Is the hat on b Is the man in the table? the room?

---------_._----------------------------------------c Is the picture on d Is the bird on


the wall?

the seat?

e Is the glass in the woman's hand?


~M I/\"if:
_. --------


f Is the water in
the glass?



g Is this ship in a bottle?

- - -- -- -- -- ------ - -.! -- --- ---- -- ------ --- - - --_---

h Are the man and the woman at the door?

- ~ ::---:, - := _-

These are answers to questions on pages 31, 32, and 33. This page Is page 34. Page 31 a It is a house. e It is a table. e It is a leg. g It Is a leg of a table. Page 32 a They are three men. That is a woman. c.. They are fingers. That is the thumb. • They are houses. That is a street. g They are feet. That is a foot. Page 33 a Yes, it is. e No, it is not. It is on the floor. e No. It is in the man's hand. 9 No. It is on the water.

b It Is a ship. d It is a bottle. f It is an arm. h It is an arm of a seat.

b They are glasses. That is a glass. d They are windows. That is a door. f It is a picture of a man and a house. That is the frame of the picture. (Its frame) h That is a room A table is in it.

b Yes, he is. d No, it is not. It is on the floor. f No, it is not in the glass. h Yes, they are at the door.

It was three (3:00).What is this? This is a clock. What is the time? The time is two (2:00). 35 . It was one (1 :00). It was five (5:00). One hand is at one. What is the time? The time is four (4:00). h will be seven (7:00). It will be five (5:00). What is the time? Now the time is six (6:00). It will be three (3:00). What is the time? The time is one (1:00).

four. It will be eleven (11 :(0). five. It will be nine (9:00). two. .What is the time? Now the time is eight (8:00). What is the time? The time is twelve (12:00). twelve. nine. It was eleven (11 :00). It was~nine (9:00). eleven. ten. The two hands are at twelve now. What is the time? Now the time is ten (10:00). It was seven (7:00). six. three. It will be one (1 :(0). 36 One. 'rhese are the numbers from one to twelve. seven. eight.

Houses are things..~P. They are a boy and a girl. l:-"'__ The girl is at the door. This is a boy. She will be with him at the window. A hat is a thing~ are things. Doors and windows are things.r.r~ t. boys and girls are not Men and women and Th. You are a person. She will be Wit~ at the window.What are things? This Is a man. They are persons. in this room.. The boy is at the window. • A house is a thing. Tables and seats are things. . ~ '~ This is a girl ~ 8 'A' things.~~s--. The girl wiUgo to the window.

They are on the shelf. but they are not together. They are at the window together. . at the window. Where was she? She went to the window. 38 These books are not together. She was at the door. He is with he.The girl is going to the window. Where is she now? She is at the window now. Of 111 [ I [ I 1(1 These books are together on the shelf. She is with him at the window.

-------------------N~~~. They were at the window. She i"sat the door again.The girl and the boy will go from the window..~t~.window. She went with him and he went with her. They are going from the window. I They went from the . 39 . door together • The boy is with the girl at the door..~.

Thisis my head.

That is her head.

These are my eyes.

Her eyes are apen.

This is one eye.

This is the other eye.

Her eyes are shut.


My eyes are apen. Isee. Her eyes are shut. She does not see.

Now her eyes are open. She sees.· What does she .. e? She sees me.

Isee her. She does not see me.

Isee her. Our eyes are open.

Her eyes are open.

Her eye. are shul.

She sees.· They were shut. She did not see.

rhey were open. She saw. What did she see? ....

She did not see me.



j ....

She saw me.

A man has two eyes.
Ihave two eyes.


These are my eyes. A man has a nose. I have a nose.


A man has a mouth. Ihave a mouth.



is my nose.

This man's mouth is open. He is saying "mouth."

His mouth is shut. , He will say "mouths.""

His mouth Is shut.

He is not saying -mouth."


He is saying "mouths."

He said "mouths." He is not saying • "mouths" now. His mouth is shut again.



Th... are three books.

They are on a shelf.

This ~ is between the other two books. These are the pages of the book.

I have the book in my hand now. It was on the shelf. It was between the other two books on the shelf.


