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Contents Introduction JIT Cause ±Effect Chain Total quality Control Kanban JIT Purchasing TOYOTA Production System Transfer of Japanese methods Implications for the Manager .

Nebraska plant of Kawasaki Motor by Schonberger 1982 . lower costs and very low in-process inventories. b. Market strategy is production system. Employment of JIT method Examples :.Introduction Focused attention on high quality. In 1970 Matsushita bought Motorola TV Assembly Plant in Franklin. Arkansans. c. In 1977 Sanyo brought the Warwick TV plant in Forest City. competitively priced products. remarkable quality levels. Illinois.a.

Table ± Summary Results of JIT Application In Japan .

JIT Cause.  Motivational Effects and Feedback  Small Group Activities  Withdrawal of Buffer Inventory  Productivity Improvement  Market Effects .Effect Chain  Reduction of Lot Sizes.Objective is to reduce set up costs to the point that EOQ= 1 unit.


Two types card: a.ordering kanban .Total Quality Control Responsibility for quality Quality Circles KANBAN Designed to produce only the number of units needed by the a ³ pull´ or demand feeding process. production. withdrawal kanban b.


JIT Purchasing Long Term Stable Relationship Simple Purchase Agreements Small But Frequent Deliveries .

There are two key concepts on which the system rests: just-intime and autonomation Just-in-time:.Production Methods Autonomation .The TOYOTA Production System The roots of the presence Japanese manufacturing systems were developed at Toyota.


S. ‡ Many American companies have installed JIT concepts and techniques.A or whether the concepts are culturally dependent.Transfer of Japanese Methods ‡ Schonberger¶s model whether or not concepts can be transferred to the U. . ‡ An authoritarian manager would not fit into the Japanese system.

resulting in smaller lot sizes and model runs. Promote discipline and commitment to the policy directive . Increase the frequency of vendor deliveries.Implications for the Manager Standardize parts and components. Reduce set-up and changeover times. Reduce warehouse space needs. Develop a mixed model assembly line for low-volume models.

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