I Am a Liberal Conservative - Someone Who Wishes to Progress to an Equal Distribution of Resources

Conserve What Nature Liberates
by ~gonzodave April 2, 2011

Ideology is a confounding and perplexing maze that often misleads the politically inattentive as well as the educated attentive American. Politics cannot be separated from economics. How we use the liberating power of natural resources is the measure of our conservative ideas. This is fundamental ideology that transfers to how a population is managed. The

economics of politics and the politics of economics is inherent in how natural resources are privatized (private rights). The artificial rights of privatization to socially owned (public domain) resources is the crux of social injustice. Capitalism cannot and is not motivated to conserve natural resources. It operates from within a short-term quarterly profit demand and

legal obligation. Eventual scarcity by means of overproduction through manufactured desires for over consumption is the primary engine of capitalism that creates only a resource depleted world with a capital enriched minority. In short, a violently raped and depleted earth ruled by the power of money in the hands of the very few. This is a regressive, pagan, cargo-cult not economic democracy. Whereas, a liberating, democratic economy of socialism which conserves natural resources and promotes renewable resources for the liberation and equal distribution to a majority is truly progressive. Do you propose that elephants be killed in exchange for ivory trinkets? Do you propose that capitalism, and especially todays draconian, world-wide IMF and World Bank neoliberal policy is a wage slavery more justifiable than colonial slavery or medieval serfdom? Do you

propose that education be conserved because capitalism cannot possibly satisfy the expectations of a liberal education for all? If you are a neoconservative capitalist your ideology demands that you answer yes to these questions. The anti-social neoliberal green of money is derived from the harvest of violently raping the earth's resources. This is a false value of antiquated faith in the individual--a Randian greed principle. The true value of conserving a green earth is derived from husbanding and then harvesting what first, the public owned earth, and then man with his non-destructive intelligence can liberate for social good. Cartoon: http://www.truthdig.com/cartoon/item/elephant_ in_the_room_20110403/?ln

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