These are the fingers of

These are the covers of the book. The pages are between the covers of the book.

This nger is tween ese other two fingers of my hand.

My nose Is between my eyes.

My m·outhIs under my nose.

And it is between my eyes and my mouth.

My nose is over my mouth. Our noses are over our mouths.

-----------------------------------The light Is over the table.

- _, ." \'/11

! -

This is a clock.

" is on the wall. It is over the bookshelves. 11111111111111111111



The dog is under the table.

- 11111111111111111 are The bookshelves
under the clock.



This Is his hair. It is shOlL

These are hi' ears.

Wher. are

ean? They are under her hair.

Her hair Is over her ears.

-----------------------------------This is his head. ~ It has a face. This is the face of the clock. The clock has two hands, a long hand and a short hand. The long hand Is at 5. The short hand is between 7 and 8.


This is his fac •• His eyes, his nose, and his mouth are parts of his face.


A clock has a face.

" .... noeo ...


It has no nose.

It has no hair but it has a face

\! c.:;J
It has no eyes.



It has no· mouth. ~

It has a face and two hands, the long hand ~ and the short hand. ~

The long hand of the clock is between one and two. One is before two. Two is between one and three. Three is after two and two is after one.

I have this book in my hands. It was on the lFtelf with the other books.· It was between the other two books before I took it from the shelf.


I have it in my hand. I am putting it between the ather two books. Then it will be with the other books.

Now it is on the shelf again. It was in my hand. I had it in my hand. It is not in my hand. Where is it?

This is a room. What do you see in the room? Do you see the floor and three walls of the room? Do you see them?

Do you see a door ano two windows? Is one of the windows open? Is the other window shut? Do you see two seats and the bookshelves between them? Do you see the clock over the bookshelves? Yes. I see them. These things are in the room. The room is in a house.

this is a face. Eyes, nose, and mouth are parts of a face. Which are the eyes? Which is the nose? Which is the mouth?

These are my hands. Which is my right hand? Which is my left hand? Which are my thumbs? Which are my fingers?

This is his head.


This is a man. Which are his arms? Which are his hands? Which are his legs? Which are his feet?

What is this?

H;, head, M, arm',~ his legs, and his body are parts of a man.



He has a

has a

body! body.

All men and women and boys and girls have bodies. This baby a,_,_ has a body. -'J.Jf3::..

------------------------------------This dog has a body.
This is a dog·s head. This is his tail. ~ ~

This is his body. He has four legs and 0 head and a tail. He b ... s no arms or hands, but he has feet. His head, his body, his legs, and his tail are parts of a dog.
3aKa3 1633


Which Which Which Which

is his mouth? are his eyes? are his ears? is his nose?


The port which is under his mouth is his chin. a neck. are toes. Our legs are ports of us._----------------- . These ports of a foot are Its toes.Thi. The port which is between his head and his body is his neck. R i. It is between his head and his body. This is a toe. This is his chin. -----------------_. 1 \ This is a teg This is a knee. ~ I I (Th~' pari of a leg ls its knee. Thes.pari of a leg. I I This is a man's head . EJ 50 . It is under his mouth. It is a port of his face. It is a port of a man.This is a foot.Q. i. They are ports of a foot.

~ '8-'ThiS baby is on his feet. 3• 51 This man has his hand on his chest.This is a man's body. o This is his body. The part which is between his head. ~ ~ This baby is on his hands and feet. This baby is on his hands and knees. and his legs is his body. Jf . his arms. ¥ This man has his finger on his chin. This is ci chest of drawers. This baby is on ~ his knees.

.--..-....._ --.--------------!.-.-----.QUESTIONS Where is the dog? ~~ ----.---- ~ d e AI~1 I ~------------------------i-----------------------· I h 52 .

...----..--A..QUESTIONS a What do you see? b @ - c ------------------------------------- .-_ --.--------.-..n-~...-.-.--_.'...-. --.6~---..i~. 'h. 5 53 .--..._.~~-r.----....-q.--.

.QUESTIONS What is he saying? b e -.s-t. ~~i o~Pag-. --..----.57.stic.-.... qu...ti.....--.-.--A~..-------..----I h ..-.-.--54 .--..

