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Patriotic Front 2011 - 16 Manifesto

Patriotic Front 2011 - 16 Manifesto

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Published by Chola Mukanga

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Published by: Chola Mukanga on Apr 04, 2011
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The PF recognizes that all Zambian children have a right to a free, compulsory,
quality educaton, regardless of the wealth of their family or their place of
residence. The PF recognizes the paramount responsibility of Government to
provide this educaton, in collaboraton with parents and communites as may be

The expenditure on educaton under the MMD government, as a percentage
of GDP, has been very low resultng into the country having a poor quality
educaton system. The total government contributon to the educaton budget
is only a paltry 18% thereby making Zambia contnuously and heavily dependent
on contributons from cooperatng partners.

This has in turn led to inadequate access to educaton opportunites at all
levels; dilapidated and insufcient buildings; outdated curricula; a high teacher-
learner rato; lack of early childhood educaton facilites and the mushrooming
of community schools; failure to deploy sufcient numbers of trained staf at all
levels of the educaton system; de-motvaton of the staf that there are; and a
signifcant brain drain.

The PF will honour Zambia’s internatonal commitments to educaton funding
towards our vision expressed in the Dakar commitments to Educaton for All.

(a) Early Childhood Educaton

Under the MMD government early childhood educaton has been
completely ignored despite overwhelming research evidence that it
is a critcal requirement for the later social and intellectual growth of
the child. With regret it has been a preserve of a few well-to-do urban

In order to increase access to and improve the quality of early childhood
educaton, the PF government shall:

streamline the operatons of the early childhood educaton

provide and facilitate early childhood educaton centres and
teachers in all local government wards in Zambia;

Provide teacher training at diploma and degree levels in early
childhood educaton to promote professionalism in the sector.

Patrotc Front

Patrotc Front 2011 - 2016 Manifesto


Patrotc Front

Core Programmes


(b) Primary and Secondary Educaton

Under the MMD government primary and secondary school educaton
has been characterized by an enrolment level of only 79% at basic
educaton level and 14 % at high school level. In the last ten years, the
proporton of Zambians who fnish at least a complete primary school
educaton has fallen. In the worst served districts, only half of primary
school aged children actually atend school. Only about 77% of children
who are enrolled at grade 1 reach grade 5. This is partcularly so in rural
areas, where the bulk of the children who drop out are girls. The low
progression rate for girls is compounded by limited places at the post
grade 7 levels. In this regard, only 48% of children proceed to grade eight.
Similarly, the progression rate to grade 9 is a paltry 25%. The later has
also increased negatve educatonal practces, especially failure to provide
adequate learning materials. In consequence, the standards of educaton
have been severely compromised.

In order to raise the educatonal standards the PF government shall:

Re-introduce free and compulsory educaton for all (that is from
grade one to grade twelve), taking care to control the “unofcial”
fee collectons that have proliferated under the MMD’s version of
free educaton;

Provide adequate budgetary allocaton on educaton to make
free educaton a reality and further to cater for an appropriate
expansion and up-grading of infrastructure and teaching

Upgrade all primary schools providing grades 1 to 4 to full primary
schools (i.e., grade 1 to grade 7);

Upgrade community schools to fully fedged primary and
secondary schools;

Review the language of instructon policy so as to promote the
teaching of local languages at primary level;

Phase out basic educaton and re-introduce a conventonal early
childhood, primary, secondary and tertary educaton system;

Open two paths for grade eight pupils based on their grade seven
performance to follow up to grade twelve. One will be for learners
who will follow an academic path and the other for learners who
will follow a technical path.

Re-orient the curriculum for primary and secondary schools to put
emphasis on life skills subjects to enable learners cope with the
demands of self-employment and the labour market;

2011 - 2016 Manifesto

Patrotc Front 2011 - 2016 Manifesto


2011 - 2016 Manifesto

Core Programmes


Upgrade non-degree or diploma holders through sponsored in-
service training (reintroduce the apprentceship system);

Promote inclusive educaton by integratng children with mild
to moderate learning disabilites in the mainstream schools and
ofer special educaton to those who cannot be integrated;

Rehabilitate existng houses and construct decent insttutonal
houses for teachers in rural schools;

Encourage churches/missions to establish more learning

Enhance the monitoring of educaton standards in both public
and private schools through a professional inspectorate;

Ensure that the emoluments of teachers are atractve and
regionally compettve in order to retain our teachers and stem
the brain drain;

Increase rural hardship allowance, double class allowance, extra
duty allowance and other incentves for teachers and ensure
tmely payment of the said allowances on a monthly basis;

Provide government guaranteed mortgages or loans to enable
teachers build or buy houses in areas of their choice;

Review the Educaton Act of 1966 in order to harmonize it with
the current demands in the educaton sector.

(c) Tertary Educaton

Under the MMD government the state of higher educaton, research,
science and technology has deteriorated tremendously. For example the
ranking of the University of Zambia against other African universites is at
67 from being in the top 10. The existng tertary educaton infrastructure
and services, as well as funding are grossly inadequate.

To address these problems, the PF government shall:

Increase and streamline budgetary allocaton on tertary
educaton so as to increase the human resource development,
improve and expand infrastructure;

Increase the number of public universites by convertng the
existng colleges of educaton into public universites;

Rehabilitate existng trades training insttutes/centres and
construct new ones in all Provinces in partnership with the private
sector, NGOs and the Church;

Promote development of linkages between tertary educaton
insttutons and industry;

Patrotc Front

Patrotc Front 2011 - 2016 Manifesto


Patrotc Front


Provide regionally compettve conditons of service for professional and
technical staf working in tertary educaton insttutons;

Provide a bursary scheme for tertary educaton for all pupils who qualify
to public insttutons of higher learning;

Ensure that benefciaries of bursaries either repay or “work of” the
beneft they have received, so that the bursary fund is essentally a
revolving fund;

Create an independent regulatory body to register and enforce educaton
standards in public and private universites;

Promote democracy and accountability in public universites by making
positons of Vice-chancellor and Deputy Vice-chancellor electve by an

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