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The focus on the marketing strategies followed by both the franchisers and the franchisees respectively.SYNOPSIS The sector that has been considered for study is education sector. Maintaining the standards is very important. The project will identify through direct interaction and research how they sustain and maintain quality standards to keep their brand competitive and to be leaders in their areas. But it is also important to have strong business model and rigid procedures. The brand s adaptation of business model which completely reflects their intent to grow through franchising. Aptech. The analysis part of the project will constitute the major development in the area of franchising over the years in education sector. Monitoring the franchisee holders is also essential. The franchising process that NIIT follows for allocating the business to the entrepreneurs. . To identify the marketing strategies adopted by franchisers nationally and internationally. The institutes operating in India like NIIT. Aptech who provide IT expertise to the students. This will be done through regular interaction with the entrepreneurs who are the successful franchisee holders. Building the strong brand image through franchising has become very common these days. Building brand equity through successful franchising is a big challenge for brands like NIIT. To make recommendations and to discover future prospects based on research work done. OBJECTIVES :To analyze how the franchising business has been the successful tool to build a brand equity for a business. To research the customers perception in educational institutes like NIIT.

It will help us to ascertain the position of the brand in relation to its competitors. so franchising is an easy option and the fastest method for expansion.RESEARCH The research will be conducted on the basis of the primary data collected. the latter is more favourable as opening outlets will further add to your business success. Franchisees are better informed of tastes and preferences of the city dwellers than the franchisor. Having a number of franchised stores across the country gives instant recognition to the brand. LITERATURE REVIEW How can a brand gain national and international accolades? Building the brand via franchising could provide a major boost to the business. Starting company owned outlets has many hassles. Taking the franchising route is the best way for brand building. Opening outlets across the country. so they can further add to the brand promotion by giving it a regional touch. in the following ways: y y y y There is a rapid increase in the number of stores through franchising as the investments have to be made by the franchisees not the franchisor. Making your brand famous can be as difficult as starting a business from the scratch. Obviously. . This will help us to reach to conclusion by preparing perceptual map of the franchise. with outstanding services and great ambience. The student perception about the Institute they are enrolled with and the ratings they provide on different parameters or attributes. The future prospects will be identified particularly in the education sector for developing strong brand equity through franchising. The questionnaire survey will be conducted in branches all over Delhi and NCR region. The brand gets more popular if the outlets are opened at many places. So what can make it simpler? There are two ways of doing it:Marketing and advertising the brand extensively and. At last recommendations will be made on the basis of the research and the analysis conducted through various tools and techniques.

the services pattern and the quality of products. The brand becomes successful when customers develop instant recognition to it. there are also some considerations which the franchisor may have to keep in mind while his brand is being promoted through the franchise route. The company therefore. No matter how good the concept may be. So. as more franchisees you have. a company and its management team put in the foremost endeavour to build up its credibility among st its prospective franchisees. Franchisees should be encouraged to buy the logistics and essentials fro m the same vendor. should at apex level draw a blueprint of its PR programme.The major benefit of franchising is that the franchisor does not have to overlook his own l outlet when he expands his business. PR is a low -cost alternative to other forms of promotion. it is significant to win over the trust of multitudes of aspiring franchisees to let one take off. more credibility you gain. Need for identical stores: Building a brand takes years of hard work. So try to add to the tally of your franchisees. the franchisee outlets should be identically laid down across the spectrum. There are franchisees to take care of their outlets and the franchisor only needs to guide them to gain success and further add to his brand. to develop brand recognition. So.. The route to successful marketing is PR. Develop Public Relations: The marketing of the brand cannot solely be relied upon franchisees. the advertising media should be discreetly used. for prospective franchisors the path is all clear to move forward on franchising to make your brand gain national and international recognition. And once that has been accomplished. And for this. The brand has to constantly strive to retain its reputation among its customers. After franchising the brand name and carving a niche things do not get over. However. Care should be taken that the franchisees do not change the interiors. the franchisor needs to watch and oversee the working of his franchisees and franchised stores and maintain quality of his brand. . People should believe in the product and services of the brand outlet. and advertisement comes secondary to PR. there is no looking back for the franchisor. The patrons should not find any variation in the interior or façade of the outlet. Building brand credibility In order to sell franchises. If the customers are satisfied with the brand. and is particularly useful to small franchisor with a limited budget.

One gets all important support from a franchisor to attain success. why do people buy franchises is a big question.So. accidents and difficulties with the employees.franchiseindia. This is a huge benefit when considering a franchise.com/articles/Franchisor/Before-you-franchise/Why-franchising59/ http://www. Mega-brands like McDonald s and Dunkin Donuts have literally spent millions on their brandings and logos and the franchisee enjoys the full advantage.franchiseindia. In fact. Corporate brand identities are proven. they are counting on you to be there. The advantages of opening the franchises are enormous. Corporate image: The corporate image and brand awareness of the company is already established. Reputation: Next to advertising and branding. Branding: The first thing that benefits the franchisee is a strategic identity that is not only effective. Everyone knows what to expect when they stop at your franchise because the majority of them are aware of your brand even if it s the first time in your store. One cannot survive without advertising and effective advertising is expensive. The reputation of the franchise is an important aspect. So in short we can say that a franchise business is a key to success for establishing any new business as an individual. Franchisors offer national advertising campaigns that are included in your franchise fee. Training: The franchisor usually provides extensive training and support to the franchise owner. Advertising: Advertising is one of the biggest expense for any new business. In short the franchisor works as a support system to establish ones business and helps the franchisee to attain success. as it is what breeds positive expectations that keep customers loyal.com/article-tags/Branding/ . Consumers are always more comfortable purchasing items from a familiar name or the company they trust. Even if an individual has a business at a prime location. SOURCE :http://www. a franchisee enjoys the protected reputation of the franchisor. Saving time: Since the franchise company already has the business model in place you can focus on running a successful business. like an old friend. Name recognition: These days everyone needs assurance like never before and name/menu/brand recognition gives them that assurance. but has a cumulative market impact too. Why not open our own separate store. A franchisee is always protected as the franchisor takes care of the inevitable issues like lawsuits. but if the customers are unfamiliar with what you have to offer then they won t come in.

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