QUESTIONS What do you see? a b e d ----------------------------------------- Answen to these questions are on page 57. 55 .

Page 52 a c e g The dog is in a room. He is on his hands and knees. He is under the table. One of them is open. b d f h He is at the door.s on his hands and knees. f Isee two girls. He is at the window. He is between the table and the seat. 56 . Page 53 a I see a clock. b I see a man's face. He is on the seat. He is under the seat.Answers to questions on pages 52-53. e I see two books. d I see 0 baby.s on his feet. One of them is giving a book to the other. One of them . He is on the table. The time is four. The other is shut. c I see a woman's face. h I see a chest of drawers. The other. g I see two babies.

.." d He is saying." h He is saying. c I see a room. He has no hair on his head.Answers to questions on pages 54·55. b He is saying. The other window is shut. Page 54 a He is saying. The door of the room is open. my nose.. One of his eyes is open. 'Thls is my hair. He has his finger on his chin. His mouth is shut. The time is four.his finger is between these fingers." . my mouth. ." Page 55 a I see a boy and a girl.. They are at a window.. The other eye is shut. "These are my ears. d I see a man." g He is saying.. One of the windows is open. my thumb. It has two seots in it... my head.his is ." e He is saying. "These are my eyes. b I see a clock on a table. It hos two windows and a door." c He is saying." f He is saying.his is "This is 57 . A picture is on the wall.his is .

These are other keys.. I 'W~ @ 58 .Who is this? He is John Smith. His name is John Smith. Where is John Smith? He is at the dear of his house.. ---. o . He has his hand In his pocket. ------------------------------------I He is taking a key from his pocket.

rie will put the key in the lock of the door. He is giving a turn to the key. The door is open now. He is giving a push to the door. 59 . He is putting the key in the lock.

He is putting it in his pocket.John took the key from the lock. 60 A . He is going into the house. He will go into his house. He went into the house. This is a room in the house. The door is shut. Is John in the room? No. he is not. He will come into the room. He is in the house.

Who is this? This is Mary Smith. into the room •. 61 . Smith in the room? She is in the house but she is not in the room. Her name is Mary Smith.He is coming Into the room. She is in another room in the house. Is Mrs. He will go to the table. she is not. No. Smith cam. Smith. He went to the table. She is Mrs. Mr.

» And this is another .This is one of the doors of the room._ One window is open.. This is my left thumb.. The other windows are shut. this is one of my hands. This is the other door... It is my right hand. indow.... ~ /' ~ This is my other hand.. . 62 .. These are the other fingers of my left hand... This is one of my fingers. This is one of the windows of the room.. w ..... It is my left hand.

He came into the room.Mrs. Mr. He will go out of the room through this door. She went out of the room. He went out of the room through this door. It is on the table now. Smith is not in the room. 63 . ~ He came through this door. He put his hat on the table. 1She went through this door. Smith is putting his hat on the table. Mr. Smith is in the room.

--<@ I I I I 64 I I . ------------------+-----------------She will see--the hat.Mary is coming into the room. She sees it. She is going to the table.

She saw it......-. When did she see it? She saw it after she went to the table.. . ~-----------------~...- .. ' .. ... 65 ...... What is that? ~ '.. _---...-------------. John's hatf l .' \..----. . .

She went out of the room with John's hat. 66 .She will take the hat in her hand. She is taking it. She has the hat in her hand. ------------------+-----------------She took it in her hand. She is going out of the room.

67 . She came into this room through this door. She will put it on a hook with the other hat. She put it on the hoole. It is on a hook. She has the hat with her • That is another hat.She is in another room now. . The other hat is one of Mary's hats.r~ What are these? They are hooks • J' ! ./ . Now it is with the other hat. -----------------~-----------------She will put John's hat on a hook.

John is coming into the room again. He is there now. -----------------+----------------The hat is not on the table. 68 . Where is my hat? I put it on the table. He is saying.

It isn't "It isn't (is not) here. Mary?" Here is Mary. "Here lam. She is coming into the room.not on my head. where is my hat? Where are you.'Where is my hat? It Is ..----------"Where is it? Mary." ---------." 69 ..------+----...· here. She says.

