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history essay

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Published by: Leena Limbu on Apr 04, 2011
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What was the Schlieffen Plan (1905) and why did it fail in 1914?
The Schlieffen Plan was a plan of attacking each enemy at a time and taking the French by surprise, first drawn by a general called Alfred von Schlieffen. This plan was necessary because Germany was encircled by its enemies (as shown in source A) and they feared that if they were in war with France or Russia that either would attack from both the sides at the same time.



The Schlieffen Plan said that Paris was to be attacked first through the neutral country of Belgium and that France should be defeated in six weeks. The Germans thought that going through Belgium would give them advantage of a surprise attack on the French; moreover they thought that the French were a push over and that they would easily surrender. So Germany sent the majority of their soldiers to attack France leaving the russian front very scarcely protected. They simply assumed that Russia would take long to mobilise its army giving them time to defeat the French first. They thought that the real challenge was Russia and so they thought that after defeating the French they could transport the troops towards Russia for a second attack. This in theory was a great plan but Germany had most importantly forgotten that the enemies could actually fight back. This was perhaps their

Though the Germans did not expect Britain to get involved they thought that even if they did they would defeat . It was also because France used trains and taxis to transport its army to the battlefields that they were able to respond to the attack very quickly. The Russian army mobilised very efficiently aside from the fact that Germans thought that the Russian army would take longer. All transports available were immediately put into action to help the country. The Schlieffen Plan was drawn in 1905 so they had not yet known of the alliance system in Europe which was only made later on. This was a dent in the german plan because there was very little protection from a russian attack. This also contributed greatly to the failure of the plan. The battle held the Germans back of schedule for three days even though it was a matter of one to ten. The soldiers would have been way to tired to fight. Because of this they had never expected Britain to get involved. Another reason to why the Schlieffen Plan failed is because the Germans did not think the plan through rationally because even if Belgium hadn t held them back it would have been very difficult to walk all the way from Germany to France and fight. They knew that there was a treaty between Britain and Belgium known as the Treaty of London made way back in 1839 saying that Britain would protect or help her if Belgium was in need.greatest mistake because they were not ready for defeat and so they did not have a backup plan. The Germans thought that Britain would never go to war just for a piece of paper. Belgium in 1914 was a neutral country but it was ready to defend itself. When the German army went through Belgium they were surprised to find that Belgium tried to stop them. There are many reasons to why the Schlieffen Plan failed and many were due to the ignorance of Germans. but they were very wrong.

New weapons such as Big Bertha and new battleships like the HMS Dreadnoughts . There is no proof of any existing back up plans or any attempts to fix the already mangled Schliefen Plan. The Germans greatly underestimated the British army because though it was little it was professional and all were trained and highly equipped. Lastly. . This i think is also a reason to why the plan failed. The Schlieffen Plan also failed because new weapons were not taken into account when the plan was drawn. -the end:D Join now it s YOUR duty! Fight for justice! You can make a difference. These new weapons caused more destruction than anyone had ever even imagined.them very quickly because the British Expedition Force (BEF) was very small. Each side tried to make/build a better and more destructive weapon each time. These new weapons affected the outcome of the Schliefen Plan because they never expected such destruction. i think that the ignorance of the germans also lead inevitebly to the faliure of the plan to a certain extent.

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