" 70 . You will see it there. It was on the table. I put it in the other room.-Where is your hat?" "You put it on the table." Altis on a hook there." ------------------+-----------------AItook it.

------------------+-----------------Did he get it? Yes. He has it." He is getting it. -. 71 .John says. will get my hat. He went out of the room.

He came into the room again with the hat in his honds.-£?. ~ 14. ( L~ /~ I. G !J. He got it. 72 ..'.1-"""./J.'.I I When he saw the hat he took it off the hook.' _ ------------------+-----------------He is giving the hat to Mary.

• • 73 . She sees.What is in the hat? Mary will see • What is she taking from the hat? .-----------------+-----~-----------What is that in her hand?' It is money.

74 .-------_ What did she see? She saw the hat. Does she see the money now? Yes. she sees it.~--o • _---------••••• What does she see? One thousand dollars. It was in the hat. J Who got it? John did. Where was the hat? It was on the table. She did not see the money . ••••• _* ••• She put the hat in the other room. The money is in her hand. -. John went there and got it.

there was this money.-~---------------+-----------------I went after my hat.I was In the street. 7S . . I was coming here • The wind came. It took my hat off. When I took it up.

--....-..... money was under the hat. ..~.The.-~----.. I #' " .. l' . 76 I . I t I I I I : UP The hat was over the money. ~... I The hat came down again.. ~ It was over the mone)4Jo The money was undet the haL \ '... ..:. jup .--.. ---.-~~-.. I DOWN: \t ....

She will put them on the table. One of them is open. ---------------~--+-----------------Mary has a knife. 77 . What are those things in the drawer? The drawer has knives. The other two drawers are shut. She is taking things from a drawer. She took them from the drawer. a fork and a spoon in her right hand.What is Mary doing? They are knives. forks and spoons in it. These are drawers. forks and spoons.

•-----------------John is ih his seat.. Mary is in her seat at the table. .• Mary is getting the soup..: Jahn Is taking the seats These are plates of soup-: to the table. --------------_ . They Clre in their seats at the toble.

wind came and put the hat down over the money. Now they are taking their soup.the hat up." Mary said. The money : was there and the I. "I saw it there under the hat. "Nobody put it there." I John is saying to Mary. 00 0 Mary is saying to John. 79 . "Where did the money come from?" John said. ------------------+-----------------John said.~ o. "I took... "But who put it there?" Nobody_no man or woman or boy or girl or baby." ~ c:> <> They have their spoons in their hands.

This pipe is new. e This pipe is old.What will we do with our money? This dress is new. ~ ':::0 80 . This dress is aiel t.

Dtesses and stadd. 4 3aKa3 1633 81 . CLO'rHING STORE r-_fT ~~ 89 ~ . and shoes and gloves are clothing.Mary is getting the new dress. These are stoddngs. The other woman has two dresses in her hands. This Is the store.~- Dresses and hats and shoes are in the window of the store • . They are women's shoes. She is in a store.-----------~-----+-----------------These are shoes. t These are gloves.

She is putting it in her basket.. She took the apple which is in her hand. She will toke the apple from the branch.... She has it in her hand.. ----------This is a tree. @j " 82 . An apple.. of the tree.. branch.. : She put her hand up. The apple was up on the tree. Now it is down in the basket. She will put her hand up. She had it in her hand before she put it in her basket. It is in her hand.. This is a branch --.is on this ~ ~ ~' ~ .. She took the apple. Then she put her basket down._-""---- ------------------+-----------------She put it In her basket. It was on the branch before she put her hand up and took it. After she took the apple she put it in the basket.. ~ It is over the girl's head..

She took it then. It was. • I I I When did she put It In: the basket? When did she have apple in her hand? the She had it in her hand after she took it from the branch and before she put it In the basket. : I I ------------------+----------------_ . on the branch then. 4* 83 .~ '0When did she take It? She took it after &heput her hand up. When was the apple on the branch? When was it over her head? It was on the branch before she took it. She put It in the basket after she took it from the branch.

84 . This is a coat. ------------------+-----------------This is the back of the box.This Is a box. This is a house. This is the front of the coat. This is the front of the box.

of And this Is the back of the coat. And this is his back. ------------------+-----------------These are a man's arms.These are the arms of the coat. These are the sides the coat. 85 . These are his sides.

Who Is this? This is Mrs. "Mary Smith" is her name • What Is that? What II In her hands? It Is a tray. •••• ---_ •••• __ •••• + •••••••••••••••••• She Is putting the tray on the table. She has a tray In her hands. She Is Mary Smith. Smith. • She will put the tray on the table. 86 .

II PP J'J' I .She put the tray on the toble. What is this? It Is a plate.. I What is thiS?/ It is a knife. Here Is the tray._----------------+------. <~ These are three other plates._---------These are glasses. What are these? Th~y are two otheil? knives. It Is on the table now • What are these things on the tray? . : : I I I I What is this? It is another spoon. '/ What are these? They are spoons. <tii£j) • ~» <. as ~ rtrt~ It was In her hands.::c> 87 . L7L7 What are these? They are forks.

She put these things on the table. She Is putting them on the table. She has them In her hands.Mrs. '-' rou e "" -0 88 61~! . ------------------+-----------------Now she Is putting the plates on the table. She put the knives and forks and spoons and plates and glasses on the table. Smith is taking a knife and fork off the tray.

Mary Smith is not in the room. Sh~ is going to the door. The door is open now. 89 .Mary Smith will go from the table to the door. She went out of the room. The door is shut. She was in the room. She went out of the room. It was shut.

. What Is this? <._---------------+------------------ OOi What are these? What Is this? What is this? EB fJJ ~ What are these thingsJ ~ ..... C - 45 What Is this? ~ 90 ~ D~ ... What Is this? ~ What Is this? What Is this? ~ What Is this? & ! CI . :> •• • I •• I I I I I What Is this? ~ What Is this? ~ What are th.What Is this? It Is a blfe. ? _..

These are some other animals. " This Is a plate of soup.. Cows are animals. k c:» ~ 000 this Is a cow. this Is a bottle of milk. These are potatoes. 91 . ~~r ~n')" U She will make the soup from milk and potatoes.. ---_. ~ We get milk from cows.Mary Is making soup. Mary is putting some milk in a cup. It Is cow's milk. The milk Is going Into a~~ . ._------------+------------------ . aPlgQ a sheep 1It the cup.

Here they are in the earth. -r ~ This is its flower.--------------This is a plant.Mary has a potato in her hand. I 92 .-----------------~--. We get potatoes from the roots of a plant. : I : I I I I These are roots of other plants. We get them up with a . She is taking its skin off with a knife.

. I . 93 . This is steam. This is a flame. . The water In the pot Is boiling. She will make the soup in this pot. She put the potatoes In the pot. :----~~~~~ . . . This is the pot. . Mary is making the 6-{3 This is the cover of the pot. soup. : .. The flame is under the pot. . The pot is over the flame. . ------------------+-----------------.

Ice is solid. This is water. It is giving off steam. cold. Water is a liquid. The room is warm. It I. Is 0 94 . 80 Ice cold. Ice is not warm. The heat of the flame Is making it give off steam. It Is a tray of Ice. Ttils is ice. The heat of the flame Is making the room warm. The things in the room are warm. This water is boiling.. ------------------+-----------------This is a tray.

This Is a plane. h It going through the air. war ... -out 95 ... That Is a The air comes In. Then In out one breath out two breaths Put 1OU' 'hand breath. It Is In theolr.. yourbreath "warm. The air Is comlng~ out..this Ita bird. When It comes Outlt . It goes out.. It Is on a trN. In . h It warm. ·-----------------t-----------------We take In air through our mouths and through our ftOIeI.

I. It goes up.~ 100° . cold.----This is the fridge It has ice in it. It goes up to the flame.. "'. ttl" 212.'0 j. -----------------. She keeps It In the air.'. '. The air under the flame is not very warm. The air (¥Vef the ftame is very warm. This is milk. The air in the fridge IS cold. This is the fridge Mary keeps the milk in the fridge cold . The cold air keeps the milk cold. The air in the fridge is + •I • I _ .very warm. . It is boiling. 96 These are eggs.

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